Sydney Sekeramayi: Trained to save lives and then trained to kill innocent people

Sydney Sekeramayi: Trained to save lives and then trained to kill innocent people
Published: 14 September 2017 (247 Views)
The internal dog-eat-dog savage fights in Zanu-PF are real. For a long time the infighting has been predictably so because the ingredients of systemic dis functionality dramatically fall into place as the frail center fails to hold. Some of the belligerents have been spooked by the happenings, so petrified that they are now perilously in panic mode. Many are seeking refuge, desperately huddling together in some corner of a not so camouflaged and not so glorious liberation struggle 'tent' of the past when there is an angry hurricane. Grace Mugabe continues to mercilessly and relentlessly pummel those harbouring ambitions to succeed her husband.

Dr. Sydney Sekeramayi, a beneficiary of a Zapu sourced scholarship to Chekoslovakia in the 60s is one such person who misguidedly thinks the past is both a suitable and convenient hiding place. He however seems to be blissfully ignorant of the fact that the peoples' reverence for those who confronted the racist colonial regime is a political perishable.

In his desperate attempt to ward-off and shield himself from allegations that he poisoned Emerson Mnangagwa he has exposed his real self as a liar.

While he shares more a common political CV hinged on post independence crimes against humanity with Mnangagwa they share less on liberation credentials. Sekeramayi is quoted as saying he was trained in medicine by the Swedes to save life. We believe him. Sweden is one of the few Eurpean countries which supported African independence and has a very strong history of support for human rights fights globally.

Sekeramayi's statement sharply contradicts his action on the political ground especially with regards to his propensity for human rights violations in his individual capacity as well as being part of the Zanu-PF terror-instilling collective. It is absolutely incomprehensible for Sydney to imagine that such a declaration will exonerate him from culpability in activities that take away life since violence is the cornerstone of his party's rule whether it is directed at other political parties or it is intra-Zanu-PF.

Has Sekeramayi suddenly dis covered the sanctity of human life or suddenly he now can recollect with precision the teaching of ethics at medical school?

What will only be fair to the public is for Sekeramayi to non-selectively disclose and confess to everything that he has done in the past, in particular those deeds that took away other peoples lives in the most gruesome ways thereby setting him on a collision course with the teachings of ethics at Lund in Sewden. The war of liberation aside, it is fitting that we remind him that when the Gukurahundi genocide was committed between 1980 and 1987 he was a Zimbabwe Government Minister for National State Security.

It is common knowledge that this is the Ministry which played a pivotal role in the Zanu-PF driven ethnic cleansing Gukurahundi project which targeted only the people of Matabeleland and the Midlands strictly on tribal grounds. Sekeramayi knows that if the International Criminal Court was not selective in its enforcement of international justice instruments to protect humans he would be a perfect candidate for the dock at the Hague to answer charges of mass manslaughter, incitement, maiming, use of rape as a political tool, destruction of homes, livestock and other property. He also knows that the ICC list of witnesses would be oversubscribed.

It becomes extremely difficult to reconcile the crimes committed by the Gukurahundi under the direct command of Sekeramayi and his accomplices to his training to save life as a medical doctor. The only logical explanation to this is that Sekeramayi and his co-accused in the Gukurahundi crime were motivated by tribal hatred of the people of Matebeleland and and The Midlands. According to the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights Charter of 1948 it is an offence to target for slaughter other people only because they just happen to speak a different language. The UN is becoming vocal though lately on the crisis in Myanmer/Burma which resembles the Gukurahundi massacre in every respect. Where were his medical ethics when he sanctioned the murder of innocent and defenceless civilians outside of a war situation insisting that they were harbouring state enemies and so a scorched - earth policy that left nothing alive in the path of the Shona only Brigade. Such lies are sickening.

Moses Mzila Ndlovu ANSA (Alliance for National Salvation) Interim President.

- Moses Mzila Ndlovu


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