Open letter to President Mnangagwa - Don't follow Mugabe's footsteps & you'll be a great man

Open letter to President Mnangagwa - Don't follow Mugabe's footsteps & you'll be a great man
Published: 02 December 2017 (674 Views)

Dear Mr President

First and foremost we would like to congratulate you on taking office of the President, Makorokoto, Amhlophe!!!!

We must say Mr. President most of us were not amused by the circumstances which led to your expulsion as vice president or the harsh manner in which the Former President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Cde Robert Mugabe handled issues at White City Stadium, at the youth interface rally to be precise.

We like many other youths in Bulawayo attended the interface rally at white city stadium expecting to hear the real issues that cripple our nation being addressed but to our surprise insults, embarrassments and threats were thrown around instead.

Surely enough these threats were carried out not so long after being uttered as we read The Chronicle headlines on the 11th of November stating your expulsion from both the party ZANU-PF and the office of vice president for reasons unclear to us but best known by the former President as he has been known to do in the past, your predecessor Cde Joyce T Mujuru had herself fallen victim to such treatment not so long before you. Many Zimbabweans were shocked if not devastated to hear such news. In spite of these staggering circumstances stated above, you set in motion a chain of events that lead to the rise of "Ngwena" as you are popularly known amongst the youths. So in a way I guess we can say it was a necessary evil.

All other protocols being observed. Mr. President there some key issues that we feel have to be addressed as the nation celebrates your accent into presidency. These are issues that we felt the need to pen down in this letter to you for the betterment of this great nation of Zimbabwe. We are confident that you will take your time in reading this later paying particular attention to issues to be stated. As you have said before "the voice of the people is the voice of God" certainly if these issues are to be addressed many will vote for you and we will definitely build a better Zimbabwe together as our flag flies proud and strong.

As it is Mr. President there is a plague that has taken over this nation, a plague which has been spreading its self to all corners of this country like a wild fire for a very long time, a plague which I am sure you are very aware of. This is the dirty plague of corruption. Many nations have been crippled and left in debts as result of corruption, hence it has to be dealt with in the most harsh of manners and perpetrators should bare the maximum penalty . Like the army indicated one of the main agendas for "Operation Restore Legacy" was to flush out the criminal elements that sucked that country dry. We hope this continues to be path in which the country moves. Various institutions such as the Vehicle Inspection Department, Zimra, ZiRP, and different financial institutions (Ecocash agents) amongst many are others are the major culprits in spreading and facilitating corruption in this country, may they know the wrath of "Ngwena".

Major emphasis placed on the Zimbabwe Republic Police who are meant to be the people tasked with serving and protecting us but instead have worn a different face and decided to turn on the very same people they are meant to protect. Rather than being a symbol of solitude the navy blue uniform has been used as a tool to harass people, detain them form no reason, a uniform meant to instill a sense of safety to Zimbabwean citizens has being one of the main sources of fear in this country. When the Zimbabwe Defense Forces stepped in the ZRP evaporated from our streets and roads a dark shadow was lifted from the skies of Zimbabwe. Let them know as they return to their duties that they should not hide behind the badge to commit heinous crimes and harass people but rather use it as beacon of hope for our people. Please Mr. President put an end to these senseless fundraising schemes and roadblocks infesting our nation. Thousands of Zimbabweans were happier and enjoyed driving better when the roadblocks were conducted by the army, even facing down the barrel of a tanker someone would still wear a smile on their face because of the warm treatment they got, let this be an example to the ZRP and if need be let them take lessons on roadblock conduction from the Zimbabwe Defense Forces.

It is our sincerest believe that along with your rise to office of the president is a strong desire to build a government highlighting on inclusivity as you have stated in a later written to your people. During the negotiation between The Zimbabwe defense forces and Former President CDE Robert Mugabe the war veterans called upon the people of Zimbabwe to march in solidarity in a bid to force out the former president the whole nation heed to these calls and on the morning of Saturday the 18th of November what filled the streets of all the cities of Zimbabwe were thousands of people. Thousands of people that were not afraid to stand for their great nation of Zimbabwe, when called upon, we surely showed the whole of the world the great power that one great nation standing together possesses. All Zimbabweans came together despite color, race, tribe or political affiliation to stand for one common goal. Mr. President do no preach discrimination in your government due to political affiliation but preside over a government of inclusivity were anyone willing to work hand in hand with u for the greater good of the nation is not shunned away but welcomed with open arms.

Mr. President , 24 years I have lived in Zimbabwe and if I am being honest never have I tuned into ZBC to watch the news because there has always been a belief that it's a media outlet that reports bias news. For the first time ever we saw dozens of people tune into ZBC soon after commencement of "Operation Restore Legacy" as they waited to hear the new developments happening in their country. Please Mr. President let media outlets in this country continue to operate freely and fairly and have the freedom to report on news that is not tempered with or censored in as long as it adheres to the constriction of Zimbabwe. Let not reporters be intimidated from doing their job in fear of being victimized or even adducted with no trace like the previous leadership had been known to do in multiple cases. Let ZBC turn into the preferred channel for people to watch through honest reporting like Major General Sibusiso Moyo stared during "Operation Restore Legacy" as we work to build a better Zimbabwe.

Freedom is something most Zimbabweans have never really known since birth, not in its true sense anyways, not under the leadership of Robert Mugabe. The dreading of the name Mugabe is something that was instilled in children from the time they were toddlers and it is just something that most of us just grew with. We knew never to question the government or the leadership of Zimbabwe under the "one center of power" notion by President Mugabe. May you not follow in these footsteps Mr. President and give back the people of Zimbabwe the freedom that our forefathers fought so hard to attain, all that bloodshed and for what, just so that we could transit from one oppressor to another all under the disguise of color. For the first time people were able to discuss politics in the open without having to look over their shoulders in fear of who might be listening in, do not take that freedom away from our people Sir as we have only had a short while to taste its sweetness. Let people have freedom, freedom to express themselves and freedom of speech, do not bully people into silence through the use of the military or security forces. We are a peace loving people therefore aggressive laws that limit our freedom have to be abolished as they are not necessary.

It is the dawn of a new era and as it unfolds, we pray for equal rights for all in this country despite gander, race, religion tribe or political affiliation. Zimbabwe is comprised of many different tribes and let all of them enjoy their fair slice of this new Zimbabwe, may all tribes minority or otherwise be incorporated into this nation and let not any one tribe be the sole beneficiary of the resources or opportunities that this country provides, Zimbabwe belongs to every Tonga, Shona, Ndebele, Kalanga amongst many other tribes. Let tribally related atrocities committed in the past (Gukurahundi) be addressed as ignoring them will simply come across as a lack of remorse or empathy for the victims and their families. As our economy improves the people at the high table should seat down to discuss compensation for the families of the victims of politically and tribally related violence, some of which have not been buried in a respectful African manner up to this day. May these issues be addressed in public Mr. President and surely enough people will find it in their hearts to forgive past sins and stand with you in building a better nation for all.

Zimbabwe has a very good and clear constitution but under the ironclad ruler ship of President Mugabe it was mealy a document for display. Let all your actions be in line with the constitution and do not amend the constitution every time you get the desire to do so to give yourself the unlimited power of a god, the constitution is there to clearly state the confinements under which every Zimbabwean has to work under, yourself included Mr. President. Let it be clear that nobody is above the constitution, even its chief custodian. Please Mr. President Let the constitution be clear and precise in its confinements. President Robert Mugabe had an opportunity to build a legacy around his Name and be the icon of Africa if not the world but he gave all that up because he was not willing to pass on the torch and wanted to hold on to power for as long as possible. You are a hero to our people, you and you alone have the opportunity to rewrite history as the man that removed Robert Mugabe, do not destroy that legacy by holding on to power for too long. Set a clear term limit in the constitution and serve your term to the best of your abilities but when your time is up understand that it is up and pass on the torch to someone else, what they decide to do with it is now up to them. Do not constantly amend the constitution to give yourself another 37 years like your predecessor that simply won't fly with Zimbabweans.

As you appoint a new cabinet Mr. President please to do not restore the same "crimals" that the army worked so hard to remove but put honest men in office, people that will serve the best interest of the country not their own personal agendas. Surround yourself with people that can tell you when you are travelling in a path that can potentially derail your carrier and not those that will encourage your wrong doings like Former president Robert Mugabe's "thugs" did. Listen to the advice given to you by those that work closely with you and do not let promotions and appointments be a reward of loyalty but rather that of performance. Your cabinet should work as a unit for the greater good of the nation and under performance should lead to expulsion and not be subject to reshuffling of cabinet. We are going to be among the first groups to be capped by the New Chancellor on Saturday the 2nd of December at Midlands State University and this is probably the greatest honor bestowed upon any graduate. As we wear those gowns and caps let them stand for something as we look towards a brighter future in optimism for employment. Let not those gowns be a fashion statement as they were slowly turning into with thousands of graduates being released each year without hope for any employment but rather stand as a symbol of achievement as the youth goes out into the world. "Jobs Jobs Jobs" is the anthem that you have been singing since the day you took office; please facilitate the creation of employment through improving our economy. Our economy is not so crippled that it can be said to be beyond retribution, it just needs a nudge in the right direction. If you many start by eradicating of senseless reforms that block the global arena from having any interest in this country at the same time opening doors for new investors as the whole world looks for opportunities in a new Zimbabwe. Do not give them a reason to have second thoughts. Zimbabwe was once known as the food basket of Africa and I am sure we can work together to resuscitate our Agricultural sector to once again rise to the top of the "food" chain. We are a nation that has failed to sustain its own currency and have had to adopt other means to maintain commercial activity in the country. Until such a day when Zimbabwe can have its own currency, a stable currency please Mr. President put your head to together with other nations to find a suitable currency that can be used while we work on a permanent solution for our country. Let the long queues that surround our banks each morning as though people are going to a soccer match yet they are waiting to be given just $20 in bond notes be a thing of the past. Let there be enough cash circulation in the country to allow for people to conduct their day to day commercial activities as we look to embrace a plastic money society. Mr. President as you assume office we plead with you to remember that your sole purpose is to serve the people of Zimbabwe, the nation of Zimbabwe comes first. There is no single person greater than the nation and what we have stood and fought for. Bear in mind that it is Zimbabwe first and president after not President first and the nation after like your predecessor would have it with his "one center of power" notion. Do not create a godly image for yourself using the nation's resources by plastering your face on every party regalia and naming every street, airport and public monuments after yourself. Do not award yourself every tittle that you deem appropriate but give others the power to possess other tittles too, no one man can control every part of the government and party ZANU-PF. If you put your nation first I am sure your country's man will stand full force behind you every step of the way Mr. President. As you carry out your duties Mr. President please make sure that there is transparency at all levels, from the high school head master all the way up to your cabinet. The people of Zimbabwe are a very intelligent people; please do not insult their intelligence by feeding them lies and acting in shady manner. Let the people know what the government and office of the president is planning at all times and not to just have things imposed upon them, we are a democracy so let us use that word to the fullest. Neither you nor any other member of your government should use state resources for their own personal gain or use the power of the office they are assigned to promote for corrupt and unconstitutional agendas. Limit unnecessary trips outside of our boarders and to not let the skies become your second home as flight costs money.

In as much as your wife has a duty to the people, I am confident she possess the maturity and intelligence to know when not to over step her bounds. Former first lady ruined the legacy of her husband by constantly running her mouth and insulting respectable man of this nation. She addressed issues that the public had no business hearing about, issues that could have been discussed behind closed doors without involving the general populous, emphasis on the religious sector as witnessed on Sunday the 5th of November. Please let the first lady behave in the manner a first lady should behave, let Amai Mnangagwa be an inspiration to the people of Zimbabwe and not use your position to try and sky rocket herself to the top the way Amai Grace Mugabe tried to therein leading to the loss of her husband's job. We have a tremendous amount of respect for the first lady and the way she handles herself in public, may she not be poisoned by the taste of power.

Mr. President you have a chance to go down in the books of history as the savior of Zimbabwe, the man, the warrior, the "Ngwena" that managed to remove President Robert Mugabe from office and gave the people of Zimbabwe their freedom back. The man that came and lifted a dark cloud that had been dangling over Zimbabwe for a very long time and in the process fixing its socio-economic problems. We pledge our support to you in helping you rebuild this nation once in tatters. You have given the people of Zimbabwe hope and the ability to dream again, please do not let our dreams be just that but turn them into a reality. Like you said in your own words you are a "servant of the people of Zimbabwe" so now we call upon you to serve this nation and lead it to a better place as we stand behind you. You are our hero so please do not give us a reason to vilify you or regret having you as our leader.

We write this letter in a personal capacity but it is our belief that many Zimbabweans share the same sentiments. Consider yourself lucky as you have had the chance to see where your predecessor went wrong first hand. Do not follow in his footsteps and surely you become one of the greatest men to walk the soils Zimbabwe. Like the song goes "Kutonga kwaro" titongei va MNANGAGWA, we are ready to heed to your calls.

Sincerely yours

Sisasenkosi Khabelo Dube & Mduduzi B Dube
(Optimistic Zimbabwean Youths)

- Sisasenkosi Khabelo Dube & Mduduzi B Dube


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