Gukurahundi question a time bomb

Gukurahundi question a time bomb
Published: 03 December 2017 (378 Views)
Revolutionary greetings dear comrades. Thirty years ago innocent Matebeleland and Midlands people were ruthlessly butchered by Mugabe's regime in what is refered to as ethnic cleansing. Mnangagwa was Mugabe's arm of terror in this era. Thousands of survivors were left orphans, they became their own mothers and fathers after losing their parents.This did not happen in a vacuum, but it happened in the full view of the international community which kept quiet. But when white farmers were killed in farm invasions, the international community was the first to condemn Mugabe. Does their silence in the Gukurahundi Massacres mean that black lives dont matter?

The perpetrators of the Gukurahundi massacres are stil alive hence the need for a truth and reconciliation program to heal the nation. Let the victims speak and be listened to by the Mnangagwa regime which is an extention of his predecessor's regime. Victims have the right to know the truth. The truth can only come out when Mnangagwa et al come out and humble themselves before the victims. Yes Mnangagwa and his god father Mugabe owe the Matebeleland and Midlands people explanations on the Gukurahundi atrocities.

The victims were burried like animals in shallow graves. It is time to exhume their bodies and give them decent burials. The surviving victims want to know the location of all the mass graves.

The surviving victims must be allowed to visit the mass graves without being victimised by the security forces. Victimising a peaceful people visiting the burial site of their relatives is unconstitutional. There is absolutely nothing wrong in visiting your people's burial site.

Gukurahundi question is a dangerous time bomb that need to be attended to urgently. Ignoring the question is submitting that Matebeleland and Midlands people are less of Zimbabwean citizens and matter less. It is justifying and sanitising the killings.

Problems of our times are not solved by the barrel of the gun, but by seating around conference tables to seek proper panacea. I therefore submit that a truth and renconciliation commission be established for the healing of the surviving victims and the nation in general.

The truth and reconciliation committee must not approach the surviving victims with pre-reached solutions to the problem. The victims are better placed to propose solutions to the Gukurahundi question. Therefore they must come ready to listen. From the look of things the surviving victims are not dressed up to revenge, but to seek closure and justice.

Treating Matebeland and Midlands people as second class citizens must be condemned by the politicians. The silence of the politicians makes them perpetrators who are equally guilty. There is no tribe in Zimbabwe that is a breed apart. All tribes are equal before the Zimbabwean constitution and the throne of grace.  

Zimbabwe was founded on the alter of the god of tribe. Gukurahundi attrocities confirm that. Restoration of Zimbabwe must begin with destroying the alter of the god of tribe. Employment opportunities must be open to all tribes, not a selected few. All tribes must be treated fairly and equally in social, political and economic spheres of the country.

Dear comrades let us work together and pick up the broken pieces of our country and bring them together. Let us build Zimbabwe to its old glorious days.

Victory is certain, allutta continua.

NPP National youth spokesperson Khulani David Ndhlovu

- Khulani David Ndhlovu


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