The real problem with MDC-T or the Alliance

The real problem with MDC-T or the Alliance
Published: 25 April 2018 (571 Views)
The sole purpose of writing this piece is to shed light on some major worrisome issues about the current MDC -Alliance party. It's clear some of my fellow countrymen haven't yet discerned anything from the current leadership crisis in the opposition party, which to a major extent can be traced to the late MRT (but this is a discussion for another day). I am also writing this letter to explain why I'd prefer to abstain from the presidential vote altogether, if it means the only option I have is to vote for Chamisa due to my hatred for ZANU-PF. Yes - I'd rather not vote at all. Reason is simple, my vote is not just a vote - it's got power of influence, if he goes on to win - whatever he does will be in my name and so I have to guard my vote jealously.

I've never been a rally going MDC supporter but every time elections came, I'd vote for them because their ideals resonated with mine. I cannot talk of ZANU-PF because it's the demon that got Zimbabwe to the ruins it is today. I surely do not miss the "Goblin"! It is sad because the very ideals that MDC-T purports to cherish and stand- for, they seldom follow them nowadays. One would ask a question: Are they that powerful to the extent that they disregard the very people who've put them where they are today? We've been watching from the terraces and so allow me to unpack the problems as I see them. I will talk of undemocratic tendencies, I'll talk of popularism, I will talk of violence against those who dare think differently, I will talk of misogyny and I will talk of tribalism. Wait - am I the only one who thought I was referring to ZANU-PF for a sec there? Cor-blyme - Don't be shocked, this is the beast we've been empowering with our votes over the last 2 decades. I won't be shocked if I get trolled or even worse, if I get labelled as a ZANU-PF apologist. All does not matter to me now - what matters is my beloved country of Zimbabwe.

The 1st problem is that of undemocratic tendencies. We saw MDC just like ZANU-PF moving the centre of power to one person in the name of the late MRT. He just like Mugabe had become so powerful, and had created a cult around him. So the party drifted a bit from pillars of democracy into cultic, anointed leadership - a leadership not by the people for people at all. He maimed the constitution and then allowed 2 more VPs to be appointed. The irony of it all was that it's on record that Chamisa, who'd now been appointed VP, had previously lost to a fellow NEC member (D. Mwonzora) for the position of Secretary General in the 2014 MDC-T Congress. So a democratic process was been undermined and it became clear to many that a succession grandplan not only to isolate Khupe but to throw her under the bus, in case the president position became vacant was underway (All this was after it became clear that MRT was ill). What's even sad is that some of the "principled" party leaders watched and did not even say a single word. Which makes one doubt if they are principled leaders at all - remember The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it - Albert Einstein. The question that deserves to be answered was - Why was it necessary for a party that purports to champion the cause of women rights and political participation do such a thing? The answer is simple - fellow countrymen, MDC-T is not what they purports to be. Their actions speak louder. They had the opportunity to prove that we are indeed a movement for change - by rallying around Khupe because for all we know - leadership is not just a person, but a collective effort. I am not saying the should've chosen Khupe to take over, No! what I am saying is that they should've remained guided by their constitution and gone for a congress where anyone who wanted to be president would have been given time to campaign, lobby support within the structures and give credibility to the whole succession game in a principled manner. They would mature to come out united by the voice of the people. The odds favoured Chamisa anyways and so I can authoritatively say he would've won had he opted for Congress. We can learn a lot from ANC of South Africa. But now, question is, under these circumstances should I vote for undemocratic misogynistic party? No - because my generation believes in equal rights for women because they are capable leaders of our society.

The 2st problem - institutionalised tribalism anchored on popularism. One would've thought MDC-T as the so called movement for "democratic" Change would always dare to do things differently to empower all the people represented in our country, but No - not this time around. Many would argue that TK was elbowed out because she was a female and more so one from a minority tribe (Ndebele) and as such would not win the elections. At Tsvangirai's burial - she was even called a "dissident" something reminiscent of Mugabe and Gukurahundi. A shame really! This all raised a third problem in the MDC-T - that of thuggery and violence and rumour has it that Chamisa is a perpetrator of ideologies of violence.  You can call me idealist, yes - that's what we should do - endeavour to change things for fairness, just and betterment of all who call Zimbabwe home. Alas - it appears the approach of MDC-T or alliance is that to divide and not unite, it's that to disempower women and not empower them, it's that to disempower the minority and not empower them - and with that stance - they are still far from state house because they need to build their house first before trying to build that of the entire nation. It's very clear - people have been speaking of nhora musango in ZANU-PF, come 2018 you'll see bhora musango in the so called MDC-Alliance. People can indeed vote for MPs but when it comes to the President - people can abstain - it's not rocket science.

The 4th problem - is the insatiable temptation to choose popularism ahead of principled leadership - standing for what is right! Whereas the earlier has proven a potent weapon especially if getting into state house is the aim and the latter has been a tried and trusted way of changing countries which are in dire need of change and reform - like ours. There have been some unbelievable promises made by the novice Chamisa, the USD 15 billion "promise" from USA if MDC gets into power, the bullet train - the lies are bulging by day. We are not stupid! These lies will catch up with Movement of Undemocratic Change sooner than you've ever imagined.

In conclusion - I cannot recognise the MDC as a democratic and principled party anymore. In fact I'd have loved to but after all the shenanigans I cannot! If there's anything, the current ZANU-PF/Lacoste party has shown signs of improvement as compared to signs of mobocracy on the side MDC-T. So anything can be said, ZANU-PF has upgraded and MDC-T has degraded. With that said, voting for MDC-T is in no way different from voting ZANU-PF. That is precisely why I would rather abstain altogether.

- Mr Tshingwane Lunga


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