Corruption at ZRP Mashonaland Central - Junior cop

 Corruption at ZRP Mashonaland Central - Junior cop
Published: 21 December 2017 (1358 Views)

As Junior members within ZRP Mash Central Province, we have decided to use the social media as a way to register our complaints over corrupt activities and dictatorial tendencies by the Acting  Commander Ass Comm *Trust Nhapata* who is running the Police in the province like his personal tuckshop.

First and foremost we would like to thank the ZDF and its outgoing CDF General Constantine Guvheya Nyikadzino Chiwenga for instituting the just ended _OPERATION RESTORE LEGACY_ which was aimed at removing the G40 criminals who were surrounding the former President Cde RG Mugabe. These criminals included the Police who have a constitutional mandate to preserve law and order in the country but were the ones on top of corruption. We would also want to thank War Veterans led by Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa for their never say die spirit in fighting for what is right. We salute u Cdes.

Despite the success of the operation, we still have criminals in the ZRP, the likes of Nhapata. We thought the man would reform and stop his corrupt and dictatorial tendencies but he thinks he is untouchable.

On the issue of BVR, Nhapata deployed 4 police members that is 2 regular members and 2 Neighborhood Watch Committee members at each voter registration centre despite ZEC offering to pay only two police officers $480 each per each BVR phase. So the deployment of extra 2 NWC members which he justified as motivation for them would mean that each police member seconded for ZEC duties was suppose to receive $240 each. However police officers are being paid $195 which means that Nhapata is taking $45 per each police officer in each BVR phase.

Having deployed about 800 police officers per each phase this means that Nhapata has stolen $45 by 800 = $36 000 multiplied by 4 phases = a total of $144 000. Please take note that phase 4 has not yet been paid and phases 2 and 3 were partly paid. Phase 1 was fully paid and this is where the whole $36 000 was stolen and if no corrective measures are taken before the payment of other phases, Nhapata would have pocketed a cool $144 000 from junior members who are struggling to make ends meet.

There have been reports that Nhapata retained the money to compensate for the motor vehicle that was involved in an accident by the late Inspector Tendai Nehwangura who was OIC Centenary. The vehicle in question was a Honda HRV with an average cost of $7500.

Nhapata works in cahoots with the Finance office at ZRP Mash Central phq in siphoning funds. The finance team are receiving allowances for all the 4 phases despite the fact that they are doing their normal duty just like any other officer in the charge office at the station. It was justifiable to pay them for a single phase than paying them for all the 4 BVR phases.

During the Chihuri moments of madness whereby police was all over the roads, money was being deposited at the Finance office and all USD notes were reserved for Nhapata. Details working in the finance offices were known to be moneylenders which means they were spinning state funds. One Constable was dismissed from the Police on allegations of stealing funds from the Finance office but the whole team is corrupt in that office and there is need for a complete overhaul.

The Chihuri system which was similar to the Mugabe system rewarded thieves at the expense of hard workers. Those who were deployed in the Highway Patrol and the finance officers received T&S allowances but those who go on one week patrols to curb crime received nothing. There are no longer rewards for Cops of the Month because to the Chihuri cabal, it was not as important to them as collecting money on the roads.

Just like his retiring boss Chihuri, Nhapata had dictatorial tendencies. He could not take any suggestion from any of his subordinates. Nhapata who has been the acting Propol for Mash Central for over a year now would deprive the junior members of their benefits just to please Chihuri so that he maybe promoted to the rank of Snr Ass Comm and be appointed the substantive head of Police in the province. Nhapata was on the forefront of promoting Chihuri projects like kuyedza, raffle tickets, church service yaitukirira mamwe maChurch so that he be promoted.

Recently Nhapata cancelled occasional leave for all the people without any tangible reason. Those who did not pay contributions ekuyedza , sports gala, church service nezvimwewo zvakadaro were either transferred or denied occasional leave and vacational leave.

It is against this background that as the junior members of the ZRP in Mash Central province want to make the following statements:
🐊 we pledge our loyalty to the Head of State and Gvt and Commander in Chief of the ZDF Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa,
🐊 we applaud the ZDF for taking a bold stance in restoring legacy in the country
🐊 we welcome the retirement of the great Police Thief Augustine Chihuri
🐊 we support the leadership of the Acting CGP Cde TG Matanga whom we believe will soon be the substantive Commissioner General of Police
🐊 we demand that Nhapata pays at least $240 to each officer who was seconded for ZEC duties,
🐊 we demand an audit for all financial records in this province, that is Fine books, Projects Dept ( the Police farm, kuMess, dungeon etc), raffle tickets, Kuyedza Women's Club, the disbanded Women Network
🐊 we demand the transfer of Nhapata pending auditing of all his activities in Mash Central. If found guilty let the justice prevail. Please take note that Nhapata has been at the helm of police finances in the province since 2005, that is 12 years. He was Ass Comm Administration. He has gone past his sell by date. We know the organisational policy on transfers but we are surprised that Nhapata akatodzika midzi kuMash Central for 12 years asi other senior officers just stay for not more than 3 years,
🐊 we demand transparency in terms of finances, munhu wese ngaabhadharwe when there is need for T and S. Kana pasina hapana.
🐊 we demand all officers and members staying in Police camps to pay for electricity and water not just milking the already ailing parastatals.

*In short Nhapata hatichamudi kuno kuMash Central, Nhapata mudzakutsaku, ngaaende*  WE WILL NOT DELIVER UNTIL U REMOVE THIS CRIMINAL



NB _we will continue exposing Nhapata until corrective measures are taken_

- Junior cop

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