MDC demands reforms, free and fair elections

MDC demands reforms, free and fair elections
Published: 01 December 2017 (411 Views)
The MDC National Standing Committee sat in full session in Bulawayo on Saturday 26th of November 2017 to deliberate and review the current political and socio -economic situation in the country, emphasising on the urgent need for a return to normalcy, constitutionalism and a swift stabilisation of the country's economy.

Party spokesperson Kurauone Chihwayi said the NSC acknowledged the immense effort made by the people of Zimbabwe in the struggle for freedom and democracy, manifested by the anti -Mugabe marches held in various parts of the country in the last few weeks which eventually led to the long -awaited exit from office of the former President Robert Mugabe who presided over the rot and economic decay in the country for the past 3 decades.

"The Standing Committee welcomed this development as a huge milestone in the democratisation struggle in our country. While noting the historical background of the recent mass protests as being rooted in the MDC's agenda for change launched back in 1999, the Standing Committee expressed gratitude to the military for respecting human life during its intervention," he said.

"The NSC agreed that the interim government led by Emmerson Mnangagwa had a huge task ahead of it, in particular to demonstrate that it was genuinely committed to correcting the wrongs committed by his predecessor, in particular to immediately take swift and visible steps to usher in economic and socio -political reforms during this transitional period."

He said Mnangagwa was challenged to tackle head on the economic challenges facing the country, including soaring prices of basic commodities, the unrelenting liquidity crisis, unemployment among many others, all of which are symptoms of a derelict government.

"NSC noted that without visible and meaningful steps on the part of the new government to depart from Robert Mugabe's legacy of violence, corruption, intimidation and capture of state institutions among other vices, there was not much hope for change in the country under the leadership of a ZANU PF government," he said.

"Of particular focus was the call by the NSC for the smooth continuation of the voter registration process in order to pave way for free, fair and credible elections next year, highlighting that a state or military captured ZEC would not be acceptable. The meeting underscored the need to create an environment free from violence and intimidation as we head towards the elections. In this regard the elections directorate was mandated to monitor the situation very closely and give weekly detailed updates of all electoral developments and activities countrywide."

He said various other demands were presented on the new government which included among other issues; An urgent enquiry into the missing $15 billion,
Expedite economic reforms in order to attract foreign direct investments, The need for the new government to walk the talk on corruption and desist from selective application of the law, Repossess all looted properties from the Mugabes and other Zanu PF people and Reactivate the organ of national healing, Give the people of Manzou back their homes.

They demanded government to expedite the implementation of all outstanding provisions of the constitution, particularly those on devolution of power and electoral and security sector reforms.

"The NSC underscored its commitment to the reconstruction of Zimbabwe and reiterated that it was only through a free, fair and credible electoral process through which the people freely choose leaders of their choice could Zimbabwe attain genuine freedom and democracy," he said.        
Kurauone Chihwayi
MDC National Spokesperson

- Kurauone Chihwayi

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