Former President not missed at all

Former President not missed at all
Published: 22 January 2018 (354 Views)
Zimbabwe will never ever be led by any leader worse than Mugabe.

No sane person can go beyond Robert's destructive administration. Mugabe purportedly advanced Pan Africanism, Afrocentric views  and democracy but back home he indicated left and read from a different book. He created more enemies than friends. We used to be the bread basket of Africa but we have been reduced and become a case of Africa. Zimbabwe was far much ahead of the once troubled Rwanda but today we have become  a laughing stock. Our roads, hospitals, schools and infrastructure are in the most poorest state.

He is the one who chose the composition of those who surrounded him for 37 yrs.
The buck stops with the one who is in the State House. He could not allow his two deputies Joyce Mujuru and Emmerson Mnangagwa to freely give their input.

They were just ceremonial vice presidents who had no power to implement their own ideas. Mugabe was so selfish in his administration and loved manipulating things to his favour.

He used to retain incompetent personnel and kept recycling them expecting to see results. He was no longer getting enough respect to be honoured by the majority.

Where in the world do you see a well "respected statesman" losing reigns like Mr Mugabe?

Which ever way, our situation was so bad under Robert Mugabe's rule. Mr Mugabe inherited a strong economy from the white colonial regime. He plundered it and fed his vultures daily with the labour and every sweat drop of dedicated Zimbabweans.

Today we don't have a currency of our own yet his sons gets money to buy $5 million car. The people have endured long winding queues at banking halls since the year 2000 up to date. Eighteen years of standing in agony to withdraw their hard earned cash from the banks and then failing to access the money.

We now need the best brains on the road to recovery in order to improve our economy. Our economy is in a dire state and needs resuscitation as it is in shambles.

Mugabe created politics of patronage and we expect the new leader not to travel on the same route which the former president travelled. Mugabe harboured habitual criminals which he kept on recycling despite the fact that they could not even perform to the expected standards. The wealth was being plundered willy nilly with  no arrests being made.

All that Zimbabwe needs is not regime change. We need social and economic transformation more than politics. We don't care about who will lead us as long as they bring about the much needed transformation.

We have for the past 37 groomed a dictator. Zanu PF has build around one centre of power and crafted populist policies. Mugabe's anti white and Western agenda has seen the country isolating itself from the global politics.

Today people are concerned about bread and butter issues and we wasted our time on lecturing on sovereignty as if it is eaten or swallowed like  food. We were hoodwinked by the Mugabe's government that the West drafted the Zidera because we have taken back our land. It was through gross violation of property, human rights, intimidation and murder of political activists.

We have people like Tonderai Ndira,  Itai Dzamara just to mention a few who were abducted and killed because they confronted the regime head on.

Thousands of people fled the country and are domiciled in foreign lands were they are subjected to all sorts of harsh treatment because of the poor governance under Mugabe.

With news coming from some members of the European Union who are appealing to the organisation’s executive to lift sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe in response to recent political developments in the country , this is refreshing and gives hope to the majority of Zimbabweans who have endured enough suffering.

This was revealed by the Honorary Consul for Zimbabwe in Spain Mr Jose Maria Camallonga. The majority of countries on this grouping feel sanctions on Zimbabwe are no longer necessary.

In his first interventions, President Mnangagwa has been optimistic and enthusiastic towards reform, which has led several European Union countries to request the community executive to lift the ruinous sanctions imposed on this African country,  said Mr Camallonga while addressing Spanish investors.

The lifting of the sanctions would mean a substantial boost to Zimbabwe’s economy, especially in terms of foreign investments. This meant that Zimbabwe was now a destination to consider for investment. Once the sanctions have been lifted and reforms are underway, Zimbabwe can start to attract businesses to carry out investments and projects in numerous sectors such as mining, tourism and infrastructure and agriculture.

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