Fresh Vibes Monday

Fresh Vibes Monday
Published: 23 January 2012 (1941 Views)
Introduction to the world of music:

I have always been a music fan.  My mom used to say that I will sit by the speaker and listen to music for hours.  I can’t sing too well,  I could not do the singing thing.  I love dance hall but I can’t speak patois.  So hip hop came to me naturally because I did not have to change a thing about who I am.

Convincing African Parents:

Hip hop in itself has a lot of negative connotations.  At first, the impression was that I wanted to be a musician and I was not interested in going to school or working.  But when they saw the response that I was getting from Zimbabwe, they listened to my music and noticed that it was not stopping me from living my life.  I curse less in my music because my mother listens to my music.  Any artist from Africa will tell you that when they spoke to their parents about music,they were asked about their plans for school.

What hip hop artist influences your music:

Jayz, Tupac and Biggie

Urban Groove vs Hip hop:

Big shout out to Urban Groovers and Zimbabwe.  It is a big movement in the Southern African region.  Urban groove music isn’t really limited to a certain genre of music.  If you listen to Urban groove in general , you will notice that rasta music,  Zim dancehall, Zim R and B, they all have strong ties to the streets.  Urban grooves is an umbrella term that includes Zim hip hop.

Support For Young Upcoming Artists In Zimbabwe:

 We are young.  We haven’t paid our dues.  We have to show that we have done this so that you can get the support.  Musicians like Winky D will get support because his body of work is extensive. Basically, pay your dues and then get the support.

Young Zimbabwean Musicians, Publicity and Push:

The younger generation is working more.  They are exposing their music to a wider audience - nationally and internationally.  They are using social media to push their music forward.

Phrench Vanilla:

When I started rapping, I started off with my regular name - Kuda.  After some time, I wanted something catchy, I chose Phrench Vanilla because I am a big dance hall fan and I love the Phrench Vanilla Riddim.  I am also a light skinned dude so it is fitting.

What to expect on the EP:

You can find the EP - called ‘here and there’ on or reverbnation/phrenchvanilla.    My album will be available in spring, you will be able to get it from itunes/cdbaby etc.  There is a song on there that I did with Jojo Mac a musician from Jamaica.

On Languages and Shona:

When I started, the first criticism I got was on my accent, people could tell that I was from somewhere else.  Though it is somewhat easier to rap in Shona but I want to make music that appeals to a broader audience than my people from Zimbabwe.  

Favorite Artist From Zimbabwe:

Scarz.  That’s the most slept on rapper from Zimbabwe, Winky D, sniper storm, extra large, king shady, Jusa, stunner.

Controversy - electronic sounds vs real musical sounds:

I do respect the traditional grind.  But electronic media/social media is the way to go.  It is 2012, so people have to roll with the program.  Times are changing so we want to go with new times.

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