Zimbabweans jostling to see Mnangagwa's 'dhomocracy'?

Zimbabweans jostling to see Mnangagwa's 'dhomocracy'?
Published: 01 December 2017 (432 Views)
What's wrong with Emmerson Mnangagwa's 'democracy', that it fails to elicit even the most suspended of curiosities from Diasporans, that it commands the most reprimanding rejection from the ever-suffering and long-abused political locale, and the most alluring repudiation by the international community of the civilised, that all cannot do anything but see!

There are many things in life for which you don't need to wait and see. Their very essence inspire spontaneous seeing; celebration. Of all things in the world - for which lives are knowingly laid down - nothing invokes spontaneous validation like freedom. Zimbabwe's borders in the region should be to breaking-point by now, processing hordes of 'Zimbabwean' returnees coming back to a democracy that has plucked them from exile across neighbouring borders. The UN and other international agencies should be making huge disbursements, funding Zimbabwean returnees from distances ashore, all to return home in song, dance and celebration.

None of that is happening. None of that will happen. Why?

This is what you get when power-hungry thugs - acting conspiratorially and with treasonable brashness - seize the State unconstitutionally and deceptively: a universal rejection by all, even by the most fanatical of 'people's democratic' loudmouths of the East. When the 'Look East' policy doesn't even get you the usual hollow ideological outpourings of nothing, you know you are alone.

Emmerson Mnangagwa's democracy is dead, dead as it has not begun. Silent. Sad. Gloomy. And above all, universally treated with melancholic denouement by the world. It is not democracy, then, even a hollow democracy. This is Mnangagwa's dhomocracy!

But how else and what else would it be called if comes hard on the back of villainy, deception, treachery, a coup, and a vengeful bandwagon of party factional venge-sayers who themselves have nothing to offer by way of popular good than the 'losing' factionalists they are today selectively pursuing using a victor's axe? How can you purport to have the names Emmerson Mnangagwa and General Chiwenga on the opposite sides with corruption? Those names sit on the same side as corruption, and output corruption. It is not me or you saying so; go to the US, EU and other organizations. They have long pronounced publicly on these characters alongside corruption. Their corruption is legendary and surpasses in its crudeness, as demonstrated in the last few weeks, in its ferociousness to capture the State for self-preservation and self-perpetuation of Emmerson Mnangagwa and General Chiwenga.

Like him or hate him, Robert Mugabe - for all his well-known sins - at least had cheering crowds 'welcoming' and 'supporting' in 1979 when he returned from exile. But what is wrong with Emmerson Mnangagwa, that he cannot get even the most token of support from people supporting him, but instead, rides on the back of a crowd frog-marched by General Chiwenga and his army of putschists on his behalf, denouncing Mugabe, but not expressing support for Emmerson Mnangagwa? Of course, we saw scripted placards - written by the army on behalf of the rented and coerced crowds - purporting to say people now rejected Mugabe and wanted Mnangagwa - but they all passed for what they exactly were: actions of a depraved lot who have nothing to offer decent humanity except their usual twisted rejectables hammered together from their Devil's workshop they mis-call 'protecting the constitution'.

These are people who - 37 years on - still believe they can deceive, cheat, coerce and hammer people around their twisted images of life, as they did many years ago in Mozambique and have done since 1980 through Gukurahundi and other bad things they have done. They still think they can make people see democracy where there is dhomocracy. Both, Emmerson Mnangagwa and General Chiwenga, feature prominently in all of those evil acts, on the side of evil; on the side of Mugabe, who today, they purport to demonise as if they have never been part of him. And … but how about the painfully misnamed 'Operation Restore Legacy', their 'rallying cry' for their palace coup? Whose legacy? Who epitomises that legacy? Is it not Mugabe they are today pretending to hate? Yes, ther you go, Emmerson Mnangagwa and General Chiwenga rejecting and accepting simultaneously!

Criminality is never able to cover up for all eventualities, particularly of a concert or conspiratorial nature. It unravels, through yawning and opening gaps in the detail, and through time, as people work things backwards, as people already are.

Now that the deception has gone, and the choreographed euphoria of the people dissipated, we all now able see the spewing sewer of lies bubbling to the surface through the wafer-thin membrane of their deception, and the whole thing stinks of political mischief-making on a grand and militarised scale. Villains have seldom sunk this low. These ones surpass themselves, even by any stretch of foolishness, colliding - as they do - on incriminating evidence they have planted all over the place as they hurriedly try to plug the gaps of their coup with Sellotape.

Jonathan Moyo is a prolific tweeterer, but of the many tweets he has made, none are so true and apt as the two that were run by various publications today, including this one.

Jonathan Moyo has said Mnangagwa is unelected and unelectable. He has also said Mnangagwa and General Chiwenga are Gukurahundists and looters, leaders of Zimbabwe's looteritariat, essentially. He could and should have gone further and said, both Mnangagwa and Chiwenga are evil man. About that, he could have claimed and can claim 'fair comment' and also relied on the well-established notion of 'common knowledge' of the fact. Gukurahundi, Murambatsvina, the 2008 clampdown on democracy, the lootery, and the coup of last week, define these two gentlemen, with cruel precision.

Today, still at their old macabre craft, they have designated each other, one a de jure and the other, a de facto, president, as Jonathan Moyo quite rightly said in one of his tweets today. The evil handiwork of the Two Musketeers!

We could all ask today: Who do Emmerson Mnangagwa and General Chiwenga think they are, that they can try to hold an entire nation by its balls, for their enjoyment and self-preservation?

Time will tell. But even this evil alliance of theirs must come to an end sooner than later, as each tries to be the one to first eliminate the other to save one's skin. But before that, or even beyond that, they may have to face the wrath of a people now long sick and tired of Mnangagwa and General Chiwenga and their evil deeds over so many decades. They may need to face the Public Court of Popular Wrath, as the people demand answers. Nobody has the right to abort democracy and rehash tyranny when freedom is all but that close, even through natural expiration. Both deserve an end tragic and lacking in mercy that that the late Gaddafi's end will seem like some form of salvation.

Jonathan Moyo has also said in his tweet today, Zanu-PF is dead, and that the true Zanu-PF has remained with Robert Mugabe. By all account, Moyo is right on both accounts. The next few days and months as we hurtle towards the 2018 election will be crucial - that is, if these unelected and unelectable thugs allow them.

The persecuted faction - G-40 or Mugabeists - and by all accounts the more sober (exclude Grace Mugabe) faction of the dead Zanu-PF than the sabre-rattling lunatic fringe of Mnangagwaists - will likely re-group. But here is the interesting bit. If this persecuted group chooses to still avail itself of the political traction of Robert Mugabe as its rallying leader, we may be in for interesting times ahead. Mnangagwa can never beat Mugabe even if Mugabe was a corpse in a coffin! Mnangagwa can't beat anyone!

In 2005, Ariel Sharon - an old Likud party member and former leader - broke away from it and formed the Kadima Party and won the next elections. Could the same be potentially in the offing? That one I can join and work for, even to the exclusion of the MDC pantomime of the last 20 years, if for nothing else, than principle.

A last point and slight digression. It is altogether disheartening to see that not only is it political opportunists within the dead Zanu-PF who have turned bootlicking into a fine art, newspaper outlets have jumped onto the same bandwagon. Already, nothing 'critical' of Mnangagwa is being run by most publications, even by respectable publications, as they seek 'acceptance' under the 'new' 'order' (disorder).

When shall we learn, that it is this failure by newspapers, and indeed collusion and carvoting by newspapers, that gave us Robert Mugabe, Emmerson Mnangagwa and General Chiwenga in 1980, characters who have dominated and continue to dominate our lives in this most negative and dismembering of ways.

Come on newspapers, you are the platforms - the only platforms - through which we must all say Emmerson Mnangagwa and General Chiwenga's coup is illegal, criminal and wrong and that in rejecting it as such, we are as a nation and as peoples, refusing to submit to rule by force and coercion by Mnangagwa and Chiwenga. Or else, how do we expect people who have come to power through a means other than democratic and electoral, to maintain themselves in power, each in turn, as they protect themselves, until they die?

When people in the diaspora are not returning home, and when those inside the country are subdued - barely days into the coup - we all have a duty to question and interrogate that, and not just wait to excitedly run Jonathan Moyo's tweets as if those were the only moral campus around which we can rally to liberate ourselves. Emmerson Mnangagwa and General Chiwenga are not just worse than Mugabe by historical account, they are also so by the contempt with which they have tone the country's constitution into pieces and used it as a façade to cover up for their crimes and to force us all to be angry on their behalf against Robert Mugabe.

And who needs outward-facing and outward-accusing political sound-bites today? Heh heh … three months moratorium for fund-externalizers! We need in-wards looking and inward accusing raft of legislation bringing to account all wrong-doing ranging from economic and financial crimes to human rights violations, at the apex of all of which sit Emmerson Mngangagwa and General Chiwenga themselves. Let's here that, Acting President Emmerson Mnangagwa (you are not one until you get elected by the people in your own right, in your own name!), not this face plastering hogwash you have announced.

And at the same time factional rivals are being gagged and chained. We care, not only because they are people being victimized vindictively, but we care because the greater thing, the principle of democracy, is being decimated right in front of our eyes. We know that soon, that evil will be kicking our own doors open, unless we stood up to these private vendettas that come disguised as State action.    

Emmerson Mnangagwa and General Chiwenga's twin action, today, constitute dhomocracy. Our collective action and responsibility as a nation and peoples, is to reject that dhomocracy!

- Xoxani Ngxoxo


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