Has Mathebeleland steeped this low as a region? Are we desperate?

Has Mathebeleland steeped this low as a region? Are we desperate?
Published: 16 August 2016 (777 Views)
I can never say I read an article titled 'A bumper season of ‘Unholy Alliances' - An Mthwakazi-Zanu-PF is one too?' on Bulawayo24.com with GREAT INTEREST; I was not amused at all by this article from the moulds of Xoxani Ngxoxo. The last paragraph of his article has quoted the word "Mthwakazi" 10 times, an effort to market Zanu-PF first to appeal to Mathebeleland region, it is testing the waters.  How are peoples of Mathebeleland, Mthwakazi going to react to this offer to be swallowed once and forever? Honestly how do you market a murderous party to victims, to the very Gugurahundists?

What guarantee is there that Emerson Mnangagwa will not be part of the ruling government, post Mugabe era? Is Xoxani a G40 recruitment wing hence we being wooed into post Mugabe Zanu-PF removing Mnangagwa as possible leader of Zanu-PF and government? If Xoxani is a born-free, he really does not appreciate the magnitude of destruction of lives, both young and old that perished in the genocide activities from 1983 to 1987 through the hands of Zanu that had elements of Ndebele people in it: Enos Nkala as one of them? You do not need not to be born free to realize the twisted and destructive nature of Zanu-PF, even in Mashonalands.

I am writing this article and airing my own views, but I hasten to say that I have consulted those few confidents in my circle. We are all disgusted about this article from Xoxani just to say the least. In my eyes, this article is not only rude but it is underestimating a lot in the people of Mathebeleland. This article is not only rude but it is sending a message to all and sundry that if these "Mthwakazis" do not accept this offer of alliance then they will unleash yet another Gugurahundi to put the people of Mathebeleland into their place where they were confined to in 1987, annihilation however partial and the rest, total subjection to Zanu-PF. This article is a honey coated poisonous concoction, ill-timed. It is for this reason it should never go unchallenged. #This Flag!  #Tajamuka

Xoxani Ngxoxo, your article "A bumper season of "Unholy Alliances" an Mthwakazi-Zanu-PF is one too" cannot be accepted by the peoples of Mathebeleland at all. The problem of marginalization of some provinces has already been solved in the 2013 latest constitution of Zimbabwe: Devolution. What is left is its implementation. The peoples of six provinces voted unanimously for the devolution of power and we thank all those great legal minds that went into crafting those clauses to be made to be part of the statutory durable requirements to lasting solutions in our ethnic volatile, ethnic divided, ethnic polarized country.

Xoxani Ngxoxo, perhaps me included, let's not play with paraffin and a match stick too close to each other. We are a not only deeply divided nation in ethnic terms, the long-time hatred of one another is very much entrenched in the psych  of many, is well known for its ethnic antagonism, Zimbabwe, a buzz word for "ethnic intolerance." Please let's be sensitive towards those who suffered atrocities of the magnitude of genocide in Mathebeleland and Midlands in the early 1980s of Zimbabwe's independence. The pain that the peoples of Mathebeleland and Midlands is as fresh as yesterday, skin deep, worst still there is no genuine "pardon" on the part of the government itself, instead, Mr. George Charamba is even denying its existence, no word of sorry from the chief architect, you go on to trivially suggest an alliance to people who are nursing serious wounds of loss. Shallow graves are opening up: the scattered human bones of our relatives in Mathebeleland itself, for the birds and the animals to wonder at the "wonder" works of the so-called higher-minds-species called human beings. Carcases of animals are found in national parks but not the ones of humans where citizens live.

It is my opinion that the peoples of Mathebeleland do not need this alliance with Zanu-PF but an alliance with the peoples of Mashonalands, having both realised where the devil in the making is coming from, it is from Zanu-PF. Since the beginning of the Millennium, the brutal victimization of people is not only felt by the Mathebele peoples only but all provinces in the nation. It is only those chosen few: one millionth of the population who are enjoying the fruits of independence both of Shona and Ndebele tribes. The people of Mashonalands now realize that they have been used by Zanu-PF to be tribal and divide the country in terms of development. (The grand plan that was crafted behind the back of the peoples of Mashonalands) Your "Unholy Alliance" is seriously short of timing. We are celebrating the #This Flag as a sign of nearing the end of a Zanu-PF era, you come up with the unthinkable and you sincerely think that the peoples of Mathebeleland are that gullible to make an unholy alliance with a murderer: Zanu-PF.

Xoxani, we are preparing ourselves post Zanu-PF era that is given to us; you want it or not. When regions are given powers to execute their own community based developments in their own regions, we shall prosper as regions and the animosities will go. We shall find pride and identity as people who deserve respect of "other." We cannot deny the fact that communities have intermarried and to a certain extent we have become heterogeneous. There is no need to invite to suppress one ethnic group by a party with serious reputation like Zanu-PF. We do not want to talk about Mthwakazi supremacy as you put it, that statement fuels tribalism. We want to co-exist with all ethnic groups in the nation and learn to live harmoniously, a pre-requisite to development and good progress in the region.  Zimbabwe can be an example to the world at large regarding multi-culturalism, it has that great potentially to set good example putting their history as an experience, as an example all the time.

We want to speak the word multi-kulti just like it is spoken in countries like Germany where there was once upon a time their racism; their supremacy ideologies brought the world into serious World Wars. We cannot afford to take this Mathebele-Mashona ethnic antagonism to the next generation. Suggesting to the peoples of Mathebeleland to be swallowed by Zanu is not a durable solution to the peoples of Mthwakazi but it is a self serving drive to recruit the Ndebele peoples successfully into Zanu-PF.  (It could be serving a click in the G40 we do not want to be part of the Zanu-PF succession wars, we must be left alone in this war)

 Remember too that the peoples of Mashonalands were coerced to vote for Zanu-PF since 1980. Zanu-PF is now irked in Mashonalands itself, they would rather they voted for Zim-First Mujuru's party than the Zanu-PF criminal cabals.

She is absolutely spot on: I cannot agree more about what Yemurai choto has already said about Xoxani's article. "Forewarned is forearmed, as the saying goes. In short the writer of the above Article if not Manheru, his student or his person from the Ndebele people, is a person writing these Articles on behalf of the scared Party. It should be mentioned that this is a serious, recruitment drive on behalf of Zanu-PF, given that the 2018 polls are upon Zimbabwe. All the talk of u Mthwakazi, is nothing but a gimmick for appealing to people's sentiments as they apply to "regionalism and tribalism". An example that easily comes to mind, is the preferential treatment of the War Vets members' welfare at the expense of the Zimbabwean masses whose Human Rights were ignored and are economically oppressed, However, still then, the War Vets got preferential treatment at the expense of the ordinary Zimbabwean citizens. As already mentioned, the best way of effectuating the alliance, is to appeal to the Matabeleland people on a regional basis with a particular version of u Mthwakazi or the Mthwakazian sentiments. However, at the end of it, is nothing but an appeal for an alliance and to vote for Zanu-PF in the coming elections. The people of the Region, are seen to be rejecting that Party since the Gukurahundi massacres. As a requirement for an alliance and bringing them back to the Party, these writers will go to any lengths even using inappropriate words or language as long as these appeal to the targeted people of the Region." This comment is taken from Bulawayo 24 was made by Yemurai Choto.

Xoxani Ngxoxo is playing with the absence of a formidable leadership in regions of Mathebeleland.  However I reject and I am sure most of the peoples of this region of Mathebeleland will reject Zanu-PF alliance in Toto. For many reasons, you cannot politically go to bed with people with criminal minds like Zanu-PF, they have done the people of Zimbabwe greater damage, reduced the peoples of Zimbabwe to the extent of finding UDI's Ian Douglas Smith an angel in comparison to Zanu-PF's Robert Mugabe. You cannot politically go to bed or with people who have killed their own in that magnitude of hate. How do you make an alliance with a party that is capable of beating up its people in that brutality not even a month ago,  month of June year 2016.

How do you go make an alliance with a party that still today, incarcerate a young woman: Linda Masarira who is a single mother with children as old as 15 years to two years old? Should that be seen as normal by any standard, are the peoples of Mthwakazi supposed to oversee such atrocities done by police who throw tear in a flat of a single parent in Makhokhoba Township and the child dies of suffocation. Do the peoples of Mathebeleland make an alliance with a party that savagely beat women, some woman was brutally beaten, having her child taken away from her and was beaten savagely in the presence of a bitterly crying baby, no remorse, but the peoples of Mathebeleland should overlook this and allow themselves to be swallowed by a ruthless party of Zanu-PF.  Xoxani Ngxoxo, prisi tipewo masiriyasi  

Should the people of Mthwakazi make an alliance with a police state? No respect for life, are we to be reduced to that level of not respecting human beings as human, but as means to an end? Xoxani, are you using the desperation on the faces of the peoples of Mathebeleland, the peoples of Mthwakazi for your own ambition to be part of the few who will enjoy elite privileges at our expense? This "Unholy alliance, we shall make sure it does not see the light of day. We shall fight it all out never this recruitment drive to succeed. Are you going to harm us then if we do not join you in your unholy alliance? Are we going to be killed in Gugurahundi style?

In Ndebele I could have said; "ulomlomo." Try your game somewhere else.  You could be a CIO agent! The people of Mathebeleland have been insulted enough; there is no need to throw insults to an already insulted population. We cannot take further insults anymore.

#This Flag  #Asisesabi  #Tajamuka  #Hatichatya #Sikijiki

Nomazulu Thata <nomazulu.thata@hotmail.com

- Nomazulu Thata


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