Kembo Mohadi charity game: A gamble for political populism

Kembo Mohadi charity game: A gamble for political populism
Published: 04 March 2018 (171 Views)
The KEMBO MOHADI CHARITY GAME that is set for today between HIGHLANDERS and CAPS UNITED at BARBOURFIELDS STADIUM kwaBulawayo is a gamble that is done for nothing other than political populism. Such gamble mechanisms are known to be ingrained in Zanu pf politics.

Those who were there in the early 1980s can attest to that. At one instance,in a celebratory mood, zanu pf members who were in a rally,said it clearly that,"Mr Nkomo is not wanted in zimbabwe.

He must be hanged....". A vedio clip is there to show this. So,if Kembo Mohadi is real,he has some issues to think about that add value to the people of Mthwakazi. Some of those issues are:

1. When exactly was he trained to be a Zanu-pf cadre and under which programme?

2. Since when has there been a gathering to celebrate the appointment of a THIRD CLASS citizen?

3. Did it happen with Nkomo? No. Did it happen with Msika? No. Did it happen with Mphoko?

4. Has there been anything he has done to help place the Gukurahundists (Mnangagwa, Chiwengwa, Shiri etc) before the international courts for their GUKURAHUNDI GENOCIDE?

5. Does his celebratory strategy,of hosting Highlanders and Caps United at BF to play for his CHARITY CUP really surpasses the coronation of Bulelani Lobhengula,who is one of the three King designates who was supposed to have held his event at BF? His backers who had expected to gather at BF had their hopes dashed away and their plans set into disarray. Even when there were undertones that they were going to be guided and work under Zanu pf,that did not help either. So the coronation at BF neither took place at BF nor in any other public venue.

Even if, we as Mthwakazi peoples have some differencies on matters that concern our survival as a people, we unite for the purposes of confronting the common enermy which is zanu pf. As Mthwakazi peoples, we must boycott all the events and activities that have some traces of zanu pfism. That is why,as MLF, we appeal to the Mthwakazi peoples to shun this Charity Ball Game and even shunning the zanu pf zimbabwean elections. Anything that zanu pf shows an interest in, that thing will be having some traits that favour its (zanu pf) continued existence.

The organisers of the  Kembo Mohadi football game,between Highlanders and Caps United are saying it is for congratulating Mohadi for having been elevated to VPship of the zimbabwean Junta. What we are not told is how he got that top job. Again, what matters most,is the pulling in of Highlander FC in a political game whose undeclared mandate is to market the zimbabwean Junta leadership. Bringing it to Bulawayo is to lure the unsuspecting Mthwakazi people into accepting an unelected Kembo Mohadi as the VP. We must all be aware that Kembo Mohadi owes his appointment to the position of VP to Mnangagwa and that without Mnangagwa he would not have been appointment to that office. What Modadi forgets is that in 1984 he was detained in Kwekwe prison, together with the likes of Welshman Mabhena by the same Munangagwa when he was security minister under Robert Mugabe.

 As MLF,we know that just like in the past the Mnangagwa regime/junta is exploiting the poverty striken and unemployment conditions of our people so as to feed them at BF whilst they commit this greatest crime of using Kembo Mohadi as if he is a leader of our people and therefore representing their interests when he is just a PUPPET of the Junta. It is important to know that the whole purpose of the gathering at BF on 04/03/2018 is for Mnanagagwa's regime to try and promote Kembo Mohadi into a stature and status equal to that of Joshua Nkomo. It is unfortunate that Kembo Mohadi will never ever assume the status of Nkomo in Matabeleland and that at any rate we the people of Mthwakazi will not allow that to happen. The gathering will be another Mnangagwa's hell bent on fooling tactic of our people through Kembo Mohadi who they want us to view him as our leader when he is actually Mnangagwa's tool of exploiting the Mthwakazi peoples.

 So our fate as Mthwakazi peoples,comes in different forms. Having Kembo Mohadi supposedly representing Mthwakazi peoples is on its own some fate. We as a people, do not want the Junta government for many reasons. The Mnangagwa government came into existence through a coup. A government coming as a result of a coup,is best refered to,as the Junta. So Kembo Mohadi must be reminded that as Mthwakazi,we have no business in that Junta. We want a RESTORED MTHWAKAZI,kwaphela nje!!!

While this Kembo Mohadi celebratory event is on, what is still in the air,is the treatment of Dr Thokozani Khuphe by the MDC-T that is now led by Nelson Chamisa. When Chamisa was realising that Tswangirai would succumb to cancer, he activated what has become a trend,that is,"removing criminals around the President". Dr Khuphe,an alleged dissident was abused and pushed aside. Others also were pushed aside.

This abuse of Mthwakazi team Highlanders by political bankrupt goons of Zanu-PF will not change the Mthwakazi Restoration Trajectory.

- Nyoni Chrispen & Fuyane Ndabezinhle


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