What I learnt from man City Vs Tottenham Champions League match

What I learnt from man City Vs Tottenham Champions League match
Published: 21 April 2019 (201 Views)
The game will be remembered for several decades. In the first leg Tottenham won 1- 0. Man City was confident it would overturn the results in the second leg in it's home ground, but it was not to be. Here is what we can learn.

1. Do Well The First Time.
Score an away goal in your first match away from home. Man City lost 0-1 away from their home ground and believed it would compensate for the loss on their home ground in a few days time. It went to play it's away game with defensive tactics, even resting one of it's key players. That proved fatal to their championship aspirations as they failed to progress to the next round. We have always put emphasis on the importance of making a great comeback after a loss and haven't been encouraged much about the importance of doing things right the first time! Comebacks are great and spectacular, but blessed are those who lay great foundations by winning their first away match and not rely on doing corrections in their second  match. In whatever you are doing, doing it well the first time should be your ultimate aim, comebacks are great, but doing it right the first time or getting results in your first away match is wiser!

2. Attack Again!!!
The strategy adopted by Tottenham when it was their turn to play an away match, visiting Man City was just fantastic. They never sat back to defend the 1-0 win they attained in their home ground. They went for their second match away to Man City and attacked them again in their own backyard, and scored3 goals!!! Now that's boldness.

Unfortunately that's the weakest point of many, the don't attack again after the first win. The very first signs of victory or success makes them to relax and think that they have made in life, what a sad reality­čśĺ. Deceived by having a few coins in your pocket and a slender 1-0 win making you go crazy. Great people attack again. They don't relax after 1-0 win. They attack again! They don't ever stop after opening a tuck shop or spaza shop, they go for a supermarket. They don't get satisfied with a Bachelor's degree , the attack the Masters. They don't relax after winning two souls into the church, they attack again and plunder hell to populate heaven. They don't relax after having one child, they birth 23 more children (jokes). I don't know what is your 1-0 win that's making you too comfortable, but am here to inspire you with a Tottenham style or approach .....don't hold back after small victories, go and attack Man City again!!!
3. The Sterling HeartBreak.
A few seconds before the game was over, Sterling, the Man City striker scored what seemed to be a winning goal that would send his team to the next round of the competition at the expense of Tottenham. The Man City players, coach and fans broke into wild celebrations as they believed that they had finally made it. But a minute later, the goal was disallowed. The Man who passed the ball to Sterling was ruled to have been just a few inchesinoffside before passing the ball to Sterling to score. It was very heartbreaking to see the Man City's heartbreaking exit. They almost qualified! Just a few inches offside. It was a very close call. They almost qualified for the next round. Many of us have experienced the set back and  heart-break of being a few inches away from qualifying. Almost scoring... almost winning.... almost starting a business, almost finishing that degree and crushing out because of one module.   I love what the Man City coach said afterwards, "We almost qualified, but it was not to be, it is what it is, we need to pick ourselves up and move on again." I understand why you are tempted to give up, you almost qualified. You are in pain, you almost got married but it didn't work out, now you don't want to feel the heart-break you felt last time. You almost passed your exams, almost won, you just almost...... Listen to me, the Man City coach told the whole world that he and his players would pick themselves up and move on. And they did. Three days later after their exit from the tournament , they met the same opponent (Tottenham), for the third time in one month, and won 1-0. Now, that's the way to do it! . To all those who almost won, and felt so much pain for being so close..... BOUNCE BACK and win, the world belongs to those with stubborn faith.                                                                                                                           

4 The Pre-Mature Celebrations Humiliation.
One of the most humiliating things you can ever do is to run all over the world like a head-less chicken celebrating a victory that doesn't exist.   Can you imagine the humiliation of Man City fans who had quickly updated their social media statuses celebrating their "win", only for the referee to change his mind and say it was not a goal? They obviously had to quickly delete the statuses of boasting about their victory ..... very very ambarassing! One of the skills we need to acquire is to wait for a while before parading our "successes" for the public to see. Let the referee "verify" your goal via AVR first before you testify!


- Mthokozisi Gwizi


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