EU grows confidence in Zimbabwe

EU grows confidence in Zimbabwe
Published: 20 March 2018 (219 Views)
The Zimbabwean Government has managed to put the country back on track through reengagement with the international community after a long standoff period during the former president Robert Mugabe's era. The efforts to reengage the international community has made the European Union (EU) to grow confidence in committing its self to work with Zimbabwe for the betterment of the country.

The arrival of the EU election exploratory mission has broken the impasse between Zimbabwe and the international European block. The EU election exploratory mission will soon be involved in pre-election assessment of this year's elections, a move that should go a long way in ensuring that the country moves along with the EU and the rest of the world and ensure the credibility of our elections.

The country had since changed its approach towards the international community's involvement in the electoral process through President Mnangagwa's efforts. The President, unlike his predecessor, announced during his inauguration speech last year that the international community could now come and observe elections without any hindrances.

President Mnangagwa has since promised the international community that the elections are going to be free and fair and that any country should feel free to come and observe the elections.

He has also made it known that whoever should be defeated during these elections should accept that the country must move on since the people would have spoken through the ballot.

The visit by the EU comes hard on the heels of the visit by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in March this year, the head of UNDP Mr Achim Steiner and also vice president of the United Nations development group , visited the nation to ascertain that the country was on the correct electoral path. During the visit UNDP acknowledged satisfaction with the New Government of Zimbabwe's efforts to attain the requisites for the nation to conduct free and fair elections as called for by President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Former president Mugabe's government fell out of favour with the international community and barred them from observing the elections which escalated bad relations. Confidence has now been brought back into the Zimbabwean electoral system by the new dispensation under President Mnangagwa. Steiner during his visit revealed that UN would now support Zimbabwe on its electoral path and that he was confident on the development of election preparedness being done by Government.

President Mnangagwa has revealed that this year's elections shall be conducted when all points of concern on the electoral process have been addressed through a dialogue with all political parties which is to be held soon. This dialogue is expected to address the imminent amendments that are necessary for a free and fair election.

Zimbabweans should brace up for a non violent election accredited by the international community. An uncontested election outcome should spell a brighter economic turnaround for the nation.

- Derick Tsimba


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