'He wants my pregnant wife'

'He wants my pregnant wife'
Published: 22 June 2018 (427 Views)
ADULTEROUS intentions of a Msasa Park man were on Wednesday exposed when a married woman whom he was pestering for sex, rejected his request and informed her husband.

Grace Chiutsi said she decided to inform her husband Trust Gumbudza that their fellow tenant Sylot was requesting sexual favours from her because she wanted to protect her marriage.

"I am happily married to my husband and I am not a woman of loose morals. I felt so disrespected by the fact that someone who knows I am married proposes love to me.

"His (Sylot)'s proposal came to me as a great shock. I never expected him to stoop so low considering that we stay at the same house as tenants.

"To protect my marriage I then informed my husband about it because I didn't want him to get the information from anyone else because it would then imply as if I was consenting to Sylot's request," she said.

Sylot confirmed soliciting for sex from Grace but he however claimed that he was out of his mind when he was making the requests.

"I am really ashamed of myself because I don't even know what had got into me.

"I wasn't in my normal senses. I think I was demon possessed because I don't see how I could have fallen for her considering that she is pregnant with her husband's child.

"I know it's hard for both Grace and Trust to accept my apology but I am really sincere that I have learnt my lesson and this will never happen again," he said.

H-Metro is in possession of messages that Sylot was sending to Grace asking her to sleep with him.

Meanwhile, Trust said he was now planning to move out of the house considering what had happened.

"I was hurt because this is something that I never expected from him. When my wife told me about it I took days to ask him (Sylot) why he was doing that because I wanted to see if he was serious.

"To my surprise he continued sending my wife messages advising her to divorce me.

"I think if the landlord does not evict Sylot I am going to leave the house because I cannot stand to see him every day.

"With the way he is in love with my wife I am afraid that he might even kill me just to have her," he said.

Meanwhile, when H-Metro arrived at the scene, Sylot had sprayed Trust in the eyes when he asked him why he was proposing love to his wife.

- hmetro

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