Mthwakazians have become fugitives in their motherland

Mthwakazians have become fugitives in their motherland
Published: 21 January 2012 (1236 Views)
To anyone who had doubts that Mthwakazians are victims of persecution by the current regime of the genocidal tyrant in Robert Mugabe, then the recent events provide a clear indication that The Shonalisation system is on course to crush anyone from Mthwakazi not willing to be a subject of the Shona  dominated Zimbabwe to extinction. The illegal re-arrest of the Mthwakazi Trio, Paul Siwela, John Gazi and Charles Thomas despite the fact that a High Court Judge had granted bail seems not to matter. The regime is failing to abide by its own constitution that it set. The regime does not care that one of its judges granted the trio bail and it seems it cannot stand the idea of the trio being out on bail. The regime has become vultures that prey on defenceless Mthwakazians using state resources. Soneni na?

In 1981, the Mugabe government prosecuted Dumiso Dabengwa, General Lookout Masuku and several Mthwakazians for trumped up treason charges and luckily they were all acquitted for lack of evidence and we all know what happened thereafter, General Lookout Masuku was killed by the government in detention.

In 1985, Mugabe's government prosecuted, Sydney Malunga, another Mthwakazian who at the time was the Chief Whip of ZAPU, Edward Ndlovu, Welshman Mabhena and other Mthwakazians for on treason charges and the worst part was that the trials were conducted by Shona prosecutors and led by a Shona Judge(Judge President Garwe) who obviously took instructions from Mugabe as evidence suggests that it was later revealed that the judge was rewarded with millions in Zimbabwean dollars, a farm known as Mount Lothian Farm and livestock.

Then there was Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo, who had to flee the country that he liberated from white rule after it had emerged that Mugabe had created an assortment of charges including treason against him. Those charges never stood any test as they were all made up in Mugabe's office.

How are Mthwakazians forced to preach peace when our fellow Mthwakazians are detained without trial, tortured in secret camps, raped, violently maimed and denied their heritage by this thuggish government? Our fellow Mthwakazians cannot even hold traditional memorials for their countryman killed in the Gukurahundi Genocide meted out by Mugabe and his generals. In the past few months a Mthwakazian and a local cleric were arrested, detained, intimidated and tortured by this regime and their crime was that they were holding a prayer meeting at St Pauls (Lupane), the mass burial site of thousands of Mthwakazians kidnapped and maimed by the regime. How can this be a crime? The irony is that the perpetrators of the atrocities that include Chiwenga, Perence Shiri, Robert Mugabe, Sydney Sekeramai, Emmerson Mnangagwa and many others roam the streets freely and have been handsomely rewarded.  

Similarities between the Rivonia trial in South Africa and the Mthwakazi Three persecution can be drawn with ease of reference. The Rivonia Trial is where Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki and several others were persecuted under the draconian apartheid laws that regarded black native South Africans as sub-human and second class citizens; similarly the regime regards the Mthwakazi Three as such. These three will be prosecuted in Harare and not in Mthwakazi, prosecuted by a Shona prosecutor, judgment read by a Shona Judge in a Shonalised system of a Shona Government. It is therefore impossible to imagine that they will be given a fair trial without political interference.  There exists evidence that the judiciary, legislature and the executive is so tainted in politics that these Mthwakazians will be severely disadvantaged right from the beginning and there is sufficient evidence to support this thought i.e. they were detained for more than three months before they could be granted bail and when that bail application was granted a few months later it has been revoked and the three have been detained in custody. This is a travesty of justice.

I therefore urge all Mthwakazians to rise and resist these heinous acts of madness. To Abammeli Lawyers I applaud you and hope that your prayers are answered. George Bizos a human rights lawyer that defended Nelson Mandela in the Rivonia is quoted in that trial as saying “ ...their only crime is fighting oppression”.

We would like to send warnings to the regime that as you continue provoking us we will also be left with no option but to find ways of defending ourselves by any means possible. We have waited patiently and gone about peacefully but it seems you are mistaking this for submission. We will defend our human rights, heritage and land with our lives. We therefore urge the powers be, that they should withdraw the trumped up charges against the Mthwakazi freedom fighters because they are being persecuted by prosecution in foreign country.  I therefore call upon all Mthwakazians serving the Mugabe regime whether in the Unity Government or the murderous ZANU Pf to withdraw with immediate effect. We call upon all Mthwakazians to come together and realise their own state that has been suppressed since the 19th century.

This article was forwarded by David Magagula the spokeperson for Mthwakzi Liberation Front. It was witten by Marlvin Dube who can be contacted at

- D Magagula


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