Lumumba Saga takes new twist....War vets bay for Mutsvangwa's blood

Lumumba Saga takes new twist....War vets bay for Mutsvangwa's blood
Published: 05 November 2018 (1231 Views)
Following the leaking of an  Audio in which whistle blower Acie Lumumba is confessing that he was given US$40 000 by Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa to do a hatchet job against Kuda Tagwirei, the Zimbabwe Liberation War Veterans Association have initiated a move to oust the embattled War Veterans Leader.

Lumumba said he needed urgent money for his father's operation and the only person who helped was Chris in exchange of a hatchet job that he was supposed to implement. He was paid the money and his father was operated.

Mutsvangwa is accused of hiring Lumumba to create divisions in the party, the Presidium and spreading alarm and despondency in the nation.

Speaking in a telephonic Interview, a  Senior war Veteran from Mashonaland West who spoke on position of anonymity said, "Chris Mutsvangwa broke protocol. If he had issues to raise against the General and against Sakunda he should have written to the party and followed proper procedure. This Machiavellian approach stinks of divisiveness and these are the things which made us kick out Gamatox and G40 cabals.

"Chris has over stayed his welcome as a War Veterans Leader, he is driving a narrative of state capture yet he is abusing his friendship with the President to create divisions between the President and the VP so that he entrenches himself and removes the General in an unorthodox manner.

"At this we need Chris to tell the nation why he was recalled from China and what he did when he was Chairman of MMCZ. He must come clean on his son Neville's involvement in the diamond cartel that saw Zimbabwe losing a lot of diamonds. If he is an anti corruption crusader then let him start with self introspection.
We have written a letter to the Presidium asking for a disciplinary hearing over Chris and Monica Mutsvangwa.

"Monica is the one who  recommended the Taskforce and Lumumba to Minister  Mthuli Ncube , this was done in an unprocedural manner and was clear abuse of the Information Minister's office as it was meant to serve a personal agenda. Monica Mutsvangwa is operating under illegitimate pressure from Chris  and therefore unable to discharge her duties in a fair and transparent manner.

"In our letter we have asked the National chairperson Cde. Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri to recuse herself from any deliberation over these issues as she is best of friends with the Mutsvangwas.

"The other letter will be submitted to the Chief Secretary in the office of the president and cabinet over Monica Mutsvangwa's involvement in this Lumumba nonsense as well her inability to serve as Information Minister without being compromised by her husband's insatiable thirst for power and relevance.
"Chris has always been a trouble maker since the liberation struggle days. He is a comrade who loves his country but at times his ego outgrows his patriotism and sense of nationalism. Our corrective measures are meant to save Chris from himself as well as liberate the ZNLWVA from the Chris'ego.

"General Chiwenga is a senior war veteran who must be respected and honored. Chris Mutsvangwa is too junior to try and cause division between His Excellency President Ed and the VP.

"On the 12th of November we are coming out in full force in a solidarity march with The Presidium and we  will demand Chris and Monica's resignations from their positions  and immediate disciplinary action. It's time we held elections for the ZNLWVA s National Executive."

The War Veterans sentiments come at a time when there are reports of planned counter demonstrations to be held by ZANU PF members who support General Chiwenga and those who are loyal to President Mnangagwa. The demonstrations both pencilled for the 12th of November.


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