University lecturer 'fails to pay for sex'

University lecturer 'fails to pay for sex'
Published: 18 March 2018 (282 Views)
A Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) lecturer is under fire for allegedly failing to pay for services rendered to a suspected South Africa-based commercial sex worker, a matter that has now sucked the academic's wife.

Sunday News claims to be in possession of WhatsApp conversations between the lecturer in the Department of Banking and Finance and the alleged sex worker and other Facebook conversations involving his wife.

The woman who is based in Johannesburg said she met the lecturer online and later they got a "fixer" Clemence Choga, a student at GZU. The two would occasionally from the period of 2015 have "sexcapades" in both Zimbabwe and South Africa. However, things got sour when the lecturer failed to pay R500 for services from the sex worker who asked not to be named. In one of the messages she asked for her money and he professed ignorance.

"Ndati ndibvunze kuti mari iya muchaiwona rinhi Va . . .?"

He however, replied that he was not going to pay her since she had threatened to bewitch him and he was no longer in a position to do any transactions with her.

"I don't owe you sha, takataura tikapedzerana and above all you threatened me nezvakawanda ukati uchandiroya and stuff, ini hangu handitambi nevanhu vanodaro . . . zvirinani tisataudzane kana dziri idzo pfungwa dzauinadzo," he responded.

The alleged sex worker responded by saying he had enjoyed unprotected sex and "eating" her private parts but was no longer forthcoming with payments.

Furthermore, she said he had promised to hand over the money to Choga as per agreement but he failed to do so.

Choga is said to have been the middle man since 2015 when the two met and he was receiving payments on behalf of the suspected commercial sex worker. The woman has now turned to the lecturer's wife to complain about the matter.

However, the wife said she was not interested in the issue.

"You are bitter my dear, watadza kupedzerana then you decide to shift your bitterness. Sorry hako I feel for you, wasangana ne hard nut to crack. I think I have entertained you for so long listening to mahumbwe. I am a very busy woman, handiiswereri zvakadai," she said.

She went on: "You meddled in my marriage, now you expose yourself, you are dealing with a different woman. I hope you get your commercial sex money. Kutovata musina protection mazuva ano, unechivindi."

The alleged prostitute then responded by telling her that she was in a broken marriage and having unprotected sex was her job.

"Taura kuti broken marriage like your husband did ah ah. He is not even ashamed to say your marriage yakafa kare, inga usenkingeni sis. No, ngaze ngakuzwela, if you are a different woman then sihlangane ke sis zindala zombili. Ko ndo pabasa pangu zve (unprotected sex)," she shot back.

After the sex worker alerted the lecturer that she had told his wife about their "sexcapades", the lecturer responded by saying his marriage that she was trying to ruin was already dead. "For your own information the marriage you are trying to ruin yakafa kare," he said.

Contacted for comment the lecturer said he was not going to disturb this reporter's job.

"I cannot stop you from doing your job. I wish you were in Masvingo and I would explain what happened," he said.

He could neither confirm nor deny the nature of the relationship he had with the alleged sex worker.

- Sunday News


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