Outing Mugabe in 24 Hours, Power of WORD!!!

Outing Mugabe in 24 Hours, Power of WORD!!!
Published: 14 July 2016 (816 Views)
"In the beginning was the WORD…." I beg Zimbabwean Theologians, Scientists, Philosophers, Hypothesisers, Politicians, Thinkers, Researchers, Change seekers, and Academics to finish that phrase in their own Professional understanding and open their eyes to see the Power of WORD and its potential to deliver freedom in 24 Hours.

The WORD of the ordinary people of Zimbabwe has already BENT MUGABE twice this month. Remember, President Mugabe is nothing more than a collection of cells just like you and me. President Mugabe, big as we have virtually inflated him to be, still remains susceptible to pain, fear and insecurity. He is not different from King Pharaoh, Hitler, Nicolae Ceaușescu, Gaddafi, Mombutu, Mussolini, Saddam, Pic Botha or Hosni Mubarack. Mugabe is just a sperm, like all these others who becomes lucky to be born and installed by the people as leader and becomes so corrupted by the high office so much that he forgets how he got there.

Look at the Power of the WORD and why everything begins from the WORD and why those who know the Power of the WORD fear the WORD. Sometime in 1916, a Malawian poor immigrant was attracted into Rhodesia by booming Industry. He came to Rhodesia with an empty suitcase but he had planned his future intelligently. Once he got into the Rhodesian boarder, he used his WORD to propose to a Zezuru girl.

The WORD of the Malawian caused the Zezuru girl to end up having children with a Malawian. Bona gave birth to Mugabe and the 1916 foreign WORD gave Zimbabwe a President. The WORD was said to all our mothers before we were born and we use the Power of the WORD to change the landscape of Zimbabwe in everything.

Nothing happens without the WORD as the beginning of creation of the Multiverse is known to have been through the Power of Word. For Academics, you know well that the major reason why the Big Bang theory fails is when we ask them where the material to cause the Big Bang came from. This World came only from the WORD. The WORD is not MATERIAL. Big Bang theorists dream of atomic material having collided nucleusly to create material. But, atoms are material and where did the first atom come from? When an Academic has expended all his probability, he crumbles back to the fold and contends that in the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was with…..

Why do people who oppress people fear the WORD? Why does Whattsapp, Facebook or Twitter gets shut up when the Nation is angry? It is clear that the oppressors fear the WORD.

Once the word gets divided, it is no longer the WORD. Half the word is not the WORD and if the people of Zimbabwe have to be educated to remove failed Mugabe in 24 Hours, they have to guard against creating half the word instead of the WORD.

If MDC is mentioned as an agent of change, Academics can reveal that at some point in 1999, the MDC carried the status of the WORD until it got divided by human incompetence to diagnose the full structurer of the WORD.

The recent presentation of Pastor Mawarire of #ThisFlag, has a powerful momentum, BUT, he also has shown incompetence of failing to exploit the full potent of the WORD. Pastor Mawarire initially and cleverly presented his ideology as a humble voice of the generality of non partisan ordinary Zimbabweans. That was the ultimate strength of the WORD. In the first steps of his decorated journey, he erroneously targeted a Ndebele thief Mphoko, whose crime only constitutes to 0.000007% of the total economic crime committed by the Mugabe regime. The WORD does not fail to remove pure from impure. The WORD is proactive. The WORD, during creation of this World knew that if a Mechanical Perpetual Motion machine was to be made possible, people would stop to work and their bodies would die quickly. So, the WORD proactively stopped that machine on the day of creation. The Proactivity of the WORD can stop something before it begins.

Pastor Mawarire's brilliant beginning suffered half the potential of the full status of the WORD the day he targeted a Ndebele thief whose sin is so insignificant, leaving the 91% thief in Mugabe and 8.999% in Mnangagwa because they are Shona.

The full potent of the WORD does not work in groups like Mthwakazi Liberation Organisation (MLO), who, though with very genuine reasons, can never even set off, because of their failure to research on the atomic construction of their prospected organisation. In an atom, if you remove one proton, it automatically changes to become a different material. If your WORD losses one PROTON, it is no longer a WORD but a word.

In 1958, Zapu, then ANC, had the WORD until it employed a bottle of poison called Mugabe who Holds a PhD in Tribal Divisions. Once the WORD is divided, it loses status. Tsvangirai also, must be forgiven he does not understand Academic theory or research, he allowed "Vana vekumusha kwedu" to create a "Them and Us" in a Party that once had the WORD. "Us and Them" are divisive geometries which should not exist in something that aims to exist as the National WORD.

A month ago, The WORD unveiled itself and a few people took and tested its strength beginning with the Beitbridge Precision which reminded Mugabe that the untainted WORD of the people of Zimbabwe cannot be stopped. In that Operation, a Venda, a Fengu, Tonga, Zezuru, Heamaster, Karanga, Tomato Vender, Karanga, War Veteran, Christian, N'ganga, Teacher, Manyika, Ndebele, Airtime Vender, Lecturer, Policeman and Trader worked together and executed their WORD in its ultimately pure format. There was no Party, no Tribe, no Class, no "Us" no "Them", no Catholic, no Protestant, but the WORD OF THE PEOPLE OF ZIMBABWE. It was a moment of Zapu 1958 or MDC 1999.

The people of Zimbabwe are reminded that NOTHING BEATS THEIR WORD. The methodology to evaluate the genuine WORD is by observing that the WORD CANNOT BE PURE until it is ALL-ENCOMPASSING. If the WORD de-selects one element of its entire construction, it is a decaying WORD.

This is the reason why the authors of this article choose to present themselves as a Virtual Institution. A Virtual Institution cannot be a human being because a human being will be Shona or Ndebele, or Christian, or Lawyer etc. Once that categorisation is introduced, the WORD ceases to be the WORD and becomes a susceptible word.

Pastor Mawarire still has a chance to mend his mistake. He would emerge very huge, maybe 60% huge if he were to record his regular videos and apologise for targeting a Ndebele thief who has only stolen a feather as compared to Mugabe. Even when he apologises, he can only have 60% trust unlike the 100% trust he would have commanded if he had followed the WORD in its purity. The other 40% will be permanently lost to people who have already seen his weaknesses and projected what kind of Zimbabwe he would present if the Nation decided to elevate him as its leader.

The WORD, in its pure form, wants to create a rehabilitative Council of Appointees, two from each tribe, to run Zimbabwe for four years after Mugabe. This is because, as it is today in Zimbabwe, no one is CLEAN ENOUGH to rule our country without showing symptoms of Mugabe's intuition which has clouded us to poverty since 1980.

Go on Zimbabweans, ORGINISE yourselves and demand Zimbabwe back. Avoid groupings and act as a rare WORD driven unbeatable entity. Remember, your WORD will always be virtual, but its power is stronger than a Million nuclear bombs. Your WORD is stronger than materials like guns, bombs, ZRP, ZNA, Mugabes, Marujatas or teargas. The scriptures teach us that In the Beginning was the WORD. The word made materials. We took materials to make AK 47s but the WORD is stronger than AK47 in the hand of ZRP. Thus why the Hague lastly demanded the video footage of ZRP beating hungry impoverished Zimbabweans. All the ZRP who were caught in that footage doing crimes against humanity, will join Mugabe and Chihuri at the Hague. Time is patient enough to wait until we get to Hague. At the Hague, there is no AK47, there is a simple, but final tool, the WORD.

Rakanga Danble <rakangadanble@yahoo.com

- Rakanga Danble


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