Mutsvangwa President in waiting?

Mutsvangwa President in waiting?
Published: 17 October 2018 (429 Views)
On a solitary Wednesday, while the nation is gripped by a cauldron of economic misgivings from political saboteurs and regime change fanatics; the nation woke up to a hair raising and jaw lowering article professing that ZANU PF and War Veterans senior official Chris Mutsvangwa had endeavoured in tilting the ground for himself in a bid to take the reigns of the coveted presidential post. The rumour mill is gaining momentum and many are now looking at Chris Mutsvangwa as a President in waiting.

We need to ask this all important question: is Chris Mutsvangwa a President in waiting?

To many who are oblivious and naive of the true character of Chris,  it came as a bolt out of the blue, but for a long time the traits of this self attested " political demagogue" have clearly defined him as a charlatan, opportunist and power hungry opportunist who will devour anyone who stands between him and his filthy aspirations.

Contrary to how he wishes to portray himself as a Bantu Robbin hood and champion of the will of people, Mutsvangwa is a despot, selfish and opportunistic leader who loves to ride the tide of events for his self gain.Events of the November revolution may have made him wrongfully believe he was a household darling with a vast support base, but the truth of the matter is that Mutsvangwa jumped on the Mugabe ousting spree hoping to earn a post in the recently ended harmonised plebiscite and cabinet.Having dismally lost the primaries, Mutsvangwa nicodimeously cried for a recount of primaries citing inexistent irregularities. To further enhance his political nonentitiness he went on to unanimously lose the Norton constituency to independent candidate Mliswa by an embarrassing margin. Having lost the battle Mutsvangwa thought he would win the war by salvaging a ministerial post which he did not get.

His insatiable hunger for power and disgruntlement now has brought him wanting the outright. It is quite clear for many that Mutsvangwa's game plan has no one but himself as recipient of his wicked plot.Fielding of his wife in significant posts should be nothing but the manifestation of the ghost of Mugabe and Grace who mistakenly thought power is sexually transmitted, plunging the nation into political quandary and quagmire. From consulting prophets and king making n'angas, despotic management of the war veterans association, Mutsvangwa has ruthlessly terrorised his opponents, rivals and critics in a manner that has got many asking," will the seedlings of democracy be safe in the hands of this bureaucratic and nepotic statesman wannabe?'.

The answer to this trillion dollar question is much ado about nothing. Lovers of peace, progress and democracy would be blinkered to let Chris take the reins .Having lived through the Mugabe error one should abhor with a passion any candidate of his nature, his ascendancy in my views would be a negation and sacrifice of what the operation restore legacy stands for .It would be a betrayal of the what the masses marched for,not to mention the resurrection of party divisions and negation of the pending bread and butter issues.

ZANU PF needs to insulate itself from the madness and threat of a Chris Mutsvangwa rampage. Chris is undermining the authority of the party's constitution and that of the President and the First Secretary of the ruling party. Chris Mutsvangwa is also spreading his wings into military circles. Chris has been seen holding private meetings with some individuals who are members of the Joint Operations Command. It is important that we remain vigilant as a people and guard against those with impure intentions for our 2nd Republic.

Jasper Chinemhuru Political Observer and district official ZANU PF Mash West province

- Fanya Haraka


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