One on One With Paul Siwela - imagination

One on One With Paul Siwela - imagination
Published: 24 January 2012 (2607 Views)
One on One with Paul Siwela Right in Khami maximum Prison.

Recently Paul Siwela , John Gazi and Mnkandla, their bail was revoked and re-arrested and we have heard that the Colonial government is intending to export them for trial in Zimbabwe. Today we visit Paul Siwela in his dungeon and ask him difficult questions.

TN: Good evening Mr Siwela

PS: Good evening Sir.

TN: We are grateful that we have successfully sneaked in and hope that you will share with us your thoughts on your arrest and the other two Mthwakazi independence freedom fighters; we understand that you would like to share with us your views on these unfortunate developments?

PS: Firstly may I remind the people that the number three represents oneness, it represents the trinity; it represents the unity of purpose for the Mthwakazi people. Our struggle is a holy struggle, our struggle is a just struggle, we have now reached the crossroads, and we had hoped for mature leadership from Zimbabwe, we have invited them to engage with us in a civilised fashion, however, it is now clear that they are panicking, that they are eager to throw spanners into the works.

Our arrests are illegal, we are humble and law abiding people, who fear and love God, we have unwillingly adhered to their unjust bail conditions. The Zimbabwean legal system should never be used or allowed to thwart the aspirations of the people of Mthwakazi; their laws are as foreign to us as any other foreign laws. There will come a time when unjust laws are rubbished and treated as such.

TN: We understand from different sources that the MLF trio will be tried in Harare High Court, what are the legal and political implications of such a move?

PS: Firstly as Mthwakazi we respect the legal system of Zimbabwe, regardless of its flaws, however, we reject Zimbabwe's legal system to be imposed on Mthwakazi, we are 100% aware that the move has nothing to do with legal requirements, but it is all about political moves, aimed at extricating our leaders from the people, to kill the spirit of both leaders of the Mthwakazi revolution and supporters of this struggle. As I said before, the time has come for Mthwakazians to be judged by Mthwakazians, to be arrested by Mthwakazians, to be prosecuted by Mthwakazians, this means that we reject any thing to do with Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe is an illegal entity to us, and it can not be otherwise when it forces Mthwakazi to be part of it. We are a mature nation, we have qualified people, who are either languishing in foreign lands or unemployed at home. Zimbabwe has proven in more ways than one that it despises Mthwakazians, that it hates Mthwakazians; that it desires to see the destruction and demise of Mthwakazi.

TN: But why now, what has the government of Zimbabwe decided to re-arrest you now, what are the timing issues here?

PS: You will remember that in December ZANU PF held its failed Conference in Bulawayo and came up with dozens of Resolutions, they have resolved that elections should be held in Zimbabwe this year. In 2008, when Tswangirayi won the general elections, the mood for a revolution was there, we have now seen from the Arab spring revolutions that revolutions are possible and the government of Robert Mugabe knows very well that a revolution here can only start in Mthwakazi and they are aware that MLF is not a light weight as they thought it would become. They know that the revolutionary forces are gathering momentum and Mthwakazi shall be the epicentre of that revolution.  They are scared, they think by arresting and incarcerating us will deter people from standing for their rights. They did not read the radar correctly, for people shall free themselves, with or without leaders.

TN: Mr Siwela could you please interpret the Mthwakazi struggle for us?

PS: Many will deny their identity, just like Enos Nkala did, I hope he is not your uncle; many will die before the majority of Mthwakazi people take full responsibility of their struggle.

Our cause shall be fought in three phases, the first phase is the one which we have already started, the characteristics of this phase are epitomised by outreach and mass mobilisation, mass conscientisation of the Mthwakazi cause; the rekindling of the  spirit and desire to secede from Zimbabwe; this phase will receive one dominant response and underhand tactics from the Colonial regime of Zimbabwe, the dominant response will be pretence that the Mthwakazi cause does not have support on the ground and therefore the colonial regime will attempt to ignore MLF as if it does not exist, the colonial regime will not meet with the MLF or any Mthwakazi cause activist in fear of popularising and in their eyes 'legitimising' the Mthwakazi cause. The other tactics will be to attempt to infiltrate all Mthwakazi Independence organisations  and by arrests such as these. It is worthy noting that this stage is the most peaceful phase of the struggle, which if taken seriously could prevent the struggle progressing to the next two phases.

The second phase shall be epitomised by total readiness to sacrifice, the mobilisation will be at its peak, the majority of Mthwakazians would have joined the struggle; but the colonial regime will flex its muscles and the brutality will be upped, at the same time resistance will increase; this phase will see the Mthwakazi cause reach a point of no return and adoption of strictly radical mechanisms to wage the war against the colonial regime. The war will be bloody, no one wins in a war like this, and however this war will ensure that the Mthwakazi cause moves into the third a last phase.

This phase is not much different from phase one, except that both camps at this stage are ready and serious to engage in serious negotiations. This phase will still experience blood shed, however, the peace talks and the final granting of Independence and chattering a way forward to a new Sovereign state of Mthwakazi will ensure cessation of hostilities and ushering permanent security for both countries; that is, Mthwakazi and Zimbabwe as neighbours who will forever respect each other.

TN: Thank you Mr Siwela for your wise and inspirational words. People of Mthwakazi, there you have it; you have heard it from the horse's mouth. Where do you stand, with the colonial regime which has denied you full citizenship since 1980 or with your own, who are fighting for your freedom?

The interview will continue everywhere, in your mind, in my mind and in every oppressed citizen of Mthwakazi. Until Mthwakazi is free, it shall continue, no one can stop this tide.

Disclaimer: This interview is Yet to take place. We will be back they can't arrest our imagination.

- Thulani


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