'Nigerian Protests' - Yet another TB Joshua's Prophecy Reaches Fulfillment

'Nigerian Protests' - Yet another TB Joshua's Prophecy Reaches Fulfillment
Published: 14 January 2012 (3720 Views)

God Is The Only One Who Can Tell The End From The Beginning, and the Bible teaches that he does nothing without revealing his plans to his servants the prophets, in our last post we presented the confessions of a diehard skeptic whose view was completely changed in favour of TB Joshua’s Prophecies because of how they’re always spot on despite the sheer number of them, as we clearly know that God always gives us plenty of evidence to believe him, As it says in the scriptures;

“When all this comes true - and it surely will - then they will know that a prophet has been among them.” (Ezek. 33:33).

 If TB Joshua were merely trying to convince the world of his prophetic gift and ministry by throwing out one or two random world prophecies, then it’s understandable if he were taken for granted, yet this is what most TB Joshua critic sites try make it seem like, they take quite a few prophecies Delivered By TB Joshua as though that was all he ever prophesied, and try to explain how it could have all been a product of random guessing and coincidental matching, which is just as bias as it cleverly dodges the issue at hand,  that they practically have an inexhaustible archive of these prophecies to examine and even worse for them is the fact that  more is added to the already overwhelming number each day.

Very recently,  the International News media relayed News reports  of the Current Nigerian crisis, which involved the Nigerian labour union embarking on a nationwide strike, this present Nigerian crisis is the likes of which Nigeria has never experienced as economic activities in Nigeria have all but ground to a halt. But while the Nation Nigeria and the international community gape at the awful reality of the Nigerian Crisis, it’s obvious that they should be more alarmed that the current crisis and protests was accurately prophesied by TB Joshua three months earlier when it seemed very unlikely, here we present an excerpt from the full transcript of his very detailed prophetic words describing the current crisis which started nearly a week ago on the 16th of October 2011, which was over three months ago.

“You will soon see Nigerians carrying placards everywhere. People will be protesting from street to street, from state to state. It will come to a point where they will be looking for rich people around, millionaires – standing in front of their houses.” He continued, “The people that really make this economy work are the grassroots. They will soon be on the street and we’ll see how your company will work, you big men, whether you can do the job by yourself.”-  TB Joshua, On October 16, 2011

This prophecy is perfectly true to form,  as since Monday 9th January, Nigeria has united in its condemnation of and protest against the government’s removal of fuel subsidies, one of the only perceived benefits for the general public from Nigeria’s vast oil reserve and export. Workers in Nigeria’s oil and gas industry have threatened to shut down all production from Sunday if the government fails to reverse its decision to end fuel subsidies. Scores have been reported dead or injured across Nigeria in protest-related clashes. Watch exactly how TB Joshua delivered this prophetic message in utmost specificity on October 16, 2011;


If you’ve watched the video you’ll see the striking accuracy and the very detailed nature of this prediction asProtests that started over a scrapped fuel subsidy expanded into an outcry against the government’s shortcomings and throngs of Nigerians of all classes took to the streets. Businesses including shops, banks and gas stations remained closed. Downtown Lagos, usually jam-packed on a regular day, was a ghost town as tires burned in the middle of empty streets. In some areas, angry youth manned major highways.”People of all walks are coming out to protest,” according to a CNN report, “There are young people and old people. People parking their Mercedes-Benz s and Land Rovers. People walking bare foot.These throngs of protesters took to the streets, demanding government accountability and a return of fuel subsidies ended on January 1, a move that doubled gas prices and sent the cost of other goods skyrocketing. let’s remember what the Scripture says;

I am the Lord, …who foils the signs of false prophets… Who carries out the words of his servants and fulfills the predictions of his messengers” (Isaiah 44:24-26)

Like we once made clear on this site, We are aware that there are those who would stop at nothing to tarnish TB Joshua’s  reputation for accurate predictions, Amongst them are several SCOAN critic sites which you may have come across or perhaps read any of their demeaning articles, but  there’s only so much they can paint the picture of a prophet randomly throwing prophecies that all turn out fulfilled before it all falls apart, and with TB Joshua’s case, such a picture couldn’t even be painted by a blind man. His critics who try to explain the divine prophecies as being a product of coincidental matching are clearly tired and seem to have have stopped examining the  prophecies, presumably after realizing that there’s just no way to fake these, as time has ultimately proved these prophecies to be more than a product of guess work, but we urge you not to just come to conclusion with this very prophecy, you might also want to take a look at the  innumerable prophecies that formed the basis of our conviction as well on the SCOAN official website, it just speaks for itself. The point of all this is not only in the prediction as TB Joshua says, His calling as a prophet is not only in foretelling the future but also making known the opinion of God at the moment, which is the way out. once more take note of the date of this prophecy, this was given in October and we are seeing it come to pass now. The question remains, when are we going to start listening to the prophet of God? As a commenter lamented on Nairaland, Nigerian’s biggest online forum, The way Nigerians  treat TB  Joshua is utterly shameful. Instead of them  to embrace him as a nation and seek Gods opinion on the way out of their crisis from him, they  heap loads of abuse on him, call him a charlatan and a deceiver. May God forgive us. Let us come down. We are too proud, as the skeptic writer of our last post said; “Take it from a skeptic who’s religious inclination frowns at such kind of prophecies, Ignore TB Joshua at your own peril. You don’t have to believe him, but do not ignore him”.

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