Family watches father's killing on WhatAapp

Family watches father's killing on WhatAapp
Published: 21 October 2018 (161 Views)
A FAMILY of a South Africa-based Zimbabwean security guard is reeling from the shock of witnessing his tragic last moments, as they stumbled on a viral video of his fatal shooting on social media.

The family of Boykie Moyo (46) of Sigangatsha Village in Kezi, Matabeleland South was left traumatised after viewing a video which showed his death alongside a South African colleague, Eric Ngobese, went viral on various social media platforms before they had been notified of his death by authorities.

Ngobese and Moyo, who were working as reaction officers for a security company, were shot by a pair of robbers on 10 October at Maponya Mall in Soweto.

The video of the shooting, captured by high definition cameras fitted inside the car, makes for gruesome viewing and sent shockwaves across South Africa and Zimbabwe over the past week.

In the 30-second video, Moyo and Ngobese can be seen sitting in their vehicle which was parked near Maponya Mall, with Ngobese reading what the company has since revealed is an Occurrence Book which the two reaction officers used to record incidents.

Moments later, the two men suddenly come under fire, with shots fired from the driver's side seemingly killing Ngobese instantly.

More shots are fired in the direction of the two security guards, with one of the robbers opening the door on the driver's side to take a more direct shot at Moyo who is seemingly already unconscious.

The two robbers then go on to search their lifeless bodies, with one of them dispossessing Moyo of the fireman that is tucked in a holster in his bullet proof vest.

Ms Magie Moyo, the sister of the late security officer, told Sunday News in Bulawayo that the Moyo family was still reeling from shock after unexpectedly viewing the video of his murder.

"We had no idea that he had been shot. We were in the dark and found out like everyone else on social media. Most of us first saw the video on WhatsApp chat groups," said Ms Moyo.

Ms Moyo said that the death of his brother had been hard to swallow as he was a family breadwinner, supporting his wife and three children.

"When he was shot his wife was in South Africa visiting so you can just imagine how she felt when she heard news of his death. As it is one of his brothers, who is also based in South Africa, could not speak because of the shock of seeing him being killed like that," she said.

Ms Moyo said her brother had been an honest, hardworking man who had served his employers with distinction over the years.

"He left Zimbabwe in 2008. Before that he had been running our father's businesses. He found employment very quickly in South Africa," she said.

Moyo was laid to rest at his rural home in Kezi yesterday. Mr Geoff Schapiro of 24/7 Security Services, who employed the deceased, told TimesLive, a South African publication that the company was not responsible for leaking of the dashboard camera footage.

Pictures of the two gunmen with their distinctive tattoos had also been shared widely on social media and despite reports indicating that they had been captured, the South African Police Service earlier last week confirmed that both suspects were still at large.

"While this may aid Saps (South African Police Service) to identify the criminals faster‚ it has had an emotional toll on the families‚ friends and work colleagues of the deceased reaction officers. Our thoughts are particularly with their wives and children‚" Mr Schapiro said.

While members of Moyo's family in Zimbabwe had to process his gruesome death on their own, 24/7 Security Services recruitment manager Mr Andries Sibande told SowetanLIVE that the company was also trying to help the families of both slain security officers recover from the incident.

Besides his wife who was visiting and his first born child who stayed with him in South Africa, Moyo had many members of his family resident in South Africa.

"On the day‚ we had a prayer meeting on the scene and prayed with the family. I think as hard as it is‚ they are coming to terms with it. The communication level between us and the family is excellent. We are assisting them where we can,'' Mr Sibande said.

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