Just enjoying our Katuruturu as it is now Zituruturu

Just enjoying our Katuruturu as it is now Zituruturu
Published: 22 April 2019 (153 Views)
I always say things from my perspective, got to think and appreciate the only local team that has made Kariba proud by bringing us premier soccer league. The promotion of ZPC FC coincided well with the expansion of the Kariba South Power station which brought so many other interesting developments. One development I still challenge a lot of people especially Municipality of Kariba directorate to come clean is the development of Nyamhunga stadium.

Our Municipality should not continue to accept the fallacy or sell the mannequin that Nyamhunga stadium was upgraded by ZPC but by council through the funds (developmental levies) that ZPC were indebted to pay. The propaganda that the power utility company built Nyamhunga stadium must end, I have heard about it again at this year’s ZPC FC awards night in the presence of the Acting Town Clerk and the Mayor.

The reality is that the land developments that took place at the ZPC had to be paid to council through developmental levies which in turn allowed the council to utilise them through upgrading of Nyamhunga stadium as well as Mahombekombe secondary. If council had wanted, they would have used the funds to service Kasese or buy the Directors vehicles or utility vehicles.

This part of our history may let others be green with resentment but chokwadi hachiputsi ukama. Imari yepovo iya and council did well as it allowed our local soccer outfit to use the Nyamhunga stadium as home ground. We will forever thank you council.

I have really looked at the developments that ZPC have done in other areas like Munyati and Hwange where they actually run or owns schools, it’s poignant that they have not done anything tangible for the Kariba community other than this Katuruturu which they again have not allowed the community to have much say.

The company appoints the executive committee to run the team and again they have a greater say in the supporters’ committee. Maybe, at this stage, it should be highlighted that ZPC Kariba FC started the 2019 PSL season with an unresolved 2018 scandal involving the coach, executive committee and some players. Whether this will or will not affect the team's performance remains to be seen. Still we all continue to appreciate all the efforts that ZPC has committed to with our Katuruturu.  

Enough of the review of the grey areas for now but let me bring out the issue of consistency by our soccer outfit regards yearly awards where stakeholders are indeed given a delicacy. The team has managed to attract all the support in the local community as well as the ZESA board and politicians of our time. The power utility company deserves to be commended for such focus and indeed we cherish that.

This year, I again had to make sure I honour to the invitation unlike other events I shy out for preeminent reasons known to self.  Assiduously I followed proceedings and could see the excitement amongst the Kariba people. Indeed sport unites people as no slogans were there but amity and equanimity with my elder, mudhara wangu the ever bouncy Mr Joseph Kapurura as the Director of Ceremonies.

A look at those who got awards and the presenters tell a grand and unique story regards community unification through soccer. Well done ZPC FC family especially the executive committee on such. I know the food was also scrumptious though I left before being served, worry not about it because my organisation had two people (one Taffy – sports reporter covering and one enjoying proceedings - self).

Of course I will not exonerate the executive for forgetting that Kirsty Leigh Coventry is the current Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation in the Cabinet of Zimbabwe who happens to have a ministry wholly stationed in the district of Kariba here. Why didn’t they invite the Ministry among other government departments remains an issue I will not politicise but watch for another chance? In case some do not know where the offices of the custodians of sport, check where the Kariba District Justice offices are and the only detached original structure to have been there are the offices.

The district head there is a Mr Robius Chisveto who confirmed that indeed they were not invited.  It could have been a genuine omission but on the protocol list, it never featured and knowing ZPC as a parastatal, I will still give them a benefit of doubt in lack of knowing protocol. I will balance this by applauding them on bringing our traditional leaders especially Chief Nyamhunga and Sampakaruma to grace the night.

I remain proud on the consistency regards the awards and indeed I am not reticent to call the Kariba outfit Zituruturu because each year it is growing. ZPC FC is our household name; we have people who are now breathing, eating, walking and sleeping Katuruturu. Kanorwadza nekurwadzisa padzinochekwa paNyamhunga apa. I propose it be ZITURUTURU. The 2019 season promises great moments as the drumbeat of Kariba has been perfected and we will in our number throng the Nyamhunga stadium for our home grounds.

Lest you missed the list:
ZPC Kariba FC held 2018 season awards and 2019 season players unveiling at the ZPC Social Club last month.

2018 Supporter of the year: Charity Panzi beating her husband More Williams Asekuru Katuruturu who won it in the previous two years.

2018 The most disciplined player: Samuel Makawa presented by Kariba Magistrate Mr Zhou
2018 Rockie of the year: Blessing Junior Nyamuzihwa presented by Kariba District Education Inspector Mr Katiyo.

2018 Most Loyal player: Tendai Hove presented by ZB Bank Manager Mr C Masunganidze

2018 Most improved player:  Munyaradzi Kunyarimwe presented by CBZ Bank Manager Mr K Mangena.

2018 Executive player of the year: Ian Nekati presented by ZPC HR Mr A Chakanetsa

2018 Supporters player of the year: Ian Nekati presented by District Administrator Mrs M Mugandani.

2018 Top goal scorer: Tawanda Nyamandwe presented by Kariba Mayor Mr G Masendu.

2018 Players’ player of the year: Tawanda Munyanduri presented by ZPC Kariba FC Captain

2018 Player of the year: Sylvester Apia presented by Kariba MP (Mr G Masendu being the rep)

2014-2015 Chairman's award: Mr Nduna presented by Eng T Mazarire

2016-2018 Chairman's award: Tungamirirai Mazarire presented by Eng Charles Bhebhe

The 2019 ZPC FC registered players:

1. Tendai Hove (Captain); 2. Takabva Mawaya; 3. Future Sibanda; 4. Boniface Zuberi; 5. Tsepo Rantokoane; 6. Peter Gandhi; 7. Boid Mutukure; 8. Syvester Apia; 9. Ian Nekate; 10. James Marufu; 11. Dexter Phiri; 12. Munyaradzi Kunyarimwe; 13. Talent Chamboko; 14. Simba Gorogodyo; 15. Daniel Chakupe; 16. Tinotenda Chiunye; 17. Blessing Nyamuzihwa; 18. Brian Juru; 19. Fungai Chirinda; 20. Collen Muleya; 21. Tawanda Munyanduri; 22. Nigel Makumbi; 23. Tawanda Nyamandwe; 24. David Temwanjira; 25. Jimmy Gwara; 26.Lavenda Shereni; 27.Kuziva Maxima; 28. Oniel Baison; 29. Nigel Chipunza; 30. Matola Phiri; 31. Aloise Gwanzura; 32. Michael Tsungula

- MuHwisiry Chaiyeiye


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