G40 member skips to Lesotho

G40 member skips to Lesotho
Published: 15 December 2017 (856 Views)
EMBATTLED ex-Zanu-PF provincial youth leader  Mubuso Chinguno, who skipped the country into Lesotho, has apologised to President Emmerson Mnangagwa for the disparaging remarks targeted at him during his reign in Manicaland. Chinguno was a key member of the G40 cabal in Manicaland, and vicious critic of President Mnangagwa. Chinguno's eminence abruptly ended with a suspension over allegations of misappropriating $400 000 meant to service youth residential stands in Chipinge.

He skipped the country following the Zanu-PF and Government earthquakes that catapulted Cde Mnangagwa to the presidency. Chinguno said all Zanu-PF youths should embrace the new dispensation and actively participate in various programmes aimed at reviving the economy and uniting Zimbabweans.

"Due to lack of leadership and clarity on some ethos of the party some of us miscalculated, disrespected some members of the leadership and might have unwittingly undermined the interests of the party. On that note I would like to unreservedly apologise to the gallant freedom fighters, Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa, Cde Oppah Muchinguri, Cde Christopher Mushohwe, Cde Christopher Chingosho, Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa and many others for uttering some disparaging remarks targeting them during my tenure as Manicaland Zanu (PF) Province youth chairperson.

"The statements were made in a context in which emotions were running wild, but with many of us having no knowledge and experience of peacefully managing conflicts surrounding leadership change. Some of us, the youths, lacked political guidance, and consequently made some wrong political decisions," said Chinguno.

"I hope members of the revolutionary party as well as Zimbabweans are drawing important lessons from this leadership contestation, are crafting strategies and tactics, and putting in place systems to make sure such practices which have the potential of extinguishing the revolutionary fire don't happen again in future," added Chinguno.

Chinguno said the Zanu-PF commissariat department led "by an ideologically clear party cadre" Cde Victor Matemadanda must intensify efforts aimed at educating the masses, especially youths on the party's ideology. Though Chinguno dismissed reports that he fled Zimbabwe, saying such "falsehoods have an agenda of setting me up against the leadership of my party" The Manica Post has it on good authority that he is in Lesotho.

"I was a G40 ally, and you know what is happening to those linked with the G40 cabal. Please do not make a story out of this, the dust will settle and will grant you an interview after the (Extra ordinary) Congress. In fact, I will request for a one-on-one. I have a friend who works in Maseru, in fact she is a girlfriend from Zimbabwe," said Chinguno prior to conveying his apology through the publication.

Although ex-President Mugabe had counselled that Government should consider building flats for the youths, Chinguno allegedly used his links with former Local Government Minister Saviour Kasukuwere to get large tracts of land, stretching over 300 hectares, to sell to the youths. Chinguno together with his proxies formed two private property development companies, which collected registration and monthly subscriptions from nearly 6 000 youths.

The funds were allegedly misappropriated, resulting in the suspension of tuck survey, pegging of the stands, road servicing and water installation on the 2 500 residential stands. The scandal was reported to Chipinge police by the victims, among them Joyce Mary Muyambo, Tonderai Ngwendu, Douglas Mlambo, Plaxcedes Muringami, Gilbert Kombo, Elisha Mandhazi, Memory Baiwa, Pamela Waeni, Dakarai Matongo and Trust Dunguni, among others.

However, Chinguno denied the allegations, saying the case has its origins in internal party power struggles.

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