Africa Day not yet uhuru

Africa Day not yet uhuru
Published: 25 May 2019 (198 Views)
Africa emerged from the dark cruel days of colonialism. The inspiration to find itself and shake the shackles of bondage came from the soup of Africa day. Africa day has brought about different vibes. In some countries it is a public holiday. In Zimbabwe, May 25 is a public holiday, while on Senegal's former slave port, Goree Island, a new movement dubbed "Africans Rising," is being launched to reclaim peace, dignity and justice for Africans on the continent and the diaspora. Africans are raised from the death jaw of cruel racism and colonialism but still bound. It is very sad that Africa day has been reduced to a ceremonial day. It has lost its meaning and its purpose. Africans are still taken for a ride. They are undermined oppressed and surely down trodden.  They spend the special day feasting without sorting their future.
Elsewhere, there are concerts and ceremonies to mark the day. Africa Day is also celebrated by Africans abroad, as diaspora communities of different nationalities come together in cultural attires and swap traditional recipes. There is no longer a meaningful strategic plan for Africans from the Africa day.  Africans just assemble so that they can  eat talk and go home.

It is clear that the point and history of the Africa Day celebration has been lost. We are independent but bound.

The sad thing is the efforts of the founding fathers is being put to waste. The spirit of April 15, 1958 has been exorcised. when the first Conference of Independent African States brought the fathers of Africa's liberation movements together. They never believed that or even thought that they are removing the chains of colonialism replacing it with new mode of disrespect and oppression. At the time, there were few independent African states, whose goal was to see total emancipation of the continent they call their own in the whole world. There were few leaders in attendance - from Ghana, Ethiopia, Sudan, Liberia and others - were there as a collective platform to reject colonialism and find a common interest in the best interest of their people.

Africa day was an interstate organization with a shared objective. It sowed the seeds of what would become the Organization of African Unity (later rebranded in 2001 as the African Union) launched on May 25, 1963 by 32 free nations, led by Tanzania's Julius Nyerere, Ghana's Kwame Nkrumah, Sékou Touré of Guinea and Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia. Every year since, Africa Day has been celebrated on May 25.

More than half a century later, colonialism is no longer the common enemy, and finding a clear message from a community of states has become more difficult. The African Union uses Africa Day to highlight certain development themes but they had never forged a way forward.  While personal development remains the objective, achieving that goal is not possible.
It is not a mistake that all leaders who championed an agenda of an united Africa were killed like Kadhafi or toppled like Nkwame Nkurumah.  Issues like common borders common currency and free movement of goods and persons were undermined.

Free travel, and by extension free trade, between countries remains a tall order despite the very obvious advantages it promises.

A strong united Africa is not permitted at all.


A 2014 IATA study projects that opening up to 12 key air routes between countries on the continent will create "an extra 155,000 jobs and $1.3 billion in annual GDP." At the moment, up to five million passengers a year face difficulties traveling between African countries due to "unnecessary restrictions on establishing air routes." Zimbabwe has been sabotaged and its airline faces anti flying economic guns pointed at it. Very lucrative routes routes are congested by airlines which do not benefit the individual African nation. Africans in this new mental oppression have become their worst enemies. They promote xenophobia they restrict free movement.  Throughout the continent, only 10 out of 55 countries allow visa-free entry for Africans or grant visas on arrival. In comparison, Americans can travel to at least 20 African countries without similar restrictions face d by Africans.Instead Africans make Africa a foreign land to themselves. Slaves in their own backyard. Last year, it finally launched its continental passport but so far, the passport has only been made available to heads of state and high-ranking officials. Some countries have recently relaxed their entry requirements for Africans, as such some progress was recorded last year across the continent. Over the coming years, trade between African countries could also improve, especially given Trump's isolationist "America First" stance. At the moment, intra-Africa trade accounts for a small share of trade on the continent but Trump's policies could see more African countries forced to trade with each other.
It's unfortunate that just getting together to celebrate Africa Day is more ceremonial and swims in confusion.

As Africans are still trying to figure out how exactly to use this cross-continental holiday, perhaps it's time to get back to the original message behind this day and figure out what it means today. Unity is still a relevant and honorable goal, but making it practical means removing the barriers between nations.

Africa is still destabilised it is not a wonder that every rich African state is reeling in conflicts. The enemies of Africa brew problems in Africa so that they can steal Africas resources.
Africans are being used to fight themselves while the gluttons take our resources.
Africa day is a total failure and a real  embarrassment to Africa.
Our leaders are allowing themselves to be abused at the detriment of the people.
In the excitement of freedom Africa is sadly bound.
African leaders have been hauled before international courts.   No European or American leader was ever brought before the international Criminal Court Of Justice. Why?  
African leaders never sit to forge a way towards African freedom.
There are issues where African leaders have their own  accounts frozen. The wealth taken by the international community. Billions of dollars have been taken and never repatriated back to Africa.
Africans are not benefiting from Africa.

Africa day should change its course and it should be pro active.
It is a pity that even today Africa is bleeding and its blood is watering the wealth of its enemies.
Africa day we must cry NOT YET UHURU.

- Dr Masimba Mavaza


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