Zimbabwe's first agricultural investment platform launches

Zimbabwe's first agricultural investment platform launches
Published: 06 June 2018 (2925 Views)
UK based Mitah Group Ltd owned by Zimbabwean born entrepreneur Mr Michael Matope launches www.Farmvest.biz .
Farmvest.biz - is Zimbabwe's first Agricultural investment Platform, it aims revolutionize the local agriculture sector by connecting small-scale and communal farmers with Zimbabweans & Foreigners (Local and Diaspora) who looking to invest in Agriculture.

Farmvest.biz realizes that the demand for agriculture and agricultural products will continue to grow in response to an ever-growing population, and this presents a massive opportunity for growth for Farmvest.biz in Zimbabwe and eventually other countries in the regions, according to the UN Food Production must Increase by over 60% in the next 12 years to meet with growing population demands, and this presents a wonderful opportunity for Africa to benefit as it has 60% of the worlds arable land.  The UN also points out that the Agricultural Industry Currently a $400 billion Industry will grow to a $1 Trillion Industry by 2030, so there is a need for African Farmers to take advantage this opportunity by improving farming methods, mechanizing and getting access to Capital

Farmvest.biz has open for registration and currently has a few projects on the site but will be Launching the Full website with Dashboard and Mobile Apps on the 31st July 2018. The App and website will allow investors to manage all their investors online, and allow them to invest in other projects. Farmvest.biz aim is to  give investors both local and in diaspora the opportunity to invest in Agricultural Projects mainly buy communal and Small scale farmers. Farmvest.biz will connect small scale farmers with investors, who invest in cycles which can be anything from [3-5 months] for poultry projects  to [7 months - 12 months] for vegetables and grain projects

The investment on Farmvest will not be given to the farmer as a loan, instead we view our relationships with the farmers as a partnership instead we will use the funds to assist in tilling the land, buying seeds and fertilizers. This ensures the funds are used for the intended purpose. We will also provide the farmers with an Experienced Agronomist and provide ongoing training from specialized agriculture experts in better farming practices for different type of crops and production methods to ensure they maximize on yields and profits. Farm investors will get ROI between 15% -25% depending on Project

Farmvest.biz aims to build a community model that allows Zimbabweans/Foreigners (Local and abroad) to venture into farming and agriculture at the touch of a button, while empowering local farmers, and boosting production and security of food for Zimbabwe. The start-up is not only positively impacting the lives of local farmers and their families but making a profit for farm sponsors and investors and contributing to increasing the food security in Zimbabwe and the the region.

The goal is to provide financing/capital to over 2,000 small-scale farmers by the end of 2019. and bring technology to Zimbabwe's predominately Agribased economy which generates over 13% of GDP Yet employs over 60% of working Population.  Investors will be able to invest and monitor their investments through the soon to be launched website and mobile app which will be available on the Google Playstore, and Apple Appstore,

Invest from as little as $250 and receive between 15% - 25% per farming cycle. Don't wait join the revolution for more information visit www.farmvest.biz

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