Kalanga Cultural group gets new executive

Kalanga Cultural group gets new executive
Published: 20 June 2015 (1305 Views)
Kalanga Language and Cultural Development Association (KLCDA) has set priorities for the next 12 months meant to promote the existence of the Kalanga language and its rich culture which for years have been subdued.

The organisation  recently held an extra-ordinary congress at Plumtree High School on May 30, 2015, and elected a new board to spear-head its operations. Mandla Tshuma, KLCDA Secretary for publicity said the elected members of the new board are Chairperson: Tshidzanani Malaba, Vice Chairperson Lobengula Dube, Secretary Emmanuel Ndzimu unami Moyo, Vice Secretary Divine Bango Dube, Treasurer Selusweyinkosi Mhlanga, Fundraising committee Ambassodor Mabed Ngulani, Functions committee Thamani Nleya, Writers Committee Tjonono Tshuma and Ntando Dumani, Publicity committee Mandla Tshuma.

"The new KLCDA executive committee has already hit the ground running by coming up with priorities for the year 2015-2016 which include  Identify of every Nkalanga who is interested, wherever he or she is in the country or around the world and make him or her an active member and advocate," he said.

"We need to start writing form one to four text books as a matter of urgency starting this year 2015. Urgent follow ups must be done in all the four districts - Bulilima, Mangwe, Matobo and Tsholotsho - and all 205 schools that received Kalanga text books in 2014."

Masuku said  they would establish an internationally sought-after and recognised BaKalanga Festival at Khami Ruins/ Kame "Palace".

He said the organisation would seek to correct names, engage relevant authorities for on the correction of all distorted Kalanga names of places and objects.

"Historical Documentation to Identify and seek to protect all BaKalanga sites of historical significance in conjunction with the department of National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe will be done," he said. "This includes collection of artefacts and establishment of Kalanga museum.

Bible Translation: Accelerate the translation of the Bible and Hymns into TjiKalanga through direct support and facilitation of programmes. Scholarship Fund: Establish a Scholarship fund that will assist excelling and disadvantaged children of BuKalanga."

He said the organisation would ensure self-Identity which would challenge each family or clan to work on family tree, clan history and tracks (movement), traits, praise totems, traditional songs, clan traditions etc. through written work and oral recordings.

Masuku  said the dictionary would be made to priorities the publishing of Kalanga dictionaries in both hard and electronic copies including the talking dictionary.

"Engagement with  ministries with direct influence on the development or lack of growth of TjiKalanga being, the Ministry of Information Media and Broadcasting Services, Higher and Tertiary Education, Labour and Social Welfare (including Public Service Commission PSC) and Home Affairs for affirmative action and favourable policies for the development of Kalanga language and culture will be made," he said. "In our tireless efforts to promote our dear mother tongue, as KLCDA we have managed to write and publish Kalanga textbooks for primary school levels which were last year launched and distributed to schools in the four districts where TjiKalanga is spoken."

He said under that programme they  wrote textbooks from Grade 1 to 7 with volunteer Kalanga teachers and committed members of the KLCDA.

"The printing of those textbooks was bankrolled by the Education Transition Fund set up during the coalition government in 2009 under the then Education, Sport, Arts and Culture ministry," he said. "We are not only excited that TjiKalanga is now taught at schools in Mangwe, Bulilima and Matobo but that for the first in the history of this country grade seven pupils will sit for Kalanga examinations this year 2015.This explains why the writing of secondary textbooks is one of our priorities this year. We are glad that there is significant progress on the Kalanga dictionary which will soon be published."

He said the text books on Kalanga proverbs and idioms will also be coming out soon courtesy of patriotic BaKalanga.

"Now that the new supreme law of the land recognises TjiKalanga as one of the official languages of Zimbabwe, we as the BaKalanga will not sit back and relax but we will leave no single stone unturned in our quest to ensure that our language gets the recognition it has been denied over the years," he said.

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