Safety and technology at heart of all-new Jaguar XF

Safety and technology at heart of all-new Jaguar XF
Published: 03 February 2016 (3723 Views)

•    Latest Jaguar technologies enhance safety and convenience in all-new XF
•    XF gains Jaguar InControl Touch infotainment system
•    Automated driving technologies help keep drivers' eyes on the road

Pretoria, 3 February 2016 - The all-new Jaguar XF boasts a bevy of technological advancements that offer drivers convenience, as well as peace of mind. From touchscreen interfaces and wireless music streaming to the world-class safety systems that earned it a 5-star rating in Euro NCAP crash tests, the all-new XF is substantially more advanced than its predecessor.

Retaining innovations seen in the original XF, including touch-sensitive ceiling lights and motorised air vents, the new model has even more advanced features.

"The XF wowed consumers when it came to market in 2008, with small details in the interior that truly made it feel alive," says Lisa Mallett, Marketing and Communications Director of Jaguar Land Rover South Africa and sub-Sahara Africa. "With the all-new XF, Jaguar's engineers have incorporated even more technology, with a focus on safety and convenience technologies that enhance the ownership experience. Simply put, it is the most advanced Jaguar sports sedan to date."

Front and centre of this technological charge is Jaguar's InControl Touch infotainment system. Within arm's reach of the driver is an eight-inch touchscreen display offering easy and immediate access to entertainment and hands-free telephonic features. Incontrol Touch supports browsing and playback of music on smartphones connected via Bluetooth or USB. Drivers can also make use of JaguarVoice to issue voice commands to control the system, including entering addresses for the optional satellite navigation (standard on XF Portfolio and XF S models).

Jaguar's new head-up display system makes its debut in the XF. Based on the latest laser-based systems, the display projects current vehicle information onto the windscreen, in the driver's line of sight. This unobtrusive display enhances safety by letting drivers see their current speed and cruise control status without taking their eyes off the road.

More forward-looking safety technology comes in the form of the LED headlight system. All XF models are fitted with bi-xenon headlamps, accented by a signature J-blade LED graphic. The optional LED headlights further improve nighttime visibility with illumination that closely resembles daylight.

The all-new XF is also fitted with proactive safety features such as Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) and Driver Condition Monitoring (DCM). LKA stops the vehicle from veering out of its current lane - possibly due to driver fatigue. Additionally, DCM will sound a warning to let drivers know when they sneed a rest stop.

Also fitted to the Jaguar XF is an array of cameras and sensors that track the surroundings. Parking assistance is fitted as standard to all XF models, and the optional 360-degree parking system uses cameras to generate a composite view of the vehicle's surroundings. This top-down view lets drivers easily squeeze into tricky parking spaces.

Lane Change Merge Aid with Reverse Traffic Detection monitors the driver's blindspot while on the move, allowing for safe merging manoeuvres. The system also offers Closing Vehicle Sensing, monitoring vehicles approaching from the rear, as well as Cross Traffic Detection, which serves as an extra set of eyes when reversing out of parking spaces.

Finally, a full complement of airbags - six in total - protects occupants in the event of a collision. Every XF is also fitted with Pedestrian Contact Sensing, a system that uses airbags to lift the vehicle's bonnet and reduce the risk of severe injury for pedestrians. Euro NCAP recently also awarded it as the first vehicle in its class to comply with the organisation's latest crash standards.

"We want drivers to have a stress-free experience in the new XF, whether it's cruising on the highway or negotiating city traffic," says Mallett. "Having recently earned a Euro NCAP 5-star rating, the all-new XF is one of the safest vehicles in its class – an achievement made possible through Jaguar's innovative use of technologies."

- Safety and technology at heart of all-new Jaguar XF

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