Mnangagwa's time to feast with his friends

Mnangagwa's time to feast with his friends
Published: 01 December 2017 (323 Views)
I think when Mugabe received a copy of these appointments he could be having the last laugh. Is this the change Zimbabweans were waiting for? Fishing out criminals around the President and fishing out criminals around the boat and refilling the same positions. For progress sake it is better to release Chombo and Chipanga because we have gone back to square one. For some of us we saw this coming and I openly told people that the problem with Zimbabweans is that they are desperate anything that comes along their way they simply endorse it without any critical analysis.

 When this issue of military coup took place, I openly told people that this was an issue between G40 and Lacoste, and today we are in this power vacuum because of political ignorance. Too late let's move on. What a sad story and moment for Zimbabwe to receive such bad news, is this a cabinet or it's a military rule? I'm afraid to say it all that we are under a military rule. My question then goes back to the issue of operation restore legacy which was spearheaded by the army. To be quite frank we are back to square one.

This thing lacks legitimacy and credibility. ED has messed up big time and I think he got it all wrong. This is where you get it all wrong ED was not elected by he was elevated by the military and there is nothing he could do. These are the same guys who helped him to be where he is and it would be very difficult to drop them. Do we really need a psychiatrist to tell us that all is not well in Zimbabwe and we have gone back to square one?

The civilians were used in their fights. Why putting soldiers in the Government I thought critical economic areas such as agriculture, mining and industry require expertise, only to see soldiers allover Munhumutapa building, sad moment indeed. The fights were between Lacoste and G40 and the unfortunate thing is that civilians were caught up in the web to remove Mugabe. I think civilians should have demanded the ouster of the whole system than an individual. Zanu PF is a system and it will never change and it remains the same. To me nothing has changed. The only credible thing is that there is a new face at the helm of the country, but the system remains the same.

To make matters worse is to recycle the dead wood in the cabinet. Honestly I was having a strong analysis and I questioned who is really advising President Mnangagwa. I've seen a lot of social media analysts busy blasting MDC Leader please stay away from the good opposition leader for now, spare him this has nothing to do with him, they are some who are busy blaming him why he attended the inauguration but to me he was politically and morally correct, and it was very strategic. Zanu simply has renewed themselves from within, the idea was to strengthen their power base, and this is simply power retention. We can witness a similar fashion in future, the game is not over between Lacoste and G40 and the whole idea is, this is a Zanu PF thing, and civilians were just used to clean up their mess for now. What you simply don't know it is simply ED's time to feast with his friends.

It is morally wrong for Obert Mpofu to get a share on this thing, and it is politically correct to appoint Mpofu in his cabinet, remember elections are around the corner and we are eight months away from the harmonized elections and these are the same people who will fund the thing, mobilize resource and he needs the team for campaigns and propaganda. We have to get used to the system. People are looking at the economic impact and ED is looking at a political impact as well. He has to balance the equation; mathematically he is correct because he wants to return power at any cost.

I have always warned the opposition this game is not going to be cheap, it's a tricky one you need to go back to the drawing board and strategize now or else you are buried in 2018. For a start, education ministry was given to the same guy who messed up during Mugabe's time and you think over 3 million are so stupid to call for his resignation, and my question why protecting this guy, there could be something deeper in Zanu PF that we don't know, it's not about merit or quality but to them it's about bootlicking and loyalty, and there is more to it on that one.

Finance Chinamasa is the substantive guy who messed up big time, he is not even a finance person, we have the likes of Nkosana Moyo who can do better in that area or Luxon Zembe but he has decided to reward his friends' probably deals that are shady and hidden as well. Coming to Home Affairs it was rewarded back to Obert Mpofu the same guy who can't give an explanation to his wealthy and properties, how he acquired them. Foreign Affairs it was given to Sibusiso Moyo, I believe ED was under pressure from the military to reward some of these guys, so "CHINHU ICHI CHINE VENE WACHO" it did not belong to Zimbabweans rather but the political elite and connected strategically who could be rewarded, and I feel we were used in this game. Here is a military man who should simply stick to gun principles, foreign Affairs is a very strong post which requires diplomacy and re- engagement plans do we need a soldier to play that role? I don't know why ED is doing all this and I suggest ED should move in to solve his advisory council or else he will be the shortest President to rule Zimbabwe.

22 ministries is a bloated Government, for example ministry for scholarships for what? To me it's morally wrong. ED has already appointed eight ministers outside parliament privileges, he was supposed to have appointed 5 but he has exceeded the number to 8 and I think this is the time the opposition should begin to be visible and make sure the man is taken to court. One office that I would appreciate is of Ziyambi Ziyambi, he deserves that he has a good track record.

The cabinet only represents Zanu PF interests not national interests for example, Sithembiso Nyoni of all the people, she got youth Ministry yet there are people like Temba Mliswa and Wadyajena Mayor, what is the problem with ED's team? We only have two women in the cabinet why? What is the problem? These appointments need more genuine answers and I guess ED should have a platform to respond to these issues raised by citizens accurately.

We have 10 provincial ministers for what? The Government through the local Government board he was supposed to introduce provincial council centers not what we are seeing. This is a bloated system and it will drain a lot of fiscus. Zanu PF has destroyed our country and it is high time the whole system must be accountable to all their deeds.

We have the likes of Pupurai Togarepi becoming a deputy Minister, honestly what qualifications does this guy have for him to become a deputy minister? Only because he has been going around terrorizing civilians and singing praise worship and bootlicking ED and now he has been rewarded a cabinet post. Terence Mukupe has land issues and other serious crimes which warrant arrest but to my surprise he is the same guy who is given deputy portifolio. I don't see this Government attracting investors and funding. To me it is a mountain to climb. The only challenge ED is going to have is legitimacy and international credibility.

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo writes in his personal capacity as the Head of Southern Institute of Policy Analysis and Research – SIPAR TRUST, which is responsible for policy Analysis and Research. He is also an academic and researcher. He holds a BA, M.A from Solusi University, and he also holds a Masters of Development Studies from University of Lusaka, Zambia. He is currently enrolled at University of Kwazulu Natal University in South Africa (PHD in Development Studies). He can be contacted at

- Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo


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