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This video clip was published on Jan 26, 2014 on YouTube with the title "Harare night club"



Anonymous user 15 October 2018
That's Definitely not Zimbabwe, Harare. If this comment box will allow me to attach link I'll show that's a private party at a club in Brixton; London UK. Indava muchishaya nyaya pano
Anonymous user 08 June 2018
Misleading, that’s not Harare, neither these people are Zimbabweans. Stop publishing fake news.
Anonymous user 09 March 2018
Zimbabweans doing what they do best, copying, us what's happening, that there is passa passa dance from Kingston Jamaica. I am still yet to see anything Zimbabwean being copied by other nations and yet it's amazing how we have become cultureless by diluting our own culture with scum from other nations..