Broke MDC-T in dire straits

Broke MDC-T in dire straits
Published: 01 February 2018 (381 Views)
The fact that the MDC-T led by Morgan Tsvangirai is hitting hard times on its party operations as a result of financial constrains can be a signal that truly confirms its ineffectiveness and poor participation on the political ground as election date fast approaches.

In a statement, MDC-T secretary general, Douglas Mwonzora confirmed to a local daily press that all was not well in their party in terms of funds.

Mwonzora was reportedly quoted saying, "We have no resources because as of now there is donor fatigue. We are trying to persuade them but we are going to do with what we have and prepare for elections."

Following that, lack of funding within the MDC-T becomes the crux of the matter on why its officials were busy waffling on social media platforms that elections are not supposed to be held earlier than 23 July.

MDC-T has been largely depending on donor funds for their operations. Their western donors have since lost interest in their opposition party and have since ceased funding it. This was mainly due to a number of reasons which among others include poor election outcome as well as corruption by MDC-T councillors in most local authorities.

Had it been that MDC-T officials were politically mature, by now, they could have found a donor to sponsor their party programmes. Since 2000, poor MDC-T policies have failed to entice the electorate, such that it lost all the previous elections to its rival, Zanu-PF, a situation which has created a difficult political life for that opposition party.

If the donors have deserted that opposition outfit, surely, who would want to be seen associating with a party that is so insolvent that by now it has no proper plan on how it will carry out its primary elections?

During its heydays, MDC used to hold its rallies in big stadiums such as Sakubva Stadium in Mutare and National Sports Stadium in Harare. This year, the MDC Alliance which is part and parcel of the MDC-T has held its rally in Epworth Harare and at Sakubva Beit Hall (open space) in Mutare a situation which also proves that their pockets are really dry.

Trying to hide behind the finger on the issue on party bankruptcy, MDC-T's deputy President Nelson Chamisa told a handful of people who were gathered at their recent rally in Mutare that US President Donald Trump had promised to give them $15 billion for economic recovery programmes, if they were to be voted in office in at elections. Chamisa's statement revealed that MDC had nothing to offer to the electorate hence putting their hope on America's empty promises.

On the other note, Mwonzora's confirmation that their party is insolvent could be an opportunity for the party officials to fulfill their mandate about what their party's spokesperson; Obert Gutu once said pertaining selection of candidates.

Last year, when Gutu was asked on which criteria their party would use to select candidates for both Parliament and local authority, he was quoted saying, "We actively and deliberately encourage our members to use consensus wherever possible and whenever this fails primary elections are then triggered."

According to Gutu, selecting candidates through primary elections was the last resort which their party would do.

In addition, MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai at one point announced to his party structures in Harare that primary polls had an effect of creating divisions, meaning that he is also against the idea of primary elections.

Mwonzora also said their party was going to issue a circular in order to start a process of candidate selection, where they would select the most popular candidate.

However, it is through such processes that lead to candidate imposition by that party's officials. Normally, senior party officials would corruptly pick their preferred candidates ahead of peoples' choice thereby weakening the process of democracy.

- Peacemaker Zano


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