Help Orphans live better lives…

Help Orphans live better lives…
Published: 22 January 2018 (141 Views)
Vanhu vakawanda vanobatsirwa uye kutungamirirwa naMwari kana vakabatsira Nherera regardless of what they go through (many people who help and assist orphans are mostly led by God and get a special favor from God), they always strive to make a better life for the orphans. Aya ndomakomborero emahara manje, these are just free blessings.


Whatever happened between you and the orphan's parents should never in any way stop or or block you from helping the orphan as long as you feel like you have the potential to help. Never look down on the type of help you have. Do not let what you can not do interfere what you can do, it is too late now to make up with the parents of the orphan because they are no longer there. If you focus on the hate, you will continue to suffer. Yes you might not be able to love the orphans in your family hence offer the simplest things you can, remember the hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread. Let us do all that we can to give the orphans hope, poverty is not being without money but being without hope. Helping orphans is the greatest step to changing the world because children without families are the most vulnerable people in the world. Orphan care is not this generation's evangelical fad.

Caring for the marginalized, abused and orphaned is the historical heart of God from the very beginning to the very end. No help is less significant, orphan care is not about about someone doing everything but about everyone doing something. Orphans need love, they deserve to be loved just like anyone else. Mother Teresa said that the most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved. You might not have enough to give but just giving away love which is endless and free is a great thing too. Put a smile on that orphan's face, the world's light does not come from the sun but from the orphan's smile so let us work together in brightening up our world. Churches should also pray a role, the church absolutely must be leading the way in orphan care. It is not negotiable because it flows from the reality of the gospel. John 14 v 18. From my own experience, the best of houses in this world is the house where an orphan gets love and kindness in abundance. Mother Teresa said that if you can not feed a hundred people then feed at least one person.

There are many ways of helping orphans

That is why sometimes I freely believe that I should just opening an orphanage because I am one and I know how it feels to be one although I am forever grateful to God that I was left with a very beautiful caring family that never gives up on me but rather wants all the best for me. But to be honest, there are many orphans out there whose dreams have been shuttered because they are orphans and they is no one to help them find their ways out. Maybe the person who was sent to end cancer is out there in the streets but there is just a need of one person who need to help with a little thing, food maybe water, blankets, soap etc. Never take a small gift as nothing but look who you are giving and the person you are giving will understand why you gave what you gave, maybe that is all you could afford to offer. Give with all your heart not with the idea of pleasing others or to be seen.

When the right hand gives, the left hand should not know what the right hand has given. Be humble and swallow all your pride. You never know who from your family is going to have cancer, who from your family is going to be affected negatively by a thing we could all could have avoided by just stretching out a hand. Whatever you feel like, just give… whenever you feel wanna give, just give, whoever you feel you wanna give, just give. I remember of this other story of a woman from the US, she managed to use extra space she had in her yard to plant fruits and vegetables to give for free to the poor and homeless people. Is it not a good thing? I remember Rumbidzo Mapfumo Makandwa and her crew used to go out in town and give orphans bread, tea and soup.

That was a good thing too. There is no way we can succeed if we do not help each other. Usually white people rise and succeed easily because they assist each other rise and help each other find a way out. Black people are usually destroyed by things like pride and jealous. No one wants to learn from anyone, everyone wants to be better than someone else. We are living like we are in a competition. This kills success, United we stand and divided we fall.


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