PTUZ seeking relevance in the press

PTUZ seeking relevance in the press
Published: 18 January 2016 (771 Views)
It is a disgrace that Progressive Teachers' Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) President, Takavafira Zhou is making noise in the private media trying to seek relevance especially from opposition political parties and donors, through accusing the Government of threatening him over the planned go slow by his union.

It is well known that the government is putting much effort in trying to address civil servants' grievances. Zhou is quite aware that the civil servant representatives will meet and have dialogue on pending issues with government this week.  I am quite sure that the government is more than ready for negotiations with civil servants representatives on their grievances.  Why then should government intimidate teacher unions through the alleged law enforcement agents in Masvingo? The Government is a well-organized entity and is committed to improving the conditions of service for its workers.

It is unfortunate that people like Zhou are seeking attention from the private media and mostly donors. Surely, one would be tempted to believe that PTUZ is working in conjunction with opposition parties in trying to effect regime change. Embarking on a go-slow is a pure reflection of sabotage. In previous years, most opposition parties declared that they were going to weaken the Government through escalating crisis in the country. As it stands, this is indeed another form of increased crisis which has now come under the guise of PTUZ.

To make matters worse, Zhou was reported to be linked to former Mwenezi East Legislator and People First member, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti. Though Zhou, quoted in a local daily press was quick to dismiss that his dialogue with Bhasikiti was not connected to the go-slow, but merely academic, who knows, maybe Zhou was revealing and sharing Government secrets with the ex- Mwenezi East Legislator. PTUZ should avoid accommodating people like Bhasikiti as his line of thinking is more aligned to destruction rather than being constructive.

PTUZ members must be ashamed of their behaviour. Failing to teach children whose parents would have sacrificed to pay their school fees fully, is actually a disappointing factor to both the parent and the school children. After all, at the end of the month those teachers will not feel guilty of their actions, but rather go to their respective banks to withdraw salaries for the money they would not have worked for.

Honestly, one would wonder what exactly is the motive behind PTUZ's go slow? PTUZ should perform like other teachers unions that work in good faith with the Government. Teachers unions should resist from being used as political tools by politicians especially by the opposition who are fighting to quench their thirsty of changing the ruling Government.

Like any other civil servants unions, PTUZ should just give dialogue a chance. Go-slow is counterproductive, hence, not an option by Zhou and his colleagues. Acts of sabotage by members of PTUZ is mainly driven by the desire of that union to disrupt service delivery in the education sector so as to harm the Government. PTUZ's motive is crystal clear wants, to tarnish the good image of Government.

On the other hand the private media is setting an agenda of regime change through publishing articles that demean the operations of the Government.

Recently, a workers' union by the name National Education Union of Zimbabwe (NUEZ) peddled false information to the private media that the Government was embarking on a programme of banning all School Development Committees. NUEZ, just like PTUZ was seeking relevance through the press.

In a nutshell, PTUZ should be encouraged to stick to its mandate as a teachers' union and avoid being used as a political tool of effecting regime change. Meanwhile, the Government has promised to look at civil servants complaints among them mobilizing funds to pay them their 2015, 13th cheque.

- Peacemaker Zano

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