Zimbabwe lawlessness exposed

Zimbabwe lawlessness exposed
Published: 05 December 2017 (857 Views)
All hopes of the dawn of a new era after the military coup have suddenly been dashed by reported violence and incidents of human rights infringement by the military across the country. It is poor thinking to expect the same old government responsible for dumping citizens in abandoned mines such as Bhalagwe to change its operations and unconstitutional covert practices.

This is the leadership that engineered the callous executions of alarming proportions in Matebeleland and Midlands. I quote' the poor pregnant woman in Silobela named MaSithole had her stomach ripped open by Zimbabwe military under the supervision of Chiwenga and the then State Security Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa.

It is shocking to realise how desperate they want to mislead the nation by being regarded as liberators for simply conducting a well co-ordinated coup against the miserable, hapless, partly demented nonagenarian, who by the way, was/is the ring leader of the heartless cabal and in terms of the international law, deserves no mercy from the beleaguered tribes and should face the music in Hague. His immunity goes without saying that sooner rather than later shall be revoked, to pave way for him to clear his alleged complicity in massacres committed during his time at the helm of government.

I am isolated, the world will never be the same without my family and closest relatives who departed before their time. It's unimaginable to be listed as a persona non-grata in your country primarily because you hold different political views with those in power. I was sick and tired of being hunted down by crooked security agents, who were determined to do anything in order to prolong the rule of a corrupt government. I feel I can pour out my own ordeal but let me reserve vital information which if the need arise, I shall present it as evidence in Hague to cage the culprits of ethnic cleansing. Matebeleland North is clustered with shallow graves and the relatives are being denied the right to decently rebury their beloved ones by the Zimbabwe government.

I am in tears because I contributed significantly to the liberation struggle, had I known that the jewel of Africa would be incompetently ruled for years to come I wouldn't have bothered to see a change of government back then. Now, we live like beggars in foreign countries as though we have no place we can proudly call home.

The pain and suffering I personally have been subjected to as a result of the tribal decisions meant to silence the minorities so that within their own country they become voiceless is devastating and traumatic. Even now, I sometimes visualise the incidents that transpired decades ago because of their nature and the pool of blood that formed a contributory stream to the main river in my village and of course the neighbourhood, will forever be remembered, and go down in history as the darkest chapter of our country.

The standard of living which has been in deterioration for many years, cannot be reversed by the Junta government particularly in light of its record on tolerance of corruption in parastatals which forms the heart of the economy. Chiwenga looted diamonds in Marange, while Mnangagwa squandered "Command Agriculture Funds" therefore it's impossible for the documented looters to resuscitate the ailing economy. The civil servants go for days without pay, the bank machines cannot dispense any cash. Hospitals equipment is outdated, hence the reason the Government Ministers seek medical treatment beyond our borders. What a shame! and the unemployment rate is mind boggling.

My final suggestion is for the opposition parties to unite against the oppressive regime. I can't wait to see the back of the monster created by Mugabe. The militarization of the key Government Ministries is an insult to the ordinary Zimbabweans in the streets.

Zenzo Siziba is a Human Rights and Political Activist.

- Zenzo Siziba


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