No to sanctions - NPP

No to sanctions - NPP
Published: 18 December 2017 (627 Views)
Revolutionary greetings comrades. When the elephants fight it is the grass that suffers. They care less about the innocent grass in their fight.

The case in point is some MDC formations nicodemuously approaching the west to tighten up the sanctions on Zimbabwe. The sanctions besides stunting the economic growth, they also affect the general people in the streets. They are the ones that receive the heavy blow of the sactions.

Sanctions might lead to reduced profit margins for some companies. Such companies are compelled to cut off the running costs. In most cases human capital becomes the casualty of the sanctions. They affected workers to become unemployed. What happens if they were bread winners in their families?

Inflation can be one of the results of economic sanctions. Investors are pushed away by such an unfavourable economic climate. It also hits heavilly on the general masses. When the prices of basic commodities rise, the workers, peasants and the unemployed suffer the most.

With the devaluation of the local currency, the importing power of the supermakets is eroded. Some basic commodities start to disappear permanently from the shelves. When supermaket shelves are empty, the poor masses have nothing to consume with their limited financial resources. Food scarcity is therefore, one of the evils of the sanctions.

If sanctions are tightened, Zimbabwe might go the same 2007-2008 path. The general citizens are the ones who will feel the heat of the punishment whilst political leaders will continue to loot and import basic commodities in bulk for their families. The general people will only be bailed out by their family members in the diaspora. Those without family members in the diaspora are left to languish in hunger.

As NPP youth we are therefore, saying NO to sanctions. On the same note we are also saying Mnangagwa and his government must prove themselves that they can bring to life the unconcious economy. If the sanctions are lifted and Zanu Pf continues looting from the state coffers, then we have a bigger problem than the sanctions. Mnangagwa must first deal with corruption in his government before negotiating the lifting of the sanctions.

The country surely needs a fresh economic breath. However, this breath also come from within (internally). I therefore, submit that a serious exorcism programme is needed to flush out corrupt leaders and other government officials.

NPP is wholly behind cde Joice Mujuru because we know she can resuscitate the dying economy. She can give it the much needed breath of life. We have faith in her leadership and capabilities. We are thus all united behind her leadership.

Victory is certain dear comrades, allutta continua.

NPP National youth spokesperson Khulani David Ndhlovu

- Khulani David Ndhlovu

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