Felix Magalela Mafa Sibanda calls for General Strike in Zimbabwe

Felix Magalela Mafa Sibanda calls for General Strike in Zimbabwe
Published: 19 April 2018 (286 Views)
The nurses in Zimbabwe are on strike. The doctors have joined. And Felix Magalela Mafa Sibanda wants to shut the whole country down and quickly resolve the problems. A technique he knows too well.

"Put pressure and much more pressure. All of it." He said.

When it comes to workers movement and united workers front, there is one titan that comes to mind that knows how to Engineer and maneuver against the Zanu PF government non other than the Hero and Iconic Bulawayo politician, Magwegwe MP, trade unionist and philanthropist, Felix, "The great Lion", Magalela Mafa Sibanda.

In 1981 at the age of 30 then, he led a Nationwide strike of about 181000 civil servants and united workers. His voice, coming into the fray in this strike calling for the United Worker's strike will surely disable the government into pieces and into submission to the workers demands.

Felix Sibanda single handedly forced Mugabe at his prime as a killing and murdering machine in 1981, arm twisted him into raising civil servants pay from $68.00 to $128.00.

It's now "too familiar and predictable on how the government operates". He said this when he was in his Magwegwe residency. At 67, Sibanda is still looking energized and walks 5km a day and doesn't like dyeing his hair unlike most politicians of his age especial from ZANU-PF.

"All workers must unite and choke down till all nurses are rehired and their demands met. We have many people dying. The faster all workers unite, the faster the government submits to the will". It's irresponsible and apprehensible for the government to treat its own people this kind of way and yet we have witnessed Zanu-PF purchasing allegedly 75 million dollars worth of campaign materials and vehicles. If these items came from donors to Zanu-PF, would it not be the time to call all wishers and help the nurses return to work, he further said.

I will be joining the doctors and nurses tomorrow here in Bulawayo. There is no better time to negotiate salaries than before elections and whoever care for the workers must be elected President. So far, our Golden Boy Chamisa is showing more maturity than the entire Zanu-PF junta. We must take care of our workers. Workers are the pillars of  the economy.

Lately, Felix Mafa Sibanda is being favoured as the  leader and Father figure of Matebeleland MDC T Vice President. He is also credited for working with Mr. G. Banda to make the MDC Alliance rally a success. He mainly was seen hanging rally posters over Easter, before April 7 MDC Alliance Bulawayo Rally. " I would not take credit for the success of the rally. That will be a huge stretch. Everyone worked hard. It's not good to try and grab the best seat always. Work for the people and get them to help. That's how it works.  Too much ambition has caused many to fall. This Vice President thing is something exciting and if the president finds me worthy, I will accept it and I will guarantee him a massive win in Matebeleland. I have not been allowed to expand my potential yet in MDC T.  Remember, It's also his call and many people are likely to jeopardize it by being too passionate."

For now, I want to find a way to respectfully represent the people of Magwegwe as their chosen Member of Parliament and if elected, I will work hard for them. Bring libraries, businesses for youths, men and women, and build more schools, enact  scholarships local and external the country, rehabilitate roads and improve our security I get things done. My residents will tell you that I don't play with their lives and time. We are here to serve diligently".

Question D.Skopho

Is it true that President Chamisa and Khupe campaigned against you in 2013, and yet here you are, you are the reason why Chamisa is president  of MDC T today?

Answer F.M.S

"There are many things being said. President and I have always had a wonderful relationship. He is dynamic and I have always supported him,  even when he ran as Secretary General. I have always rooted for young talent to assume major roles. He is there now and I am in cloud 9 as I said in my back then endorsement of Matebeleland region. We are united more than ever and I tell you what, Zanu PF will be history come election."

Question M.Mabhena
Are you going to campaign for the president in Matebeleland bedsides Bulawayo?

Answer F.M.S
"Matebeleland rural requires resources to access given the long Zanu PF government neglect experienced in the region. I will be happy to undertake any job assigned to me by the president.  Our focus is to register many unregistered MDC alliance supporters. If we do that, Matebeleland will vote 100% for us. Zanu PF will stand no chance. As it stands, we are making serious progress and inroads solidify our people and all Zimbabwe's.

Question M.Gwenya
"What's your take about Mthakwazi?"

"Sibanda - I am in good books with their President. He is a good man with a vision for unity. He's applying pressure to get some things. It's politics. I believe the message is lost due to some elements that have mismanaged it.

We are all Zimbabweans and we would like to work with them and find a way to fix our differences. We want them to vote for us and we surely can represent those objectives in line with MDC Alliance. In politics, compromise is key. You can't get everything you want. "

Felix Mafa Sibanda lives in Magwegwe and has a rural home in Mbembesi. His grand father Thsokomela is buried there , having been one the first settlers with King Mzilikazi. He lost a son in the Gukurahundi Genocide done by Mugabe, Mnangagwa, Shiri, Chiwenga and others.

Mlungisi Gwenya - Reporter
Metro Youth News - Independent Report Distributors

- Mlungisi Gwenya


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