How can Zimbabweans remove a God chosen leader?

How can Zimbabweans remove a God chosen leader?
Published: 04 December 2014 (1210 Views)
If president Robert Mugabe was anointed by God to lead the country at the age of 10 as alleged by some top Zanu-PF leaders then poor Zimbabweans will need divine intervention to remove him from power.

No human being in his right senses can attempt to remove a leader anointed by God. While campaigning during last year's general elections, beleaguered vice-president Joyce Mujuru told party supporters that Mugabe was anointed to lead Zimbabwe at the age of 10 and those plotting to remove him were wasting their time.

Mujuru said leaders were anointed by God making them irreplaceable.

"People are wasting their time by opposing Mugabe.It was prophesied way back in 1934 when he was only 10 years old that he was going to lead this country," said Mujuru.

Maybe she was right.Zimbabweans have tried everything in their power to remove Mugabe through the ballot and they have failed. Mujuru herself,according to her enemies, has tried and failed to remove Africa's oldest ruler.

She and other Zanu-PF are being investigated for allegedly plotting to assassinate our dear leader.Its a case of the chicken eating its own eggs. Being Zanu-PF is like someone riding on a hyena, you enjoy the ride while you are still on top and pray that you never fall.

If you fall, you get eaten.In the late 90s, the late former Harare Mayor and deputy minister, Tony Gara (may his soul rest in peace)  incurred the wrath of Christians when he compared Mugabe to God's son, Jesus Christ in what was clearly a desperate man's attempt to sing for his supper and draw the attention of his boss.

Gara was later given land by the government.

Mugabe himself has joked that he has died and resurrected more than Jesus Christ.

"You always report that I have died but you don't tell your readers that I have resurrected," Mugabe told Journalists in Harare some years ago.This was after the media had reported that he had died of cancer.

The authors of the satanic and tribalistic Grand Plan document have described Mugabe as the best leader ever produced by the Shona tribe.No one, not even his opponents deny that Mugabe is a master manipulator, tactician, a pro-Marxist-Leninist and populist who thrives on the colonial style divide and rule system.

He has exploited ethnic divisions between the Shona and Matabeleland tribes to his advantage since independence.He knows very well that in Africa, you only win elections if you are from the majority tribe.While people in Matabeleland and some parts of the Midlands see him as a monster, his own Shona people see him as a demi-God.

The same people believed spirit medium Mbuya Nehanda would never be captured by the British because of her powers, but we all know what happened. Nehanda and Kaguvi were arrested and arraigned in the High court of Matabeleland that sat in Salisbury on February 20 1898.

Nehanda and Kagubi were sentenced to death for challenging colonial rulers who had started dispossessing blacks of their land.The two mediums were hanged on April 27 1898

No human being is immortal.

For years the people of Malawi were brain washed by Kamuzu Banda's evil youths, the Young Pioneers and believed Banda would not die. Banda was known as the Ngwazi - the one who never dies. Banda who once told his opponents that they would be meat for crocodiles died in 1997 at the age of 99-according to some reports.

A political activist from Matabeleland, David Khumalo says the only way to remove Mugabe from power is for Zimbabwean ethnic groups to unite and forget their differences.Many Zimbabweans agree but how do you convince the ordinary Shona people in Zvimba, murombedzi, Chibi and others in Shona speaking regions not to vote for Mugabe.

"People in Matabeleland and those in Mashonaland see Mugabe differently.To us he is a monster but to the Shona, he is like Jesus Christ," said Khumalo who now lives in Johannesburg.

To many Shona speaking Zimbabweans Mugabe's human rights abuses began in 2000 when its known throughout the world that in the early 80s he ordered the massacres of ethnic groups in Matabeleland and Midlands.

Thousands of opposition supporters and officials were detained and tortured in prison.Some never came out alive but both the whites and the Shona still worshipped our dear leader while his Western backers-Britain and America continued pouring in development funds into his government ignoring the mass killing of civilians in Matabeleland.

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- Thabo Kunene

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