Zanu-PF squeezes MP over Chamisa

 Zanu-PF squeezes MP over Chamisa
Published: 22 August 2019 (175 Views)
IN A surprising development, the ruling Zanu-PF has suspended its Member of Parliament for Chivi South, Killer Zivhu, after he recently implored First lady Auxillia Mnangagwa and opposition leader Nelson Chamisa's wife, Sithokozile, to help resolve the country's worsening political and economic crisis, the Daily News reported.

This comes as churches and other groups have intensified their push for much-needed direct dialogue between President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Chamisa, amid rising political tensions in the country. But two weeks after a freaked

Zivhu said the time had come for Mnangagwa's and Chamisa's wives to be roped in to get their husbands to talk directly, Zanu-PF has moved to suspend the Chivi South legislator, over a litany of allegations relating to that seemingly innocuous call.

"The Zanu-PF Masvingo disciplinary committee met on August 8, 2019 and resolved to issue you with a prohibition order, in terms of article 10, section 79, subsection 1 of the Zanu-PF constitution, generally and more specifically those contained under article 10, section 75 of the same constitution.

"Charge 1: Disloyalty and treachery by purporting that in your social media chats and your Twitter account that you are organising a meeting between the President ... Mnangagwa whom you referred to as ED and ...Chamisa the opposition leader, whom you affectionately call CCC (an acronym for Chamisa Chete Chete), which is the opposition slogan.

"You are therefore denigrating the president and the party Zanu-PF," the former liberation movement said in its letter signed by Ailess Baloyi, the Masvingo provincial district committee chairperson.

"Charge 2: Gross misconduct by disregarding party principles
of communication, which must be done through party structures and the long standing principles of collective decision making.

"The prohibition order suspends you from acting in any capacity
on behalf of the party, until the provincial disciplinary committee has made its determination. You are, therefore, directed to remain on prohibition until your case has been finalised," Baloyi added.

It is understood that the cited provincial disciplinary committee met on Monday and resolved to uphold the decision to cut Zivhu loose.
Meanwhile, the provincial co-ordinating committee (PCC), is said to have lined up a meeting for tomorrow to seal Zivhu's fate after getting guidance from the party's national disciplinary committee.

Authoritative sources in the province also claimed that "the powers that be" had directed Masvingo Zanu-PF chairperson Ezra Chadzamira to expel Zivhu from the party  amid fierce resistance from some Masvingo politburo members.

The Daily News understands that Chadzamira was in Harare yesterday to further discuss the Zivhu issue with head office party bigwigs, in a matter which has sharply divided the province.

The philanthropist, who has a significant following in Masv- ingo, is also said to be paying the price for having been well-placed to become Zanu-PF's provincial chairperson. Chadzamira referred all questions to Baloyi yesterday, with Baloyi in turn telling this newspaper that the prohibition order against Zivhu did not mean that the party would expel him.

"Prohibition order hazvirevi kuti tamudzinga. Pane nyaya yaakaf- ungidzwa kuti akaita. Saka tati imbovuya kuhearing tihwe.

"Tisati tapedza ne hearing mira kushanda. Tamu suspender (It doesn't mean we have expelled him. He is suspected to have trans- gressed some party principles and we have called him to hear his side of the story. But in the meantime, he stops working for the party)", Baloyi said.

Interestingly, Baloyi also referred further questions to Chadzamira, after he was asked if the province would also recall Zivhu from Parliament. The surprise suspension of the businessman also comes in the wake of an exclusive interview that he had with the Daily News early this month, after provoking a Twitter storm with his post urging dialogue between Mnangagwa and Chamisa.

The then exasperated and refreshingly candid Zivhu told this paper that it was time that Mnangagwa's and Chamisa's wives were roped in to persuade their husbands to talk, as part of efforts to resolve the country's now seemingly intractable problems.

Zivhu also revealed then that the idea had come from villagers in Chivi South, where poverty and hopelessness were "intensifying".

He said further that the bid to include the two ladies in the reso- lution of Zimbabwe's challenges made sense as both Auxillia and Sithokozile like most women  wielded great influence in their homes and in the country, and also particularly because they were their respective husbands' most trusted and closest political allies.

The prominent businessman also revealed to the Daily News that he had received death threats, including from people from his own ruling Zanu-PF, soon after he posted his message on Twitter at the end of July, where he called for an urgent meeting between Mnangagwa and Chamisa "to discuss the rebuilding of Zimbabwe".

Zivhu declined to comment on his suspension yesterday. However, documents in the pos- session of the Daily News reveal that he has mounted a spirited defence against both the allegations against him and his suspension. Firstly, he has raised several procedural flaws related to the prohibition order and the notice of charge.

Zivhu has also alleged that the provincial disciplinary committee did not have a sufficient quorum, adding that it had been a "one man gang".

He also demanded minutes of the committee to show that it had been duly constituted. In addition the legislator said the disciplinary committee was an organ of the party that only acted upon matters referred to it. "It cannot act mero motu (of one's own accord) and neither can it work outside of the party structures as a stand-alone structure.

In this regard which organ of the provincial structure of the party referred this disciplinary case to you?" he asked, saying further that he was being subjected to an "arbitrary and vexatious treatment by those in authority".

Zivhu also said there was a breach of his right to natural jus- tice, as enshrined in Section 78 of the constitution of the party.

"I am charged for a social me- dia and Twitter account to which no iota of evidence is ever avail- able to link them to me," he said, disowning the Twitter account.

"I do hope that in making these claims and charges, you do have a letter from Twitter Company from San Francisco in America proving and showing that I indeed own and operate the said fake account," he said in his defence, which was also copied to Senators Josiah Hungwe and Lovemore Matuke and Zanu-PF secretary for legal affairs Paul Mangwana.

He described the charges of disloyalty and treachery for calling for talks between Mnangagwa and Chamisa as a "ludicrous charge".

"Even if it was said that indeed I said the alleged things, then surely it is in consonance with what our president has been saying that all political actors should join the Polad, which is the vehicle of engagement by all political actors in Zimbabwe.

"Surely, who does not know that our president's slogan during elections was ‘ED-PFee'? Since when has saying that become an act of disloyalty and treachery as alleged?

"Unfortunately, in your quest to fight me, you tactlessly are under- mining our president and putting the name of the party into disrepute," he said.

- dailynews

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