Madinda appointment greeted with optimism

Madinda appointment greeted with optimism
Published: 14 January 2018 (510 Views)
BULAWAYO giants, Highlanders, on Thursday appointed their son Madinda Ndlovu as the substantive head coach on a three year contract.

The former dribbling winger will be assisted by Mandla Mpofu while Tembo Chuma is set to take charge of the goalkeepers even though he is yet to be officially named as the goalkeepers' coach by the club with sources yesterday saying despite some outside forces trying to influence the process, Chuma was just waiting to have his contract with How Mine run out this month before taking up his new role at Tshilamoya.

It is however the appointment of Ndlovu, a larger than life figure in the Highlanders circles that has excited the many Bosso faithfuls as they believe the move might herald a new era of good and exciting football.

Comfort Gold Tshuma Snr said:  "It is one of the best decisions in recent times. I have watched with amazement at some of the past appointments and I was therefore not surprised by their failure to deliver what we Bossolonians want.  As fans we need to redevelop that culture of supporting and singing throughout the game as opposed to just cheer the team when it scores.

This, I believe will propel the team to victory."

Mlondolozi Ndlovu said: "This marks the dawn of a new era. Madinda is our son who set the foundation for Rahman's (Gumbo) 99/2000-2 championship winning team and did the same with Methembe's (Ndlovu) winning team in 2006. With his known stance on junior policy, Bosso will be a force to reckon with. He is what we need!"

Bekithemba Bossomania Ntshangase,Silobela said: "UMadinda is no doubt the best for the job because he is the one who once laid the foundation on the Bosso teams that won the championship under Rahman Gumbo and Methembe Ndlovu. He is the only coach who can identify raw talent and develop it like waht he did to Gift Lunga Thebe,Thulani Ncube,Obadiah Tarumbwa. He is the only man trusted by most of the Bosso family members".

Bridget Ndlovu said: " Kabalahlekanga ngumuntu wekhaya".

Noduma Nyathi said: "The last players to shine at Highlanders FC were recruited by Madinda Ndlovu. We have wasted so much money buying and got nothing in return. Madinda will give our boys from the traditional Bosso recruitment zone, a chance and am sure it won't take 10 years to shine and win a championship.  Its time to go back to basics and I applaud Bosso leaders for that, abafana who will come and play now will respect that black and white jersey. That am sure of".

Rodrick Sibanda Mahwaya said: "The appointment of Madinda is the most sensible thing to happen to the technical team, over the period of 10 years. Over the same period, Highlanders has failed to export any player to Europe, or beyond Africa. The last batch of players to leave the Club straight to Europe, were the class of Honour Gombami. Now, it goes without saying that Highlanders has not only failed to win the League for a decade, but also dismally failed to churn out the quality of players that can be among the best in Africa and beyond. The appointment of Khathazile brings a glimpse of hope, considering that his imminent appointment saw the promotion of eight  junior products to the first team. It is really impressive, and with Madinda's known habit of identifying raw talent, we are hopeful that the promoted boys will hold their own and bring back the smile to the downtrodden souls of the Bosso faithfuls. We just need to rally behind Madinda and his project, and the results shall come.

For the last decade, all the coaches who came (after Mayor), failed to identify , nurture or recruit a competitive defensive link man. This has been a troublesome position at Highlanders, which I hope Madinda will sort out once and for all, going forward. So yeah, the appointment of Khathazile brought  a sigh of relief, gives hope, and a lot is expected from him and his team."

Nokuthaba Precious Nkala said:  "It's a very good one,100 percent behind him."

Knoxman Mosese Nkomore said: The appointment of Madinda was a good move. Lets hope the management  will support him to rebuild our team. But let the politicians run their politics and leave Bosso alone . I understand kulomuntu osefuna ukupheka imboza yona imbiza ibi phehlwe kuhle nje.

Innocent Bra Nox Mikazhu said: "UMadinda uyazi ukubona italent mbona sisiyakhatshana ngaye especially thina abalandeli singamupha ithuba ngoba kuBosso 90 kulensimbi okokuthi bengahlanganiswa laboYola kuyaphuma esikufunayo.umlando usukithi abalandeli ukuthi sibelepatience ngoba uyaka singakhangeleli okukhulu kangako lonyaka.Usengasitholela abanye oPeter Ndlovu kuboMatopo filabusi ngoba ukholwa ngetalent njalo lange young blood o wch yikho ebesikushota eqenjini."

Lungani Ndhlovu said : "Good appointment I support him for giving the juniors the opportunity to shine with the first team . This year alone Madinda will break record for filling up iBF."

Shaddy Dalolo Kutsanzira said: "Its a good appointment considering that he is a Bosso son. He knows the culture and expectations of the Bosso faithfuls.  Madinda knows how to identify talent. When he took charge of Bosso in 2009 he came in with the likes of former captains Mapuranga (Innocent), Rahman Kutsanzira, Bruce Kangwa etc These players went on to shine under other coaches.He should be given time to build a strong team made of juniors and few seniors. The executive must give him more time and financial support. Madinda will surely bring smiles to us. What I also like about him is that he is a disciplinarian."

Nkululeko Ndlovu said: "Great move indeed but definitely what will make him successful in this assignment is the quality of players at his disposal. He is capable of doing well if all things are normal. He needs all the support from fans, administration and technical."

Maxwell Sa Amanda Sibanda said: "Mina ngiyazi sesizaba labanye o Oba abeminyaka ezayo. UMadinda uyazi indlela yokuhlenga iHighlanders."

Madinda's appointment is a great decision by Bosso's executive. Its very consistent with our much awaited Bosso revival policy. Madinda is a good scout and a good game planner. At this point we as supporters need to rally behind his project. We should avoid pressure on the young lads he will throw into the fray. Lets be proud of our products even if at one time we might need to fight relegation. Good technical team indeed we hope they will take us to another level and give us quality game that empresses us as Bosso family.

Madinda's appointment is good but the executive and fans have to have one thing in mind if we going for juniors don't expect much this year, the style of play should be entertaining to attract fans to Emagumeni. Rebuilding is a process not a miracle, let's give the team the support they need.

Good move by Bosso, I think they appointed him at the right time  considering  that we have so much young talent in our team at the moment which he is good at working with.

I think uMadinda can take us to the promised land on condition that we give him time. The problem is with us supporters we put too much unnecessary pressure on coaches. You  can't expect someone to  win the league in his first year. This year his target should  be top 8 ,next tear top 4 then third year he must win the championship,: said Ngamla.

As a Bosso fan I'm really overjoyed by the appointments made. Khathazile is well known for believing in young talent which we have been crying about for a long time whilst Lulu (Mandla Mpofu) I regard him as one of the promising shrewd tacticians. Well, we may not land the coveted league trophy but I strongly believe we are going to see the Bosso legacy restored. For me so far so good and if Tembo Chuma is added we will certainly have a promising season", said Kenny Mhlophe.

Winning the championship will be an icing on the cake. #asilwi siyasebenza.kayibuye-0773694048.

"Madinda's good but the problem is with us supporters, we don't have patience. He needs time to groom juniors to the first team but thina our problem is we want instant result which is wrong. I wish we can understand this as supporters and give him enough support. I know he will  bring in that Bosso type of play which then will bring more to the stadia and glory days beckon, ngyakutshela so", said NguNdlovu eMpilo.

Abednico Ndebele said: " I have always identified Shakey as the man to lead Bosso. What the executive members and supporters need to do is to be patient with him as Rome was not built in one day. Wakulindiswe has laid foundations for championship winning Bosso teams. Let's give him time. He should not be influenced by "qualified," unqualified and assistant coaches' whistles from Soweto. Madinda should be his own man."

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