Let's major on rebuilding the country

Let's major on rebuilding the country
Published: 15 December 2017 (535 Views)
This hullabaloo song of illegal sanctions sound like cheap propaganda from the ruling party.

Its high time we nip in the bud the signs and symptoms of the political polarisation which has recklessly and mindlessly found a breeding ground in our politics. I had the opportunity to watch the video which was circulating on whatsapp and I failed to locate the call where the two speakers Tendai Biti and Dhewa Mavhunga spoke about the extension of economic embargos to Zimbabwe. It is mischievous or ignorant for anyone to blame the MDC Alliance for going to United States of America to present their case.

The government of Zimbabwe should just adjust they way they do their political business and forge for international re-engagement.

I would like to think that the argument is coming from  the President's speech when he said he was not going for a wholesome change at his cabinet and was going to continue  with the former President's executive for continuity sake and the opposition feel betrayed by not being part and parcel of this new political set up. I think President Emmerson Mnangagwa could have extended an olive branch to the opposition to pacify and synthesize the political matrix.

Now that Mugabe is gone we expect a full political dispensation especially the electoral reforms. We cannot ignore them as they are the panacea of a free and fair election.

They are actually good for the development and progress of the country. We would like to see tenets of democracy prevailing in Zimbabwe.

Oppositions must have access to the media and be allowed to express their opinions and  be heard throughout the country. So their case is genuine as they want to see the reforms being done.

Our media should also publish the good works of any opposition political party regardless of their ideological  background. A healthy government must embrace such a development.
Propaganda does not work in this modern day world. The Zanu-PF party must not be moved by electoral reforms, rather they should listen and do the right thing thus rendering a lifeline to democracy.

The moment the government starts listening to the people the greater tge country will grow.

This crying for electoral reforms is not a new thing in Zimbabwe's political history and the opposition and other political pressure groups were calling for electoral reforms. It is now long over due.

Reforms are good for the country not for a political party. Reforms are for the ruling party as well as the opposition and the future generation.

We should not sacrifice the MDC Alliance for their move they have embarked on, in trying to find a common ground of the electoral challenges they are facing.

The government must not be stiff necked and desist from a straitjacket mentality. We have to clean our messy as there are many countries outside who are eager and want to see Zimbabwe rising and prospering again. Oppositions have the right to ask help from a next door if they feel that their counterparts are not ready to listen.

Zimbabweans have been so seriously brainwashed by the former President Mugabe. This kind of a brainwashed demon is a very serious one. So many people will die with it and  will always think that engaging with the erstwhile is always a dangerous route to take. I think the President must cut the Mugabe umbilical cord still attached to him but with time he can change and be better than the former. The same tactics of Mugabe will plunge this beautiful country into the abyss.

There are very important issues which come into play here that President Emmerson Mnangagwa was not elected but imposed to the people by the army.

So in this in mind tbe opposition is afraid that in the event that they win in next year's harmonised elections the army will not endorse a leader from the opposition.

However the opposition must not continue sleeping on duty and always think that Zanu-PF is going to rig the election. They must get down to serious business and start mobilising for support and convince the electorate. They cannot afford to sit back and relax then dream of wrestling power from the ruling party.

If faced with problems back home.  I think the MDC Alliance  could have first engaged the Sadc Region and then if not satisfied they were supposed to have engaged tge services of the African Union just to show comradeership with the local regions. It was unwise however to quickly lodge their disgruntlements and  run to United States of America. The Americans are not the policemen of this world.  Lest we forget that they have also their share of challenges which they are failing to solve.

American policy on African states also differs and they cannot be coerced by individuals to renegate from the position they would have taken. They have got own investigating team which always brief and give an account of what is taking place through their diplomatic corps. We need to put our political differences aside and pull along the same direction. We have fought for too long and wasted our time majoring on minor issues.

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- Leonard Koni


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