'I had unprotected sex with Eriza'

'I had unprotected sex with Eriza'
Published: 24 April 2018 (282 Views)
A CITY dealer, who claims he had bouts of unprotected sex with Lady Storm last year, said he was also a victim of the dancer's 'lies'.

Lucky Pogolani said he decided to clear his name as many people in his circles knew of their fling.

He said some of his clients mistook him for the South Africa based businessman who is believed to have settled with Lady Storm since he shuttles between Harare and Cape Town.

In an unsolicited interview, Lucky claimed he first met the dancer in 2016 at City Sports Bar during the Harare vs Bulawayo Jam session where he was also part of Sandra Ndebele's entourage.

"I was driving in town when dealers at Ximex Mall gave me this copy headlined by Lady Storm as they thought I am the South Africa based businessman who was referred to by Storm," he said.

"I then searched for your contacts and decided to come here so that I clear my name.

"My South Africa based girl-friend was the first to send me this screen short of Lady Storm's scandal.

"I first met her at City Sports Bar where I had a photo with her taken as we enjoyed the show.

"I used my phone to send my pictures to her and that's how she got my number."

Lucky said it was Lady Storm who seduced her as they started chatting over the phone.

"From that day (at City Sports Bar), she started talking to me and she insisted that she wanted to see me.

"Then, she claimed she was having problems with her fiancé called Mukanya, the same guy she ditched.

"In the same year, we started having unprotected sex at my place since I considered her a side chic.

"She never told me that she was seeing another guy until Mukanya called her in my presence."

"Mukanya told me to leave Eriza and I decided that we stop the affair forthwith since it was causing problems.

"Besides being warned by Mukanya to stop pestering me, she kept on doing so," he said.

Lucky said they rekindled their love in January last year after Lady Storm called him after she encountered problems with Mukanya.

"It was on January 22 when Lady Storm and I renewed the affair.

"We would see each other on daily basis and I was now taking her sechimunhu changu.

"We continued having unprotected sex until the first week of May when she called me to come and see her at their apartment in Avondale."

Prior to the separation in May, Lucky said Lady Storm told her that she had a miscarriage.

"When I visited her in May, she told me she had a miscarriage.

"Prior to that, she had told me that I was responsible for the pregnancy.

"She also told me that Mukanya had paid lobola and I was supposed to leave her since she had moved on.

"In September, Mukanya called me saying he needed a meeting with me since he wanted to clear the air," said Lucky.

The dealer said they engaged Lady Storm's relatives over the paternity of the four-month old daughter.

"Mukanya summoned the meeting which Lady Storm's mother and an uncle presided over.

"I told them bluntly that there was need for paternity tests once the daughter was born.

"The meeting ended prematurely as her mother wanted to attack me with bricks.

"I also told Lady Storm that if she were to give birth to baby girl, we were supposed to name her Talia.

"To my surprise, she went on to name the daughter Talia Chloe, which made the who issue more complex.

"What has made the issue more complicated, the child was born in December last year, and chances are high I might be the father."

Asked what action he would take if the child was his, Lucky added:

"I don't mind taking the baby if I am the one responsible.

"I do challenge Mukanya to under paternity tests he might find the truth.

"He needs to do so because the two of us might not be the father's of this child.

"I just want to clear my name to my clients because I was also a victim of Lady Storm's lies."

Contacted for comment, Lady Storm first disowned Lucky but later opened up when this reporter forwarded some of their pictures together.

"Mwana ndewa Tinarwo, ndivo chete baba vandinoziva," he said.

She later opened up describing Lucky as a fan.

"Ku City Sports Bar uko, ndakatorwa picture naye as a fan.

"There are plenty of those pictures mamwe tinana Sandra Ndebele, Bev and Zoey."

When asked on the alleged bouts of unprotected sex they had, she added;

"I am not going to comment anything about these issues before I speak to my family."

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