Akbay not happy with Bosso fans

Akbay not happy with Bosso fans
Published: 03 October 2017 (751 Views)
EROL Akbay was not a very happy man last Sunday despite destroying title chasing Chicken Inn in a thriller at Barbourfields.

It was a match made in heaven and fans who chose to stay at home missed a lot as, for the first time, Dynamos fans were supporting their rivals Bosso from the Mpilo end of Barbourfields Stadium.

They could also be heard singing Highlanders songs and saluting the veteran Ralph Matema who used his experience over Chicken Inn.

Even Rahman Gumbo was left speechless and just after congratulating Akbay he left for the dressing rooms and had no time for the press.

"I am hurt because fans missed total football and that was very bad. They must have come and filled the stadium and enjoyed the football that I coach. They must always fill Barbourfields and support their team.

"I once said I was working very hard with my strikers and others felt I was kidding and even chose to blast me. My job is to coach football and I will never let Bosso down.

"Some even felt that we were going to be relegated but they must forget and smile. People have the right to say what they want about me and my team because that is their opinion.

"I know my goals and had it not been for the few problems and the bad patch the team suffered we could have been somewhere but however I will continue working hard.

"It was not easy to play Chicken Inn and score four goals. We were too good for them and it was a bad day in office for the Chicken Inn players.

"We had a big problem in scoring in about eight if not nine games but I feel we are back and it's now our time to showcase what we are made of," said Akbay.

Ralph Matema scored a goal and was the architect to one of the two goals scored by Simon Munawa. Godfrey Makuruse was the first to draw blood for the visitors.

Matema was also on cloud nine.

"All the players were on point. Everyone wanted to win and we had prepared well for Chicken Inn. The coach and his technical team have been pushing us to play.

"The display by Chicken Inn though is not the character of champions. They never come to the party because we were just too good and as Bosso we were prepared to fight.

"I am grateful to the fans who cheered us all the way and I feel the good times are rolling back and now I can even go to the beer hall and have my beer without any problems because I am no longer shy to be mocked," said the veteran player.

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