Highlanders to change hands?

Highlanders to change hands?
Published: 03 January 2012 (1009 Views)
There is one man who has seen a record number of Administrations in his colourful Highlanders career, the bad and the best. He poured himself out selflessly to the cause of the club in times when no-one was paid a cent and sacrificed to see there was food at camp for players.

He kept the flow of Executives smooth in most transition as elections came and went, not because it was his business, his blood is black and white and his love symbol is not a cupid’s red heart with an arrow across, but a black and white shield with a spear and club in the form of a capital X and a black and white ball in the middle.

Talking of balls, Highlanders need balls, lots of balls. Big balls. The year 2012 can be remembered as a time of great pleasure and satisfaction ice sugared with success of trophies and championships or just as a lousy continuation of a heartbreaking 2011 where the former giants, Highlanders Football Club, were a door mat to very Jack and Jill of football.

That contrast can only be drawn after the month-end’s Executive elections scheduled for the traditional last Sunday of the first month of the year, January 29. To date, the incumbent Chairman, Themba Ndlela is being challenged by Mandla Moyo while Emmett Ndlovu will be looking to take on Andrew Tapela for the Secretary General’s post.

On paper, voters have raised concerns about how badly they think the club had been run, but that is not voting. Complaints do not change office bearers and those in the seats are better equipped to stay put than those trying to make the change.

Asked about his chances to unseat Tapela, Emmett made it clear that his presence as an option was the will of the people and that change will only result in the translating of discontent into votes on the 29th. He expressed his gratitude of being chosen to represent the people who are looking to bring back the lost Bosso home. While not contesting for the Chairmanship, and while he cannot make the change single handedly, if there is a man who knows his story, he is the one.

Emmett Ndlovu is one of the longest-serving members of Tshilamoya, having been the Team Doctor from the early 1990s after the departure of Dr Vic Naik. He saw Highlanders at its worst, having to leave his medical kit and go door to door seeking for donations for the team to camp for league matches.

Ndlovu was with the team at its best moments when they transformed into a Bossolona machine that swept all trophies and Cups. He was involved with Under-23 and senior Zimbabwe national teams over the years. There is not doubt over his understanding of both club culture and operation. More importantly, he has been exposed to potential connections that the clubs may need.

In any case, his involvement at that level is long overdue and hopefully, the club will not have to wait any longer for his services. Not to say that Tapela was incapable. Together with Ndlela as a team, they have done a sterling job and did their best to bring the team to where it is. It is unAfrican to throw in the towel, but with all the discords from outside, voters may be thinking that Highlanders belong to a different level.

At their best, there has not been anything to write home about. Potential sponsors have not been encouraged by team performance or club management. Ndlela and Tapela among the rest of the executive, will be the first to admit that they Bosso is not where they belong and all fans want it where the team belongs and new sources of strength have to be found if there would be change. As Sir Isaac Newton once said, ”Things that are at rest shall remain in that state of rest, and those in constant  motion, in that state of constant motion until a resultant force acts upon them.” Bosso are in a state of constant spiral downwards, and you the voter is that resultant force, if you go out there and vote.

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