'Tsvangirai's wife was killed in order to destroy him'

'Tsvangirai's wife was killed in order to destroy him'
Published: 08 February 2014 (2683 Views)
"INTEGRITY".. Politics is not a bad profession, if you succeed there are many rewards, if you disgrace yourself you can always write a book."

What we lack in Africa is not prayer but, men and women of integrity. It takes the voices of integrity in leadership to build nations. We are desperately in need of relevant; reliable wisdom and strategies from GOD on raising responsible leaders with integrity.

The future of our families, community and nation of Zimbabwe depends on our response to the need for a leader with the right attitude; vision; mind-set and "INTEGRITY ".

If a person possesses all the other attributes of a leader but lacks "INTEGRITY" he or she will destroy all that he or she has built.

"INTEGRITY" means that you keep your promise or oath regardless of the cost. "INTEGRITY" involves building trust, being dependable .Leadership can only function on the basis of "TRUST".... trust implies accountability; predictability; dependability and reliability.

It is indeed a tragedy for a leader to betray trust. Our leaders must not carry past baggage but must focus on solutions and on what is important to the people of Zimbabwe and the rebuilding the country to its former glory, because there is no more time for political bickering the country is finished its in total anarchy , people can't eat slogans.... we must all know that the weapon of propaganda is in the hands of false people; the weapon of intimidation is in the hands of false people; the weapon of campaign of calumny is in the hands of foreign people; the weapon of name calling is in the hands of false people.

The truth we all know is that Morgen Tsvangirayi is in trouble today because his wife was killed in order to destroy him completely, both were victims of a state sponsored terror, if his wife was alive no one would call Morgen Tsvangirayi he is being forced into situations he does not want to be in, his future is "BLEAK and for him to be alive... its by the GRACE of GOD. Its because of the very tricky and dangerous unity government which has costed a lot of people's lives including that of the wife of the prime minister who innocently became a victim of political conspiracy by being denied a world class motorcade or a world class escort fleet meant for Prime Ministers and Presidents which is accident free. The better the man is, the worse he is thought of by his rivals.

You will all agree with me that: "a true government is mirrored by conducting a free and fair election process where citizens choose their leaders without ANY intimidation. The other matter of great concern is that of the independence of judiciary in Zimbabwe that has been subverted by the executive, judiciary can no longer be guaranteed as the guardian of people's liberties.

The judiciary must operate in an atmosphere of freedom that ensures their safety. There should be no interference with the judiciary's work either by word or deed. I have always advocated that: "A WEAKENED JUDICIARY TRANSLATES INTO A WEAKENED DEMOCRACY. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" an unjust Law is no Law at all..." one who breaks an unjust Law must do so openly, Lovingly and with a Willingness to accept the penalty. I submit that an individual who breaks the law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the people of Zimbabwe over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for Law.

Oppressed people of Zimbabwe cannot remain oppressed forever
We Zimbabweans! we are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. In any nonviolent campaign there are four basic steps: collection of the facts to determine whether injustice exists; negotiation; self-purification; and direct action... I have earnestly opposed violent tension, but there is a type of constructive, non-violent tension which is necessary for growth. The purpose for our direct-action program is to create a situation so crisis-packaged that it will inevitably open the door to negotiation....

One may well ask: "How can you advocate breaking some of Zimbabwe's laws and obeying others?" the answer lies in the fact that they are two types of Laws: just and unjust (draconian) I would be the first to advocate obeying just laws. One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just Laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust Laws, such as the law Robert Mugabe and ZANU PF are using to persecute journalists and the opposition leaders."

We want to build a new country a far better ZIMBABWE, one in which the eternal dignity of the people is respected. Good health for our people is Zimbabwe's greatest WEALTH and good economy of our country Zimbabwe will be the BLOOD of our people of Zimbabwe and the BACK BONE of our country because ECONOMY and INTERNATIONAL OPINION are the only two powerful forces that control countries.

All leaders must know that the purpose of money and the country's economy is to reform our people's lives not for leaders to enrich themselves or to be looted. Zimbabwe has many leaders but.. so little leadership and this has caused millions of woman and children to suffer living in extreme poverty while leaders are busy looting and enriching themselves and the country's health systems have collapsed, not only have all the institutions been played around with and systematically destroyed, the economy too is in the state of collapse..... it has been in an intensive care for a very long time... it will soon die because the life support systems are tired.

I worry for the nation of Zimbabwe "Corruption" is endemic. The pillars of democracy, civil society and the rule of Law are shattered. Leaders of the opposition political parties are sacrificing the well being of the people of Zimbabwe and the country as a whole through their childish pettiness. Where there is no vision people perish. We as leaders must always remember that: "Politics is not a bad profession, if you succeed there are many rewards, if you disgrace yourself you can always write a book."

It is the duty of our leaders to ensure that "DEMOCRACY" is being built everyday to the benefit of generations to come. It is this "MAFIA STYLE" type of leadership that has resulted in our youths being destitute living in extreme poverty on foreign land ... it is a disgrace for the international community to learn that Zimbabwean youth are today victims of cheap labour in other countries and while at the same time our daughters are victims of sexual abuse on foreign land- "a child mis-educated is a child lost".. our morals and values have been destroyed, for the past (10) ten years families have been breaking due desperation, that is a serious crime against humanity.

Exploitation of young Zimbabweans due to desperation has reached alarming proportions, that is over-whelming evidence that the ambitious dreams of our youth have been crashed and so many destinies are in a cage. Our children, they miss opportunities and are deprived of education, they are being deprived from being children, all of this is a bases of their future, thus no future for them.

When we see all these injustices happening to Zimbabweans what it means is that: "OUR RIGHT TO LIVE IS BEING TAKEN AWAY FROM US BY OUR LEADERS we are being forced into situations we do not want to be in, our future is "BLEAK", and we cannot plan our future, more than 4 million of Zimbabwe's working class are out of the country and are victims of cheap labour all over the world.

Zimbabwean leaders must learn from Botswana it's a very good example, its economy is always strong and Botswana hasn't got a single refugee anywhere in the world. As a last resort, Zimbabwean leaders must team-up, put all their selfish interests aside, learn to work together to the benefit of our troubled nation and turn around Zimbabwe back to a "BREAD BASKET" of Africa.

This press Statement serves to:-
1)- remind all leaders of opposition political parties of Zimbabwe that the most HONOURABLE thing for us as leaders to do is to put aside our OWN SELFISH INTERESTS and put national interests first; the time for us to do that is now because millions of our people have suffered for too long; and

2)- appoint a CREDIBLE and UNCOMPROMISING COALITION SUPREME COUNCIL that will represent the interests of the entire NATION thereby achieving a "UNITED STATE OF ZIMBABWE"; and

3)- 3) to form a powerful ELECTION COALITION of all Zimbabwe's opposition political parties who hold the NATION'S voting majority; and

4) to plan and design a strategy to contest and win that ELECTION. in essence this means a LASTING SOLUTION to Zimbabwe's economic and political crisis.

The "PPP" President: Pastor Timothy Chiguvare is appealing to all SADC Heads of States with the greatest and most profound respect to see to it that they seriously commit themselves to: "BUILDING A NEW SADC REGION, A FAR BETTER SADC REGION-ONE IN WHICH THE ETERNAL DIGNITY OF MAN IS RESPECTED" in order to prevent any further destabilization of Zimbabwe, save lives from uncontrolled epidemics or to prevent any further killings of innocent Zimbabweans due to political violence - (which is imminent) and the collapse of Zimbabwe's health systems.

Its a pity and really very unfortunate that what other leaders are seeing today, I saw it in 2008 November, just because I have a long "VISION".

The whole world has already seen that the "self-serving policies" of the Zimbabwean President have rocked the very foundation of the country and that Zimbabwe's industries such as: mining; agriculture; manufacturing; tourism and export are all dead, due to poor economic planning, frightening domestic and foreign policies. I say all this under good authority, there has been billions of US dollar and UK pound, money that has been donated for infrastructure (the basic facilities that Zimbabwe needed to function efficiently between 1980 and 2013) with all that money that government failed to improve main roads such as the one from BEIT BRIDGE to HARARE which is the country's economic life-line and the road today is a "DEATH-TRAPE" and thousands of lives have been lost due to accidents on that road.... that is clear sign that Zimbabwe needs a completely new government. It is indeed a tragedy for a leader to betray trust.


Our leaders' main "MISSION" :they must ensure that: "PEACE; JUSTICE; EQUALITY FOR ALL; DEMOCRACY; RECONCILIATION; ECONOMIC STABILITY rules our nation, in order for Zimbabwe to become a "BREAD BASKET" of Africa and a first world country by 2020.

The solution to the crisis in Zimbabwe must emerge from within rather than imposed from outside, because we must all be troubled by the question which says, What do the international community say about Zimbabwe? and that's a very difficult question for us to answer, ourselves being Zimbabweans the truth is that there are two forces that control countries:
(a) the country's economy
(b) international opinion.

The Zimbabwean people have been let down, all their votes of 2008 and those of 2013 have been thrown into a flooded river against their wish, and the whole process was a waste of resources and time. And this has been a very big lesson to us leaders of opposition political parties of Zimbabwe and we are not going to allow this to be repeated, we are now to employ new legal mechanisms.

1) Zimbabweans must accept their failures, which failures have brought Zimbabwe to its knees, and that acceptance of the truth. This will be a sign that we are now moving forward and it's a giant step ahead towards the right direction. This will be enough proof that we will not go back to making the same mistakes of the 2008 - and 2014 election Fraud and Theft of votes, and that is what leadership is all about;

2) Having reached this critical stage, we all must ask ourselves as leaders of political parties of Zimbabwe and say: "HAVE WE IDENTIFIED THE ROOT OF ZIMBABWE'S ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL PROBLEMS?"

The next step is for us to forgive each other to enable us to move forward and strike the "ROOT" of Zimbabwe's economic and political problems, before putting in place the "LASTING SOLUTION" We must be those educated leaders who firmly believes that "dwelling in the past does no one any good. We! leaders of opposition political parties, we are sacrificing the well being of the people of Zimbabwe and the country as a whole through our childish pettiness. Where there is no vision people perish, "CHANGE" must state with us. What happened in the past remains there: we must be concerned with the present, but specifically the future:

a) THAT, we must all agree with no compromise to serve the people's needs by ensuring that as long ZANU-PF is in power we are to have a UN supervised election for Zimbabwe in the next election. These elections must be monitored by observers from the African Union countries; European Union countries; South and North American countries;

b) THAT, we all agree with no compromise to serve the people's needs by ensuring that we have the deployment of UN forces in Zimbabwe 2 months before elections start, and, they must stay for a further 18 months subsequent to these elections to enable the new government to establish itself without a coup or a civil war taking place and this will also enable that new government to appoint people in strategic positions to ensure the safety and security of the country;
c) THAT, we must all agree with no compromise to serve the people's needs by ensuring that Zimbabwe's Parliament be dissolved at least 2 months before elections and that a UN.

Appointed Foreign Governor takes charge of these functions until after the elected President is sworn in.

FINALLY ZIMBABWE'S 2018 UN SUPERVISED ELECTION... code named: OPERATION FAIR PLAY 2018 automatically unlocks the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the European Union and the Americans.

This change automatically means that some $90 billion flows into Zimbabwe and that is the change we desperately need in Zimbabwe, this is the LASTING SOLUTION and in essence this means: "VICTORY FOREVER":-

1) Full economic recovery;
2) Peace and stability to Zimbabwe and its people, and
3) Justice and democracy, by preventing elections from taking place in July-2018 , all Zimbabweans will be paying a stiff penalty thus risking turning Zimbabwe into serious wasteland. Now all Zimbabweans want drastic improvements in social services they want the economy to improve, industry to get back on its feet, job creation and justice and fairness.

Long live the spirit of FREEDOM !!!


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