A Revolutionary Mind-set: Are Zimbabweans Ready?

A Revolutionary Mind-set: Are Zimbabweans Ready?
Published: 02 January 2012 (983 Views)

The foolish will always equate revolution to violence; this mind-set afflicts the oppressor and the oppressed alike. In Zimbabwe we have experienced a semi-revolution during the liberation struggle, the oppressors of today were the revolutionaries of yesteryear, they used all means necessary to liberate themselves, but today they talk of violence as if violence against tyranny is grotesque and illegal.

Violence in pursuit and defence of democracy is democracy, violence against oppression has a revolutionary meaning, and it is something which one should be proud of, it is something which one should be prepared to engage in without any fear or feelings of guilty.

It is an unwritten global-law that tyranny understands force, whatever form that force is presented. Tyranny yields nothing unless forced kicking and screaming.

Tyranny is like a double-edged-tongued dragon, it speaks against violence whilst uses sheer brute of force to silence the legitimate demands of the people.

Dictators think that violence is their sole preserve and that the masses should never be allowed to use it as a means of removing the life-suffocating albatross around their necks.

One may wonder whether i am advocating for forceful removal of Robert Mugabe and his gang, the answer is no, what i am advocating for is a total revolution, which will completely restructure the Zimbabwean society and leave people completely free.

The question is, can Mugabe and his Zanu pf gang voluntarily allow such a transformative agenda to take place; sadly, the answer is a big no. So what is left is to unleash the revolutionary tidal wave relentlessly until the grip is loosened.

There is no one way to wage a successful revolution. I am 100% for peace and a peaceful but forceful revolution, I regard senseless violence as thuggery and terrorism, I view the government of Mugabe in that light as a terror gang, which sustains its life through sucking the blood of innocent people.

The only way to effectively deal with terrorism is to use similar tactics against the perpetrators, even the UN, UK, USA, France etc, have used force against tyranny throughout the world.

People of Zimbabwe have a duty and responsibility to defend themselves, whether this defence now comes in shape of 'shock and awe', it is their right to do so. It is their right which no-one should beg or force them not to use.

In Zimbabwe, analysts, politicians and some ordinary people have asserted that a peaceful revolution in Zimbabwe is impossible, Mnangagwa has gone further and threatened to crush any protests.

Everybody knows that Mr Mnangagwa means what he says, but can he really stop a real revolution? Many Zanu pf gang leaders have said that Zimbabwe is different from Arabic countries and therefore any revolution akin to Arab Spring Revolutions will not happen in Zimbabwe.

Don’t they remind you of Ian Smith's 1000 years madness? When you try to engage these people and ask them about these perceived differences, you never get a logical and sensible answer, the answer is always that Arabs are Arabs and Zimbabweans are Zimbabweans.

Only a few have tried to make sensible explanations, albeit wrong ones, their favourites explanations are that, Zimbabwe's communication network is less developed and that CIOs are too brutal.

Zimbabweans have something going on in their favour right now, they should ride on the success of the Arab revolutions, and many people have been complaining about the perceived West's interference to squander Arabic resources, namely, oil.

This tag is hard to shake off; however, if the West intervenes on the side of the oppressed masses of Zimbabwe, this perceived notion as oil seeking countries will not stick anymore. And i suspect that this will be the driving force behind their support for the Zimbabwean masses.

I am risking being called names here, being unpatriotic and a sellout, but if no-one is prepared to tell the truth, there would be no change in Zimbabwe, let those with long tongues be reminded that people of Zimbabwe do not have guns and they are faced with a brutal and callous regime, which will stop at nothing, which is prepared to kill.

This very regime sought support from foreign countries and still continue, till this day, if seeking support from foreign countries to liberate oneself is selling out then this regime is the biggest sellout.

The West has a legal and moral duty to defend the defenseless, to help liberate the oppressed and ensure that every soul enjoys the fruits of democracy, peace and justice throughout the world. Zimbabweans should not let this golden opportunity pass them by, they should grab it with both hands.

The notion and belief that Arabic countries are different from Zimbabwe emanate from two sources, from those who truly believe that Black Africans are inferior to all other nations in the world, they view Arabs as different because they have a different skin colour, secondly, it comes from those with dubious and nefarious political aims, who are kin to keep the masses suffering forever.

So whatever these Zanu pf politicians say, it is clear that they are playing ‘scarecrow’ politics, their scare tactics cannot work this time around.

Zanu pf has resorted to racism to scare the world away before, now they are trying to use racism to scare the masses from revolting against them and we will see whether they will succeed this time around.

Are necessary factors in place for a successful revolution?

Conditions for any revolution will never be said to be conducive, conditions are forced, firstly people are not armed and secondly the regime is armed to the teeth with dangerous weapons, they are as good as weapons of mass destruction, regarding that the people are defenceless.

The big and informative questions which need to be asked are; can Mugabe crash the masses to submission if they rise up in their thousands? , and is Mugabe not aware that the West will intervene this time around?

The answer is multifaceted, without the help of the outside world and without the masses organising and coalescing towards a centre maybe Mugabe can only delay the inevitable, but he cannot crush the revolution.

When people rise up against dictatorship with one voice, even with different expectations of outcomes of the revolution, it is only a matter of time for dictatorship to succumb.

The logical and natural conclusion of any revolution is the downfall of the responsible draconian regime.

Just like Gaddafi, Mugabe will try to put up a fight, but deep down, the outcome of the revolution would be clear to him as light of day.

What makes dictators fight whilst risking to lose everything, is the desire to make a name for themselves, they hope that in a few years to come, their names will be in history books and that they will be seen as heroes who stood against the West.

A revolution cannot start start from nowhere, it cannot just be a bolt from the blue or a spark from the dark, but it is a process which requires great organisational skills, it needs an angry people, a people who have lost hope in the current set up and people whose lives have been turned upside down by the system.

As it stands, people should not expect Tswangirayi, Welshman or Dabengwa to lead a revolution. People should lead a revolution and these guys may join later.

Bulawayo does not start with a B for nothing, it could easily be Zimbabwe's Benghazi, but as things are, Bulawayo is more likely not to participate or initiate the revolution for one simple reason.

During the liberation struggle the people of Mthwakazi waged a successful war against the Rhodesians only to reap the wind at the end, that scenario is even more lightly today than in the past.

All those who want a total change of the system in Zimbabwe should be prepared and willing to acknowledge that Bulawayo might have different expectations of the revolution.

No sane Mthwakazian will engage in a revolution which seeks to preserve the status quo. Naturally, no revolution can start anywhere in Zimbabwe except in Mthwakazi.

In a nutshell the conditions for a successful revolution are present in Zimbabwe, the eyes of the world are on Zimbabwe, this is the reason why the government of Mugabe will not call for an election, because an election might spark a revolution and this time it is clear that the world will not look away.

- Thulani


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