Why evil greed in Government can NEVER live forever

Why evil greed in Government can NEVER live forever
Published: 03 December 2017 (202 Views)
The evil handling of fellow countrymen has one BALACING end -EVIL DOES NOT GET ANY TROPHY TO SHOW after two decades of it's reign. This, is best explained by the audit of The Law of Balance, which in Science, is called The Law of Thermodynamics.

To give a reader a quick grasp of the context of Thermodynamics I attribute this to, I will give an analogy of clean water, a bottle and a teaspoon of dye. If you took the water, and filled it in, say, seven bottles, and dropped a drip of dye equitably from one teaspoon. Each of the seven bottles will have water of the same quality of colour.

If you filled just one bottle of water, and scooped the whole teaspoon of dye on it, the dye will later spread equitably giving the water one strong colour.

However, if you thought you were a genius, and you wanted the dye to be concentrated on just one cubic centimetre of the volume of water, you would end up with sorry results like Cecil John Rhodes, like Chaplin, Chancellor, Huggins, Garfield, Smith, and soon to discover, Mugabe then Mnangagwa.

We are all born nak*d, we accumulate wealth and fame greedily and for some, responsibly. At death, we all get back to nud*ty. Even the linen they decorate our coffins with, will later rot and become valueless vanity of vanities.

  1. Mutota (1480)
  2. Matope(1530)
  3. Siti (1663)
  4. Dombo(1695)
  5. Nyamhandu (1723)
  6. Mambo (1760)
  7. Mzilikazi(1834) 
  8. Lobengula (1870)
  9. Rhodes (1896)
  10. Chaplin (1915)
  11. Chancellor (1923)
  12. Huggins (1933)
  13. Garfield Todd (1953)
  14. Ian Smith (1964)
  15. Tendekai Muzorewa (1979)
  16. Mugabe (1980)
  17. Mnangagwa (2017)

A hungry Zimbabwean who toiled the Earth under Mutota in year 1480, has his remains at equilibrium harmony with Mutota in year 1663. Patrick Kombai, whose testicles were short by brutal CIOs led by Mugabe, will find his remains at equilibrium harmony or at THE LAW OF BALANCE with those of Mugabe in year 2033. Obert Nyathi, who was abducted and never accounted for, by Mnangagwa's Gukurahundi in Zhombe 1983, will find his bones at equilateral value with those of Mnangagwa in year 2060.

Words of Wisdom from the book of Proverbs describes thermodynamics equilibrium as "Vanity of vanities" or "grasping of the wind"

It is WORTHWHILE to spend a life of making Peace like Mandela, forgiving enemies like Gatsha Buthelezi and F.W Dekleck. There is no heroism in getting to power to torture opponents using outdated Nyadzonya tactics of 1976 in Mozambique. There is no reason of getting older if one is not getting wiser. One would aspire that President Mnangagwa, as our educated leader, would spend time alone in the middle of the night, and ask himself, if one is now President of Zimbabwe, why torture rivals?

What profit would it give his sons in year 2098 if he tortured G40 Zimbabwean rivals today? How much profit did he make since the disappearance of Obert Nyathi in 1993? How much profit can Muzorewa sons show today? Can Dr Mnangagwa design his own end as a President? does it not depend on the natural fact that no one can please everyone for ever? or is he superman who can beat physics?

What profits can Primeminister Huggin's children show today? What is it of value, that Ian Smith can show for Chimoio and Zambia massacres of innocent and frightened refugees who ran away from his insanity with power? Where is that power today? Where are the Green Arrows and the Dakota bombers? G3s, Phumas and Chidramhu?

Where is the frightening voice of Mugabe today?

Is life not just vanity of vanities, unless we spend it caring and uplifting instead of torturing fellow countrymen? What did President Mugabe gain from Dzamara disappearance? was it not his closest lieutenant Mnangagwa who was more of a threat than unarmed Dzamara?

The cruel Government of Smith believed it would last forever. When Mugabe and Nkomo and Mnangagwa were secured in Gonakudzingwa prisons, Smith, had his pillows changed by maids every twice per night. In the turn of things, Smith died in the hands of sympathisers in exile while Mugabe was President with multiple maids and even slaves. When Mugabe's wife was insulting President Mnangagwa in front of 12 year old shy girls in 2017, Mugabe had multiple caterers massaging his hands and back. Today, Mugabe has midnight nightmares, dreaming of crocodiles unpredictably changing their minds and beginning to lynch him.

So, who is strong enough to control everything in life and sustain that for ever? Does the gun have power over the pen, or the pen over the gun, or none of both?

From the top list of Zimbabwean leaders since year 1480, someone who has an ear to listen, and a mind to think, can only holistically conclude that power has never lasted, is not lasting, will never last for ever. From the past leaders of our land, we are given a chance to introspect our leadership styles and synchronise it to advance the happiness of everyone in our closed water bottle called Zimbabwe.

- Multiverse Dungani


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