An inclusive Cabinet fused with technocrats is the key

An inclusive Cabinet fused with technocrats is the key
Published: 04 December 2017 (173 Views)
Many Zimbabweans took to the social media to express their frustrations and disgruntlement on President Emmerson Mnangagwa's newly appointed Cabinet.  The people had faith in him and were expecting a more inclusive appointment taking cognisant from his inauguration speech last week.

President Munangagwa has misfired big time and 2018 is the year of corrections. Zimbabweans have been shocked to see a recycling of the old guard into the Cabinet. The Cabinet is anti youths who constitute a big population in the country and it is also anti women,  thereby worsening the gender parity. Some people have argued that what exactly new ideas can those same recycled cabinet ministers offer in this new political discourse?

It is so surprising that only 3 women were appointed in the cabinet out of 22 and only 3 women were appointed as provincial ministers out of 11. We have really gone 10 years backwards towards the empowering of women. This is a big blow to women's emancipation and
elevation. A dark cloud hovers towards giving decision making spaces for women in the government.

There are plenty of women who have proved to be a cut above the rest the likes of Hope Sadza, Nyaradzai Gumbonzvanda just to mention a few. Women can deliver and can post good results, they can even do much better than their male

The recently announced new cabinet deflates illusion that this would be a new era, a new political landacape and a new beggining. Like what the President has said that he was mentored by the former President and perhaps we should have been more measured in
our expectations.

People prayed for change and not this kind of inter -changing of positions.

This cabinet is so uninspiring given the fact that very few youths have been included in that Cabinet. No doubt that it has been endorsed a militarised
bloated Cabinet which is too big for the economy and the Zimbabwe's population.

Seems the President is rewarding those who assisted in the ousting of Mugabe regime.The ministers are old and have proven their weaknesses for the past years they have worked in the government. The likes of Joram Gumbo, Webster Shamu,  Obert Mpofu who seem to be lazy people and have not yet shown their strengths from their previous assignments in the cabinet. It has demolished the young people's hopes and aspirations and Zimbabwean citizens at large. Do people deserve auch kind of a cabinet? This is a million dollar question being asked by the majority.

Already President Emmerson Mnangagwa has violated the Constitution of Zimbabwe as he had appointed more than 5 Non Constituency Members of Parliament to the Cabinet.

This list of Cabinet ministers seem to be made up of people who were vocal in campaigning for the President's ascendancy, I don't think their curriculum vitaes were thoroughly vetted and other qualifications noted. It does not make sense to give a ministerial post to somebody who doesn't have such expertise or attributes in that area of specification.
For an example these appointees Chris Mutswangwa and Monica Mutsvangwa, Victor  Matemadanda, July Moyo, Sibusiso Moyo and  Perrence Shiri all these people were misplaced and are highly under qualified for their assigned portfolios.

Its unfortunate that the President could not handle the pressure of the securocrates and the generals who put him where he is now. It is pay back time and he is serving at the pleasure of the army.

State capture, different faces but still the same thing as that which was happening in the Robert Mugabe's regime. I think its a blessing in disguise as this has energized the opposition which probably has lost all the hope.

I see Zanu PF failing to neutralise the opposition if free and fair elections are held next year. It has given the opposition 100% chance of forming the next government without sweating too much.

President Mnangagwa's recycling of dead wood, if beaten next year should not refuse to vacate office no matter he has 100% backing of the army. There are interesting times ahead where Zanu PF will lose election because of the patronage within the party and its allies within the military.

A multiparty government has failed. It does not bode well to have a militant state backing governments in this modern day world.

This Cabinet does not represent a new Zimbabwe neither does it represent the wishes of the people who marched on the streets on 18th of November 2017.    Zimbabweans feel betrayed and they should regroup and start mobilising for a new and common Zimbabwe.

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