Only ED deserves your vote

Only ED deserves your vote
Published: 22 June 2018 (399 Views)
On the 30th July 2018 this country goes to the polls. This election will decide the future direction of our nation and regions for generations to come. Our jobs, homes, and living standards, our children's education, our heritage, our health system, how we care for our vulnerable and our place in the world will be all determined by the vote on 30th July 2018. Never before has your vote mattered so much. Zimbabwe has been given a lifeline by ED and he deserves a chance to finish what he has started.

The world believes that only ZANU PF has the policies that will protect and advance the lives of ordinary people. Only ED will invest in skills and training. Only ED will build the homes so urgently needed. Only ED can be trusted with our children's education. Only ED can make work in this country pay. In less than six months the face of Zimbabwe has changed for better. The civil servants had their pay increased and nurses had their grievances solved.

On the 30th of July only ED deserves your VOTE.

It is not a secret that MDC-T rule hurts working communities. We also know that under MDC-T the country will be given back to the colonisers. The lies Chamisa has been making will not make working people get ahead.

On 30th July, there are many great reasons to vote ED. These will make a real difference to our nation and our future. ED promises real investment in skills and training, he has taken the country back to its glory; it only needs your vote to see him through.

ED will grow our economy, investing in skills and infrastructure through a national investment bank. Already investors are flocking into Zimbabwe and once we win these elections Zimbabwe will be a jewel again. The events of the past 38 years cannot be visited in ED. Real change is coming. ZANU PF is fully transformed and it has moved on. Do not be held down by the past.

Over the past months Nelson Chamisa has been full of lies and student-type of speech. He has refused to move on from student politics and wants to reduce the country to mere campus politicking promising heaven in hell. ED has shown progress without fiction.

Under ED work will pay.

ED will bring in work and self-respect in the labour market. Already industry is beginning to work. Our railway is starting to come to life. Only ED can be trusted with the health revolution. No more will nurses be so poor that they turn to South Africa. Every civil servant will be appreciated and the country will reward the hard working.

ED is promising a better chance of a better home; he will deliver on that promise and will indeed achieve this. The land barons will be a thing of the past and indeed the corrupt will be prosecuted.

ED will provide the best education for all our children, our teachers will not be wanting, for ED will prove his crocodile agility.

The mushrooming of unregulated expensive colleges will be a thing of the past. Zimbabwe will be the brains of Africa again. This is not only a promise it is a reality.

ED has put together plans to provide public transport that supports our communities.

Only ED will end chaotic and costly transport privatisation and support communities to run their own bus services and have community-based transport system. Sanity will return to Harare soon and your vote is the passport to this.

ED will be a stronger voice for the nation. He believes and respects your voice. He said the voice of the people is the voice of God.

ED will modernise trade union laws and ensure that unions can negotiate collectively on behalf of some of the most vulnerable workers. Never again will he allow Zimbabweans to be treated like slaves in their own country.

ED will pursue the trading arrangements our economy needs - access to the single market, and barrier-free trade. Only ED will target the bad bosses who exploit workers, drive down wages and destroy community cohesion. ED has a plan for Zimbabwe and would make us be free again.

Under ED Zimbabwe will invest in new forms of energy to tackle climate change, create the well-paid decent jobs of tomorrow - and keep energy bills low. He will make it a priority to have solar system in every village.

ED is a fix for our broken economy before the new dispensation, Zimbabwean living standards had slumped. Among African economies, only Zimbabwe had suffered a harder hit. ED will tackle the low wage, low skill economy the past had created, to build a stronger economy that works for the many, not the few.

To achieve this ED needs your vote. He has started and needs to continue. Open your eyes and allow continuity. Zimbabwe has a chance to be better. MDC Alliance is a group of former student leaders who have re-grouped for fun and not for business. The state Zimbabwe is in needs serious mature people. Generational revolution does not mean accepting lying pastors like Chamisa. Zimbabwe is not a church, it is a nation.

ED says we have suffered enough now it's the time to enjoy the fruits of our land. MDC-T promises to reverse the gains of freedom, but you are the only one to stop such lunacy. Vote ED.

ED must be allowed to finish the progress he has introduced to us.

- Dr Masimba Mavaza


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