The Fallacy of 'Inkosi izala iNkosi' argument

The Fallacy of 'Inkosi izala iNkosi' argument
Published: 03 December 2017 (186 Views)
It has been argued by Bulelani Lobhengula Khumalo handlers that he has been chosen by virtue of a long standing order and rule that only a King can sire a King (Inkosi izala inkosi). Therefore the likes of Peter Zwidekalanga Khumalo are elbowed away because of that standing rule. Let us analyse this logic.

The Bulelani group applies the "Inkosi izala inkosi" argument on Lobhengula but fail to apply it on his descendents. If they apply this argument through out, one would notice that Njube, son of Lobhengula, could not have sired a King, because he was never crowned a King. Therefore their argument to say "Inkosi izala inkosi" is a fallacy because as we speak, Bulelani is most certainly not born of a King! This is so because his father Humphrey was never crowned a King. Let us agree here ladies and gentlemen, that the logic of "Inkosi izala inkosi" is being selectively applied. In this case it is being applied in an effort to exclude the Nyamande line, despite evidence that Nyamande was crowned King on 25 June 1896, and led Umvukela as a King.

Does the Bulelani Group reject the fact that Nyamande was indeed crowned King on 25 June 1896. If they do not reject, then their argument that "Inkosi izala inkosi" is faulty because the last evident Mthwakazi King was Nyamande. Let me hazard a bore here by quoting Dr. Cobbing verbatim.

"About three weeks ago Nyamande (the late King's son), with a strong bodyguard came from the west round the east side of this fort (Hope Fountain) and across to Babiyani's late kraal. From there he crossed into the hills. He had been sent for by the chief Indunas, Dliso Mathema of Nqameni, Babiyani, and Sekhombo, who had assembled in council to elect the young chief as king. On the night of this last full moon, 25 June 1896, a big dance (ceremony) was held and Nyamande was formally crowned King. The gathering was held at Entumbane which is where Mzilikazi was (is) buried " The reader must know that this quotation is from a letter that was written by Lieutenant Pyke to his Chief Staff Officer, and is available in the Public Archives for anyone interested to access.

If one analyses the coronation of Nyamande, one notices that it was done at Entumbane where Mzilikazi is buried, and where his father Lobhengula was corronated. Anyone arguing against this reality is merely advancing their personal and selfish interests. If the Bulelani group truly stands by their "Inkosi izala inkosi" argument, then they should be looking for the next Mthwakazi King from Nyamande's house because he was the only crowned son of Lobhengula.

Now to come to those who seek to vilify Peter Zwidekalanga Khumalo, well, their arguments are devoid of logic because the Mthwakazi culture says only a concerned family can advance a name, from amongst themselves, for the instalment either as Chief or King. Frankly, other Chiefs can not come into King Lobhengula's Royal Family and select for themselves who the next King is. Why not ask the Royal House its self? The only reason used by these other Chiefs and houses, is simply in order to usurp the rights of the legitimate house. Let me back my point by giving you a trail of arguments. If Bulelani is crowned King, he obviously will not stay in Zimbabwe because he has no documentation for Zimbabwe, and he has by far better life in South Africa. Therefore someone amongst his handlers will have to hold his place as Regent (Ibamba)! Effectively, the regent becomes the de facto King! If anyone wants to understand how Bulelani's case has been advanced, do not look at the fake arguments presented, simply look for who intends to be his Regent. At that point one then understands the personal interests at play. I shall not name anyone here for respect of personalities. This is why the legitimate House is being vilified, and Peter Zwidekalanga Khumalo, as its spokesman, vilified too! It is clear therefore, that if you want to understand Peter Zwidekalanga Khumalo's arguments, go ahead and look at the historical facts presented by independent sources, who have no vested interests in the matter.

To conclude my case, I will assure Chief Mathema that he shall not be hindered by any one in his quest to install Bulelani as King. All I can say to his conscience is that he is moving against his own forefather, Dliso Mathema, who moved to install Nyamande in 1896. If Chief Mathema is of any conscience that is not driven by monetary gifts, he has to review the actions of his forefather who stood by virtue and not greed.

I rest my case.

Alton Dewa
Tel: 0735392812 (on Whatsapp)

- Alton Dewa


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