Mnangagwa: Patriot or Zanu-PF pure breed?

Mnangagwa: Patriot or Zanu-PF pure breed?
Published: 01 December 2017 (438 Views)
On March 2, 1970 when Ian Smith the Rhodesian Front Party leader, then ruling in Rhodesia, made a bold statement in a speech that declared Rhodesia a Republic that the blacks will never rule Rhodesia, not in a thousand years. Ian Smith died having seen majority rule by blacks in Zimbabwe Humanity has fallen into a trap of her pride and made statements that have set a precedent statement: That politics is a dirty game..

Politicians tend to exaggerate views and opinion as though records will forgive them in the future. Emmerson Mnangagwa would not be an exception if people of Zimbabwe would take note.  His cabinet composition can be nothing untoward since he is a Zanu pure breed except the people forget. Mnangagwa statement of truth on his return to Zimbabwe after a self-staged coup in November 2017 was: Muchaukura mugoukura Zanu inchigotonga chete.(You will back and back but Zanu will still rule).

There are things Mnangagwa can do and will do but he cannot throw aside the colleagues who helped in destroying Zimbabwe without risking his destruction. To appease the Chinese, which it has to be acknowledged will be a huge partner in Zimbabwe politics and economy for as long as Zanu rules, notice how a general has turned out to be assigned to foreign affairs in his Cabinet pick. In is a statement that Zimbabweans need understand and analyse for future context.

There is something Mnangagwa like about Patrick Chinamasa perhaps as birds of the same further in the legal fraternity. He comes back as Minister of finance. May be there are unfinished works they could not accomplish with the old man in his position they now want to complete. It puts many questions including if this is not a cabinet to work on elections for June 2018 or whatever time period they may be set for.

I am not concerned with the view of young age but believe that if the young make right choices on leadership they have the future to run the country based on sound experience passed on. If the opposition does not work hard from now till 2018 and quickly seek annulment of of stifling laws to FREEDOMS of speech, association and political formation then laws used to stifle opposition before will soon apply. No wonder why in their experience the British wait for 2018 elections before they open every avenue of trust to Zanu again.

It's difficult to gauge what Mnangagwa aims to achieve whether it's for the national benefit or for Zanu benefit. Zanu pure breed people have committed acts prejudicial and pushed the whole nation and country into economic bankruptcy. It was no act of one or two but a group of them called leaders. Watch the cabinet and notice that all these are as bad as any Zanu person who worked with Mugabe.

The country needs establish democracy once and for all in 2018. Opposition politics must equip itself for winning this time round if they send the right message and speak ot clean and strong. The danger is not in the age but in the terms of office and ideas of the party: Is it people driven or elite driven. Zanu is elite driven. They can only take turns to milk the country by initially making cosmetic changes for the eyes of the frustrated masses who will accept anything as change on promise without delivery.

Zimbabweans need change their perception and trust into the need for tangible results based on history of people and what they have done. Zanu has many failed businessmen who are also government cabinet Ministers to supplement their incomes from coffers of government.  Most of them are rich by outside Zimbabwe standards and their wealth has a history of less than thirty years covering the rule of Mugabe. Were Mugabe young I would be predicting his come back soon? But Mugabe as a system has not left government offices at all. President Mnangagwa is a Zanu pure breed who acts patriotic when it suits those who gives him audience.

Zimbabweans have to ask for tangible structural changes in policies, budget and the appointments to constitutional centers that preserve the dignity of governing our country. The public service leadership like the police have been in existence since independence yet change is expected under Mnangagwa, what change really? People have talked too much anticipating changes in their dreams without watching who Zanu is and what makes the fabric or the current president. I do not mind what he promises but would watch what he does.

In conclusion it is safe to project that if General Chiwenga runs the elections well in 2018 as they have done always before with assistance of Mudede, then he may be rewarded as Vice president. If we do not put our thinking hats together as opposition this round, then it may be hard to see any change substantive for another thirty years after 2018 elections results. 2017 has given Zanu a new lease of life by sacrificing their legendary leader whose shoes had become too big he could not walk in them.

- Andrew M Manyevere


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